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TitoloVehicular visible light networks for urban mobile crowd sensing
Anno di pubblicazione2018
Autore/iMasini, Barbara M.; Bazzi, Alessandro; Zanella, Alberto
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AbstractCrowd sensing is a powerful tool to map and predict interests and events. In the future, it could be boosted by an increasing number of connected vehicles sharing information and intentions. This will be made available by on board wireless connected devices able to continuously communicate with other vehicles and with the environment. Among the enabling technologies, visible light communication (VLC) represents a low cost solution in the short term. In spite of the fact that vehicular communications cannot rely on the sole VLC due to the limitation provided by the light which allows communications in visibility only, VLC can however be considered to complement other wireless communication technologies which could be overloaded in dense scenarios. In this paper we evaluate the performance of VLC connected vehicles when urban crowd sensing is addressed and we compare the performance of sole vehicular visible light networks with that of VLC as a complementary technology of IEEE 802.11p. Results, obtained through a realistic simulation tool taking into account both the roadmap constraints and the technologies protocols, help to understand when VLC provides the major improvement in terms of delivered data varying the number and position of RSUs and the FOV of the receiver.
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Parole chiaveComplementary technologies, Connected vehicles, Crowd sensing, Heterogeneous networks, IEEE 802.11p DSRC, Offloading, Vehicular networks, Visible light communications
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