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TitoloCustomisation of Learning Paths and Network Optimisation in e-Learning Systems
Anno di pubblicazione2009
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Autore/iC. De Castro; P. Toppan
Affiliazioni autoriIEIIT - CNR
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SintesiAdvanced e-Learning systems must take many factors into consideration, such as functionalities offered to the users, organisation of contents and service fruition modalities. Furthermore, in the presence of multimedia broadband services, network optimisation becomes an essential issue as well. Talking about functionalities, it is becoming more and more important to involve the user actively, and adapt the studying process and contents to his needs. Not only does such requirement imply a personalised and careful definition of learning paths, but also an efficient choice of assessment phases (Scrivener, 1994; Handy, 1995; Laurillard, 2002). In this contex, the focus of is on two different viewpoints: (1) the user could desire to choose his own target ("user-driven customisation of contents"); (2) the system itself may decide to tailor the learning material on the basis of both the user's background and aims ("system-driven customisation of contents"). As for the user-driven customisation, many e-Learning systems guide the learner by means of an initial test, and consequently define a suitable studying path, but two further variables are taken into account: first, each user is allowed to specify his particular needs and aims; in addition, during the studying phase, he is likely to find or be suggested further related issues. In this case, he should be authorised to redefine his target dynamically. As far as the system-driven customisation is concerned, when different users face a subject, their backgrounds can be very different, so the system should tailor the kind of material they should be submitted.
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Titolo del volumeTechnology, Education and Development
Numero volume della serie/collanaINTECH
Curatore/i del volumeAleksandar Lazinica; Carlos Calafate
  • InTech Europe, Rijeka (Croazia)
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Parole chiaveAdvanced e-Learning systems, personalised learning paths, broadband services, network optimisation
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