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TitoloA Practical Study of Semi-Automatic OSI Protocol Implementation
Anno di pubblicazione1988
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Autore/iL. Ciminiera; C. Demartini; A. Valenzano
Affiliazioni autoriL. Ciminiera, C. Demartini: Dip. di Automatica e Informatica, Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy A. Valenzano: Centro di Studi per l'Elaborazione Numerale dei Segnali, CENS-CNR, Torino, Italy
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AbstractCommunication protocols form a language which can be recognized by extended finite automata, and compiler generating tools can help with its implementation. This paper presents a project for implementing the ISO OSI layers which are most relevant to LANs. Taking advantage of modular and repetitive OSI architecture, a layer implementation model is proposed, introducing sharp distinctions between protocol layer-dependent and independent modules, so that the implementation effort can be largely reduced. It is also shown that layer-dependent modules can be generated automatically by using software tools developed for compiler construction. It is assumed that the protocols to be implemented have already been verified and validated in their abstract forms using other techniques, since these aspects are not covered by the method proposed. Measures of program sizes and execution speeds obtained following the approach proposed are reported; they show that most of the layer code can be produced by automatic tools and the overall software complexity enables the OSI architecture to be implemented for single-board microcomputers.
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RivistaSoftware, practice & experience (Print)
Attiva dal 1971
Editore: Wiley Interscience, - Chichester
Paese di pubblicazione: Regno Unito
Lingua: inglese
ISSN: 0038-0644
Titolo chiave: Software, practice & experience (Print)
Titolo proprio: Software, practice & experience. (Print)
Titolo abbreviato: Softw. pract. exp. (Print)
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  • SP & E (Print)
  • Software, practice and experience (Print)
  • Software (Print)
  • SP&E (Print)
  • Softw. pract. exper. (Print)
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Parole chiaveComputer networks, communication protocols, ISO-OSI, software tools
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