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TitoloPerformance evaluation of the Caltech hypercube multiprocessing system
Anno di pubblicazione1988
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Autore/iA. Corana; C. Martini; M. Morando; S. Ridella
Affiliazioni autoriICE-CNR, Genova
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AbstractA Caltech hypercube has been characterized using known methods for obtaining performance figures from a MIMD computer. Speed-up, efficiency and s_1/2 parameter have been evaluated versus the physical problem dimension. The considered problem, the solution of the discretized Laplace equation with assigned boundary potential, permits variation of the computation/communication load ratio, varying the number of spatial points assigned to each processor. The P hypercube processors were mapped on a square, two-dimensional lattice, in order to obtain an Illiac IV-like configuration, and each of them was assigned to a square portion of the problem with N*N/P spatial points. The problem was studied on a simulator kindly supplied from Caltech and installed on a VAX-11/730 with VMS 3.4. The solution was implemented twice, using two different communication protocols. Tests were carried on directly on a Mark II 8 MHz 32 nodes machine at Caltech and run times were measured. Finally, the results were fitted in order to obtain experimental expressions for the various involved times; from these expressions, after an agreement check with the measured data, performance figures were evaluated.
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RivistaInternational journal of mini & microcomputers
Attiva dal 1978 al 1996
Editore: Acta Press. - Calgary, Alta.
Paese di pubblicazione: Canada
Lingua: inglese
ISSN: 0702-0481
Titolo chiave: International journal of mini & microcomputers
Titolo abbreviato: Int. j. mini microcomput.
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Stato della pubblicazionePublished version
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Parole chiaveparallel computers; Caltech hypercube; performance evaluation; discretized Laplace equation
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  • Performance evaluation of the Caltech hypercube multiprocessing system