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TitoloMicroenvironment complexity and matrix stiffness regulate breast cancer cell activity in a 3D in vitro model
Anno di pubblicazione2016
Autore/iCavo, Marta; Fato, Marco; Penuela, Leonardo; Beltrame, Francesco; Raiteri, Roberto; Scaglione, Silvia
Affiliazioni autoriCNR; Univ Genoa; CNR
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AbstractThree-dimensional (3D) cell cultures represent fundamental tools for the comprehension of cellular phenomena both in normal and in pathological conditions. In particular, mechanical and chemical stimuli play a relevant role on cell fate, cancer onset and malignant evolution. Here, we use mechanically-tuned alginate hydrogels to study the role of substrate elasticity on breast adenocarcinoma cell activity. The hydrogel elastic modulus (E) was measured via atomic force microscopy (AFM) and a remarkable range (150-4000 kPa) was obtained. A breast cancer cell line, MCF-7, was seeded within the 3D gels, on standard Petri and alginate-coated dishes (2D controls). Cells showed dramatic morphological differences when cultured in 3D versus 2D, exhibiting a flat shape in both 2D conditions, while maintaining a circular, spheroid-organized (cluster) conformation within the gels, similar to those in vivo. Moreover, we observed a strict correlation between cell viability and substrate elasticity; in particular, the number of MCF-7 cells decreased constantly with increasing hydrogel elasticity. Remarkably, the highest cellular proliferation rate, associated with the formation of cell clusters, occurred at two weeks only in the softest hydrogels (E = 150-200 kPa), highlighting the need to adopt more realistic and a priori defined models for in vitro cancer studies.
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RivistaScientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Attiva dal 2011
Editore: Nature Publishing Group - London
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Lingua: inglese
ISSN: 2045-2322
Titolo chiave: Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Titolo proprio: Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
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Parole chiavecancer tissue engineering; mechanobiology: bioengineering
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