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Marco Muselli received the M.Sc. degree in electronic engineering from the University of Genoa, Italy, in 1985. He joined the Institute of Electronic Circuits in 1988, now part of the Institute of Electronics, Computer and Telecommunication Engineering, Italian National Research Council, where he is currently Senior Researcher. His research interests include machine learning, bioinformatics, optimal control, global optimization, mathematical statistics, and probability theory. His research activity mainly focuses on the development of new efficient rule generation methods and on their applications in several fields, especially in the solution of biomedical problems.He is author or coauthor of more than 130 scientific publications, most of which on international journals.

Interest areas:

Machine learning, neural networks, bioinformatics, optimal control, global optimization, mathematical statistics and probability theory.

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Google Scholar H-Index: 19
ISI-WoS H-Index: 12


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Research products

D. Verda, S. Parodi, E. Ferrari, M. Muselli

+ Analyzing gene expression data for cancer diagnosis and prognosis using Logic Learning Machine and standard supervised methods

(2018) BITS-2018: 15th Bioinformatics Italian Society Annual Meeting, Torino, Italy, 27-29 June 2018
E. Ferrari. A. Fermi, M. Mongelli, M. Muselli

+ Identification of Safety Regions in Vehicle Platooning via Machine Learning

(2018) WFCS 2018, Imperia, 13-15/06/2018
Skotko, Brian G.; Macklin, Eric A.; Muselli, Marco; Voelz, Lauren; McDonough, Mary Ellen; Davidson, Emily; Allareddy, Veerasathpurush; Jayaratne, Yasas S. N.; Bruun, Richard; Ching, Nicholas; Weintraub, Gil; Gozal, David; Rosen, Dennis

+ A predictive model for obstructive sleep apnea and Down syndrome

(2017) in American journal of medical genetics. Part A
Parodi, Stefano; Dosi, Corrado; Zambon, Antonella; Ferrari, Enrico; Muselli, Marco

+ Identifying Environmental and Social Factors Predisposing to Pathological Gambling Combining Standard Logistic Regression and Logic Learning Machine

(2017) in Journal of gambling studies
Diego Liberati, Gabriella Paoli", Renzo Corvó°, Riccardo Bellazzi^ and Marco Muselli*

+ Automatic rule generation techniques supplement conventional statistics in identifying prognostic factors for head and neck cancer.

(2017) in , 2017
Ferro E.; Barsocchi P.; Mavilia F.; La Rosa D.; Delmastro F.; Di Martino F.; Bruno R.; Ancillotti E.; Mainetto G.; Galassi C.; Ciuchi I.; Dessi D.; Passacantilli F.; Ravazzani P.; Chimienti A.; Nerino R.; Pettiti G.; Piotto M.; Rampa V.; Savazzi S.; Masini B.; Bazzi A.; Strambini L.; Tognola G.; Zanella A.; Liberati D.; Parazzini M.; Dossi L.; Nordio A.; Tarable A.; Muselli M.; Mongelli M.; Bosisio A.

+ E-CABIN - Progettazione dei sistemi di monitoraggio - FASE 2

Stefano Parodi, Chiara Manneschi, Damiano Verda, Enrico Ferrari, Marco Muselli

+ Logic Learning Machine and standard supervised methods for Hodgkin's lymphoma prognosis using gene expression data and clinical variables

(2016) in Health informatics journal (Online)
S. Parodi, M. Muselli, B. Carlini, V. Fontana, R. Haupt, V. Pistoia, M.V. Corrias

+ Restricted ROC curves are useful tools to evaluate the performance of tumour markers

(2016) in Statistical methods in medical research
Maurizio Mongelli

+ Novelty detection: principles, Rulex approach and a case study in cyber security

(2016) Meeting at Bell Labs Nokia, Dublin, Ireland, 26/10/2016
Maurizio Mongelli, Marco Muselli, Angelo Corana, Gianmarco Veruggio

+ SafeCOP Call: H2020-ECSEL-2015-RIA-two-stage Funding Scheme: ECSEL-RIA

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