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TitoloEvaluation of click evoked otoacoustic emissions in newborns: effects of time-windowing
Anno di pubblicazione1999
Autore/iTognola G., Grandori F., and Ravazzani P.,
Affiliazioni autoriCNR CTR Syst Theory, c/o Polytechnic of Milan, Milan, Italy
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AbstractThe objective of this study was to investigate the effects of time-windowing on click evoked otoacoustic emissions (CEOAEs); 466 CEOAEs from full-term babies were considered. Data were acquired according to the default ILO88 response window (2.5-20 ms). Because CEOAEs are time-varying signals, each emission was analysed by means of the wavelet transform (WT), a technique which allows a simultaneous representation of the time and frequency features of a signal. By means of the WT it was possible to extract the temporal pattern of the elementary frequency components of the compound emissions. The effects of time-windowing were evaluated on each single emission component: rms and correlation values were computed from six 2.5-ms long time windows in the 2.5-17.5 ms range. Results indicated that both rms and correlation were not constant with time but reached a maximum in specific time-windows, depending on the frequency of the component. For low-frequency components, the correlation typically had a maximum in the interval 10-12.5 ms, whereas high-frequency components had a maximum around 5 ms. Above 12.5 ms, the correlation was greatly decreased for all frequency components. As a result, the comparison between the performance of the default ILO88 window (2.5-20 ms) and the window 2.5-12.5 ms showed that for all frequencies in the 1.5-6 kHz range there was a statistically significant improvement in the correlation. No improvement was observed for frequencies below 1.5 kHz because of their contamination by the residual background noise.
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