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TitoloParallel computation of the correlation dimension from a time series
Anno di pubblicazione1999
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Autore/iCorana A.
Affiliazioni autoriIstituto per I Circuiti Elettronici, CNR, Genova
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AbstractA parallel algorithm is presented to compute the Correlation Dimension from a time series generated by a dynamical system. Three versions are described: the first computes all distances between points in the phase space, whereas the second and third compute only distances less than a threshold eps; the third version in particular is very powerful since it employs a box-assisted approach and linked lists for a fast search of neighboring points. The parallelization is designed for coarse-grained multiprocessor systems with distributed memory and is accomplished using a message passing model and partitioning points evenly among processors. Uniform implementation and computational analysis allow a clear comparison of the three versions. The algorithms, tested on the Transtech PARAstation multiprocessor, are well balanced, give a linear speed-up and show a good scalability. The third version is particularly suitable for fast processing of very long time series and allows the estimation of D_2 even for medium- and high-dimensional systems, where an extremely large number of points is needed. The algorithms can be adapted with few modifications to the computation of the generalized dimensions D_q, and they can also be useful in other applications involving the efficient computation of distances between points in a large set. More generally, the computational framework can be used in similar problems involving long-range interactions.
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RivistaParallel computing
Attiva dal 1984
Editore: North-Holland : Amsterdam - [poi] Elsevier Science [S.l.]
Paese di pubblicazione: Paesi Bassi
Lingua: inglese
ISSN: 0167-8191
Titolo chiave: Parallel computing
Titolo proprio: Parallel computing.
Titolo abbreviato: Parallel comput.
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Parole chiavenonlinear time series analysis; Correlation dimension; computation of distances; long-range interactions; box-assisted parallel algorithms; distributed memory multiprocessors; message passing
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Parallel computation of the correlation dimension from a time series (documento privato )
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