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TitoloAnalysis and design of interleavers for iterative multiuser receivers in coded CDMA systems
Anno di pubblicazione2005
Autore/iTarable, A; Montorsi, G; Benedetto, S
Affiliazioni autoriMicrosoft
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AbstractWe deal with the design of interleavers in a coded code-division multiple-access (CDMA) scenario, where at the receiver an iterative turbo-like structure to perform multiuser detection is employed. The choice of the interleavers affects both the maximum-likelihood (ML) performance and the impact of the suboptimality of the iterative receiver. First, heuristic criteria of goodness for a set of interleavers, each assigned to a given active user, are introduced and motivated. One of these criteria is based on the intersection between the equivalent codes seen after the interleavers for each user pair. The design rules are valid for any kind of channel code. In particular, when the channel code used by every user is a terminated convolutional code, a very simple design rule, in the subset of congruential interleavers, is specified. The suitability of an interleaver set to iterative decoding is also treated. The analysis leads to a design rule which is shown to have great importance on the performance of a turbo-like receiver. Numerical results assess the validity of the derived design rules by showing that, for iterative multiuser receivers and reasonable block lengths, the suitability to iterative decoding is more important than the performance optimization.
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RivistaIEEE transactions on information theory
Attiva dal 1963
Editore: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, - [New York
Paese di pubblicazione: Stati Uniti d'America
Lingua: inglese
ISSN: 0018-9448
Titolo chiave: IEEE transactions on information theory
Titolo proprio: IEEE transactions on information theory
Titolo abbreviato: IEEE trans. inf. theory
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  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers transactions on information theory
  • Transactions on information theory
  • Information theory
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  • ISI Web of Science (WOS) (Codice:000228650900003)
Parole chiavecoded code-division multiple access (CDMA), interleaver design, iterative multiuser receivers, permutations
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    • Analysis and Design of Interleavers for Iterative Multiuser Receivers in Coded CDMA Systems