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Science and Technology Indicators
2007 edition  

Update april 2008

The data presented are selected on the basis of information on personnel: they present indicators on gender and the burden on overall population. The source for national data is ISTAT and for international comparisons the OECD. R&D personnel in Italy are separated by qualification (Table 6.1), by institutional sector of research (Figure 6.1) and by sector of economic activity (Figure 6.2).

The following figures outline international comparisons, giving the numbers of researchers in some countries as an absolute value (Figure 6.3), over total employees (Figure 6.5) and female researchers in various institutional sectors (Figure 6.4).

6. R&D personnel in Italy

Tbl. 6.1 - R&D personnel in Italy, 1980-2005
Fig. 6.1 - R&D personnel by institutional sector in Italy, 1980-2005
Fig. 6.2 - Companies R&D personnel in some Italian economic activities, 2005
Fig. 6.3 - Researchers in several OECD countries and China, 2005
Fig. 6.4 - Female researchers by sector of employment over the total researchers in several OECD countries, 2005
Fig. 6.5 - Researchers per 1000 employees in several OECD countries and China, 2005

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