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TitoloStudy of the Impact of PHY and MAC Parameters in 3GPP C-V2V Mode 4
Anno di pubblicazione2018
Autore/iBazzi A.; Cecchini G.; Zanella A.; Masini B.M.
Affiliazioni autoriCNR-IEIIT, Bologna, Italy
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AbstractIn the latest years, 3GPP has added short-range cellular-vehicle-to-anything (C-V2X) to the features of LTE and 5G to allow vehicles, roadside devices, and vulnerable users to directly exchange information using the same chipset as for classical long-range connections. C-V2X is based on the use of advanced physical layer techniques and orthogonal resources, and one of the main aspects affecting its performance is the way resources are allocated. Allocations can be either managed by the network or in a distributed way, directly by the nodes. The latter case, called Mode 4, is required in those situations where the network cannot be involved in the scheduling process, for example due to a lack of coverage, but could also be adopted in order to reduce the processing burden of eNodeB. An algorithm, defined in the standards, makes nodes sense the medium and identify the best time-frequency combination to allocate their messages. Focusing on C-V2X Mode 4, in this work we analyse the parameters of the algorithm designed by 3GPP and their impact on the system performance. Through simulations in different large-scale scenarios, we show that modifying some parameters have negligible effect, that the proper choice of others can indeed improve the quality of service, and that a group of parameters allows to trade-off reliability with update delay. The provided results can also be exploited to guide future work.
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  • DIT.AD003.066.001 : V2X - Communication service and plug-test technology
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Study of the Impact of PHY and MAC Parameters in 3GPP C-V2V Mode 4 (documento privato )
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