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TitoloIntroduction to the AJA Research Forum on Intervention and Rehabilitation Strategies for Adults and Older Adults
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AbstractPurpose: To give an overview of the third in a series of research forums emerged from the second International Conference on Adult Hearing Screening (AHS 2012), which was held in Cernobbio (Lake Como, Italy) in June 2012. The first two research forums, published in the previous and current issues of this journal, included several key contributions from the AHS meeting in 2 major topic areas, "Hearing Screening in Adults and Older Adults" (Vol. 22, June 2013) and "Aging and Hearing: Mechanisms and Effects" (this issue). In the 7 articles showcased in this Research Forum on "Intervention and Rehabilitation Strategies for Adults and Older Adults," the authors provide a multifaceted view on recent advancements in intervention strategies for adults with hearing loss, with ample emphasis on auditory training; discuss the research challenges that need to be tackled in this field; and explore new ways to take into account the individual needs and obtain a deeper understanding of the peculiar attributes of hearing in older adults.
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RivistaAmerican journal of audiology (Online)
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Editore: American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, - [Rockville, MD]
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ISSN: 1558-9137
Titolo chiave: American journal of audiology (Online)
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Titolo alternativo: AJA (Online)
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Introduction to the AJA Research Forum on Intervention and Rehabilitation Strategies for Adults and Older Adults (documento privato )
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