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TitoloAn OFDMA-Based MAC Protocol for Next-Generation VANETs
Anno di pubblicazione2015
Autore/iA. Bazzi, B. M. Masini, A. Zanella
Affiliazioni autoriIEIIT-CNR, IEIIT-CNR, IEIIT-CNR
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AbstractVehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) enable higher safety, enhanced mobility management, and new infotainment services. Currently, the foreseen standard at the medium access control (MAC) layer for VANETs is IEEE 802.11p, which is based on carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (CSMA/CA). However, under heavy traffic conditions, CSMA/CA suffers from a high collision probability, particularly in the presence of hidden terminals. Furthermore, the adoption of the request-to-send/clear-to-send (RTS/CTS) mechanism is not effective when a high data rate is required. If high-throughput services are addressed, a new MAC protocol should, thus, be designed. To this aim, in this paper, we propose a new protocol, which is denoted as the orthogonal frequency-division multiple-access (OFDMA)-based MAC protocol for VANETs (OBV), and we compare it with other MAC protocols taken as benchmarks. To verify the feasibility and the performance of the proposed algorithm, we first propose an analytical model in a simplified scenario. Then, we develop exhaustive simulations in realistic scenarios, considering both urban and highway environments. Results show that OBV outperforms all reference protocols, even doubling their throughput under heavy-load network conditions.
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RivistaIEEE transactions on vehicular technology (Online)
Attiva dal 1967
Editore: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - New York
Paese di pubblicazione: Stati Uniti d'America
Lingua: inglese
ISSN: 1939-9359
Titolo chiave: IEEE transactions on vehicular technology (Online)
Titolo proprio: IEEE transactions on vehicular technology (Online)
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  • Transactions on vehicular technology (Online)
  • Vehicular technology (Online)
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Parole chiaveMedium access control (MAC) protocols, or- thogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA), vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs).
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    • An OFDMA-Based MAC Protocol for Next-Generation VANETs