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Research products

N. De Cristofaro, F. Gallese, G. Laguzzi, L. Luvidi

+ Selection of bronze alloys with reduced lead content suitable for outdoor sculptures production

(2012) in Materials chemistry and physics (Print)
L. Luvidi, G. Laguzzi, F. Gallese, A. M. Mecchi, I. Nicolini, G. Sidoti

+ Application of TiO2 Based Coatings on Stone Surface of Interest in the Field of Cultural Heritage

(2010) Science and Technology for the Safeguard of Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean basin, Cairo, Egypt, 6-8 dicembre 2009
Fortunata Gallese (a), Giuseppe Laguzzi (a), Loredana Luvidi (a), Vincenzo Ferrari (b), Sandor Takacs (c), Gabriella Venturi Pagani Cesa (d)

+ Comparative investigation into the corrosion of different bronze alloys suitable for outdoor sculptures

(2008) in Corrosion science
F. Gallese, G. Laguzzi, L. Luvidi, G.L. Gargnani, V. Ferrari, P. Wobraushcek, C. Kreislova, G. Venturi, F.Zucchi.

+ Relazione annuale Progetto E!2210 EUROCARE BRONZART: Development of new bronze alloys for artistic purposes