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TitoloExtending the Range of Full-Duplex Radio with Multi-Carrier Partial Overlapping
Anno di pubblicazione2017
Autore/iBarzegar Hamid R., Reggiani L., Dossi L.:
Affiliazioni autoriBarzegar Hamid R., Reggiani L. - Politecnico di Milano; Dossi L. - CNR-IEIIT
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AbstractIn general, current wireless system, either for area networks or point-to-point links, cannot transmit and receive signals in both directions in the same frequency band and at the same time because of the extremely high self-interference, which annihilates the desired signal, making the use of halfduplex methods strictly necessary. In order to achieve full-duplex wireless communications, it is crucial to develop extremely efficient methods for self-interference cancellation and some recent studies in the literature have introduced novel architectures for addressing this challenging issue. This paper investigates a form of partial-duplex in wireless communication, which implies the use of just a portion of the available spectrum for full duplex transmission and reception. The rationale behind this approach is to limit the level of self-interference, relaxing the constraints on the echo canceler design in order to increase the distance range between transmitter and receiver. Therefore, in this study, we present results regarding the mitigation of the self-interference canceler requirements, which can be exploited for extending the range of FD communication in point-to-point links.
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Parole chiavewireless communication, full-duplex, point-to-point links
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Titolo convegno/congresso14th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems
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Data/e convegno/congresso28-31 August, Bologna, Italy
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