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Science and Technology Indicators
2007 edition  

Update april 2008

This section is devoted to both government appropriations and their expenditure. The source of data is OECD, Main Science Technology Indicators, vol. 2007-2.

Figure 2.2 and 2.3 break down public appropriations by socio-economical objectives in diverse industrialised countries, following a similar subdivision adopted by OECD. In particular, Figure 2.2 refers to civil appropriations and allows the reader to understand the remarkable differences in the destination of public investments in the various countries; Figure 2.3 underlines the weight of defence R&D.

Other figures describe R&D investments by public administrations: Figure 2.4 shows R&D expenditure by public administrations in industrialised countries; Figures 2.5 and 2.6 show both financial resources over GDP and research personnel as a percentage of employees.

2. Government sector

Fig. 2.2 - Government appropriations for R&D over civil budget by large socio-economic objectives in several OECD countries, 2006
Fig. 2.3 - Government appropriations for R&D in the sector of defence over total appropriations in several OECD countries, 2006
Fig. 2.4 - Government intramural R&D expenditure in several OECD countries, China and Israel, 2005
Fig. 2.5 - Government intramural expenditure over GDP in several OECD countries, China and Israel, 2005
Fig. 2.6 - Research personnel in public administration over total employees in several OECD countries and China, 2005

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