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TitoloIntelligent integrated networks for aged people
Anno di pubblicazione2007
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Autore/iMorgavi Giovanna; Costanzi Carla; Florini Valentina; Morando Mauro; Aiello Maurizio
Affiliazioni autoriMorgavi Giovanna IEIIT CNR Italia Costanzi Carla Comune di Genova, Italia Florini Valentina Comune di Genova, Italia Morando Mauro IEIIT CNR Italia Aiello Maurizio IEIIT CNR Italia
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AbstractWith the aging of the population and the increase of the health risks, the percentage of old singles grows tremendously. Loneliness and fear are common among elderly people seem to be related to each other and were both found to be "threats" to a good life in old age. ICT and technological innovations in other fields offer opportunities to bring independent living in old age. Smart home and consumer electronic developments can make management of the home and everyday living a lot easier for older people. But the automation of a domotic house shouldn't risk to take away the few social contacts an old user still has with human beings. The automation of a domotic house shouldn't risk to take away the few social contacts an old user still has with human beings. The intelligent houses for the old people should consider three class of functions: safety and security, environment comfort and sanitary surveillance. These activities are carried out with respect to the security, the safety and the privacy of the user. In this paper we propose an architecture that allows the maximum help to old people, but that respect their needs. It is organized in two logical networks: a Daily Support Network (DSN) and a Village Network (VN). The focus of this architecture is based on human aspects of the elderly people needs, to improve the quality of life of elderly people and their caregivers. The final goal is facilitating an independent and not isolated, good social life, inside one's home as long as possible.
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RivistaWSEAS transactions on communications
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Parole chiaveDomotics for Elderly people, Village Network, e-communication, smart home, Elderly people ICT care
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Note/Altre informazionipaper selezionato e valutato da conferenza 5th WSEAS International Conference on E-activities 2006
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  • INT.P01.004.001 : Rilevazione e controllo di anomalie mediante analisi comportamentale
  • INT.P02.002.002 : Bio-inspired Learning
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