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Science and Technology Indicators
2007 edition  

Update april 2008

The National Research Council, in agreement with the Ministry of University and Research, presents the updates of the publication "Statistics on research and innovation. ITALY", that has been edited by the Institute of research on firm and development (CERIS).

Data on financial and human resources and public intervention for R&D provide detailed information on funding, expenditure and personnel working both in the public and the private sectors, at central and local levels and in the universities. They are presented along with data on patents, scientific publications, Technological Balance of Payments, international trade of high-tech products and innovations regarding the Italian economic system. The international comparisons concern both the inputs and the outputs of the Research and Technology system, in order to set the country's performances in the context where it has to compete.

Figures and tables have been updated as new statistical information has become available till April 2008. The updating is due to Anna Maria Scarda (associated with CERIS) and Mario De Marchi, in the selection and development of the most significant indicators, and Cinzia Spaziani, who took care of the collection and elaboration of data, not to mention the preparation of the web pages.

We present the content of tables and figures revised, along with some new ones.

1. R&D data

2. Government sector

3. University

4. Business enterprise sector

5. Policy measures for science and technology in Italy

6. R&D personnel in Italy

7. Patents

8. Articles and citations

9. Technological Balance of Payments

10. Trade in high-technology products

11. Innovation

Information can be obtained contacting Cinzia Spaziani (e-mail: c.spaziani@ceris.cnr.it).

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