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TitoloArtificial Emotions for autonomous robot
Anno di pubblicazione2005
Autore/iMorgavi Giovanna; Morando Mauro
Affiliazioni autoriMorgavi Giovanna IEIIT CNR Genova Morando Mauro IEIIT CNR Genova
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AbstractThe cognitive sciences grew up studying cognition--rational, logical thought. Emotion was traditionally ignored as some leftover from our animal heritage. It turns out that's not true. For example people who have suffered damage to the prefrontal lobes so that they can no longer show emotions are very intelligent and sensible, but they cannot make decisions.' Emotion', or 'affect,' contribute to the information processing system, in a dinstict way from cognition. Autonomous robots needing to deal with unexpected problems that cannot be solved by hard-coded algorithms should have function similar to emotions for the same reason that people do: to keep them safe, make them curious and help them to learn The present work propose an architecture using functionalities similar to those emotions have in human cognition for an evolving robot diving in a real world environment.
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RivistaWSEAS transactions on systems
Attiva dal 2002
Editore: WSEAS Press - Athens
Lingua: inglese
ISSN: 1109-2777
Titolo chiave: WSEAS transactions on systems
Titolo proprio: WSEAS transactions on systems.
Titolo abbreviato: WSEAS trans. syst.
Titolo alternativo: World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society transactions on systems
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Parole chiaveemotional architecture, growing up, emotion and cognition, Artificial Immune System application
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  • IEIIT — IEIIT - Sede secondaria di Genova
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  • INT.P02.002.002 : Bio-inspired Learning
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