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TitoloCollaborative Distributed Laboratories: Technical Issues
Anno di pubblicazione2004
Autore/iOreste ANDRISANO, Andrea Conti, Davide Dardari, Alberto Roversi
Affiliazioni autoriOreste ANDRISANO, Università di Bologna, associato IEIIT-CNR Andrea Conti, Università di Ferrara, associato IEIIT-CNR Davide Dardari, Università di Bologna, associato IEIIT-CNR Alberto Roversi, CNIT
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AbstractIn this work we address the concept of cooperative distributed telemeasurement in which all the instruments belonging to a measurement benchmark can be distributed over a network of interconnected laboratories. Hence more laboratories can cooperate joining their own resources to create a sort of super-laboratory with extended potentiality. To realize the concept of cooperative distributed telemeasurement, some new aspects have to be evaluated: the signals that are the objects of the process of measure, have to be free from the geographically location of the source instrument; hence the measure should take place without have locally all necessary instrumentation. Another point is the management of resources in a distributed environment, in particular we focused the attention on the management of the availability, booking, keeping and releasing of resources. These aspects are analyzed in the paper highlighting open problems and possible solutions. We also proposed the experimental approach we are developing in our laboratories.
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Serie/CollanaInternational Conference on Engineering Education
Attiva dal 1999
Editore: International Conference on Engineering Education - [S.l.]
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Titolo chiave: International Conference on Engineering Education
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Titolo convegno/congressoInternational Conference on Engineering Education and Research
Luogo convegno/congressoOstrava, Czech Republic
Data/e convegno/congresso27-30 June 2004
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Note/Altre informazioniThis paper has been developed in the framework of TELEDOC2 project, that has been awarded by the SEEL (Supporting Excellence in E-Learning -EU) as the best 2004 project in the field of E-Learning). A complete view of the research activity evaluation has to take not only single papers into account, especially when both theoretical and experimental activities are carried out in the framework of industrial cooperations. Let me recall the following initiatives: - Wireless Communication Laboratory, WiLab, founded by Prof. Oreste Andrisano as a result of tight cooperation between the National Council of Research (CNR), University of Bologna and CNIT (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni) through a synergic action among professors and researchers of the following bodies: Universities of Bologna and Ferrara, IEIIT-CNR, CNIT and Fondazione Alma Mater (Alma Mater s.r.l.). . - Co-foundation of the Multimedia Communication Laboratory (CNIT in Naples). Prof. Andrisano has been the Lab's Director for three years, since its foundation (Labnet project). The following Professors/researchers have been involved in the activity coordinated by Prof. Andrisano Professors : M.Chiani, R.Verdone, Velio Tralli, Gianluca Mazzini, Davide Dardari Researchers: Andrea Conti, Gianni Pasolini, Andrea Giorgetti, Cristina De Castro, Alberto Zanella, Barbara Masini, Alessandro Bazzi Main Collaborators: Paolo Toppan, Andrea Toppan, Fabio Mantovani, Giovanni Chiurco, Flavio Zabini, Matteo Mazzotti, Rudi Bandiera, Raffaele Soloperto, Andrea Ravaioli, Alberto Roversi, Chiara Balzanelli, Laura Toni, Cristina La Palombara, Giacomo Leonardi, Thomas Pavani MAIN TESTBEDS PRODUCED IN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE THEORETICAL/EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH ACTIVITY (further details are available on the website 1. DVS: Digital Video System- repeater with echo canceller (Project DVBT-2006, MetaSystem). It has been tested on the Wilab measurement bench on digtal transmission systems at the University of Bologna, with remote access (telemeasurement): also oriented to the investigation of digital television/cellular systems mutual interference (800 MHz bandwidth) 2. SHINE: Mobile network simulator. It is a software platform for performance analysis and design of heterogeneous wireless networks and vehicular networks. 3. INFOMOBILITY Integrated simulator of vehicular traffic and wireless networks (Pegasus project) 4. LABORATORIES Network for Telemeasurement and E-Learning (Teledoc 2 Project). This project has been awarded by the SEEL (Supporting Excellence in E-Learning -EU) as the best 2004 project in the field of E-Learning). 5. IMMERSIVE COMMUNICATION GUIDE SYSTEM: localization and virtual guide through indoor sensor network (ViCom project). This project brought to an intense, still ongoing, collaboration of A. Conti and D. Dardari with M.I.T. 6. SMART CITY Reconfigurable network of intelligent poles (Pegasus project) at Fondazione Alma Mater. 7. SENSOR NETWORK control system- at Fondazione Alma Mater. RESEARCH PROJECTS - The test bed set up can be led back to the following research projects, coordinated by Prof. Andrisano: Project Duration Funding Body Actuating body Amount - EURO MULTIMEDIA NATIONAL LEVEL 1998-2003 MIUR CNR 4.132.000,00 VICOM 2002-2006 MIUR IEIIT-CNR 919.000,00 WWLAN 2004-2005 Alenia Spazio IEIIT-CNR 337.000,00 TUSTY 1999-2003 Siemens Mobile Com. IEIIT-CNR 500.000,00 SACRA 2000-2004 Siemens Mobile Com. IEIIT-CNR +FAM-Alma Mater srl 400.000,00 TELEDOC2 NATIONAL LEVEL 2003-2005 MIUR CNIT 1.800.000,00 SUMMIT 2004-2006 Regione Emilia Romagna CNIT 189.000,00 INSEBALA 2004-2006 Regione Emilia Romagna CNIT 250.000,00 TRIP 2007-2009 Regione Piemonte IEIIT-CNR 800.000,00 DVBT 2006-2009 Meta System S.P.A. FAM/Alma Mater s.r.l. and IEIIT-CNR 1.950.000,00 PEGASUS 2009-2011 MISE IEIIT-CNR+FAM/Alma Mater srl 1.050.000,00 MAN YEAR RESEARCHER FUNDED IN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE PREVIOUS PROJECTS Number of man-year (Researcher) funded : 10,83 (2004-2010) - CNR at UniBo Number of man year (Researcher) funded 3 - UniBo through Fondazione Alma Mater Number of man year (Fellowship/phd ): 32,00 (2004-2010)
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