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Domenico Cimini works as Research staff at the Institute of Methodologies for the Environmental Analysis (IMAA) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). The research activity of Dr. Cimini focus on ground- and satellite-based observations of the Earth atmosphere. Dr. Cimini worked on radiometer calibration techniques, on microwave radiative transfer models, and on techniques for retrieving atmospheric variables from remote sensing data. He participated to several field experiments from the tropics to mid-latitude, to the Artic. Dr. Cimini is currently sharing the coordination of an International Microwave Radiometer Network (MWRnet), grouping more than 20 international meteorological institutions. Dr. Cimini participated as investigator and/or co-principal investigator to several national and international projects funded by the Italian Ministery of University and Research (MIUR), Italian Space Agency (ASI), European Space Agency (ESA), United States Department of Energy Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM), European Science Foundation (ESF). Since 1999, he collaborates with the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Since 2002, Dr. Cimini has been teaching assistant for undergraduate and graduate courses in remote sensing and atmospheric sounding. Dr. Cimini coauthored more than 60 peer-reviewed papers. Since 2001, he served as reviewer for most of the top journals on remote sensing and atmospheric measurements. Since 2014, he is Associate Editor of Atmospheric Measurement Techniques (AMT). Dr. Cimini is life-time member of the European Geosciences Union (EGU).

Interest areas:

Atmospheric Thermodynamics, Remote Sensing, Radiometry

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Research products

Gallucci D.; Romano F.; Cimini D.; Di Paola F.; Gentile S.; Larosa S.; Nilo S.T.; Ricciardelli E.; Ripepi E.; Viggiano M.; Geraldi E.

+ Improvement of hourly Surface Solar Irradiance estimation using MSG rapid scanning service

(2019) in Remote sensing (Basel)
Cimini, Domenico; Hocking, James; De Angelis, Francesco; Cersosimo, Angela; Di Paola, Francesco; Gallucci, Donatello; Gentile, Sabrina; Geraldi, Edoardo; Larosa, Salvatore; Nilo, Saverio; Romano, Filomena; Ricciardelli, Elisabetta; Ripepi, Ermann; Viggiano, Mariassunta; Luini, Lorenzo; Riva, Carlo; Marzano, Frank S.; Martinet, Pauline; Song, Yun Young; Ahn, Myoung Hwan; Rosenkranz, Philip W.

+ RTTOV-gb v1.0-updates on sensors, absorption models, uncertainty, and availability

(2019) in Geoscientific model development (Print)
Illingworth, A. J.; Cimini, D.; Haefele, A.; Haeffelin, M.; Hervo, M.; Kotthaus, S.; Loehnert, U.; Martinet, P.; Mattis, I; O'Connor, E. J.; Potthast, R.

+ How Can Existing Ground-Based Profiling Instruments Improve European Weather Forecasts?

(2019) in Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society
Marzano, Frank S.ab; Corradini, Stefano c; Mereu, Luigi ab; Kylling, Arve d; Montopoli, Mario e; Cimini, Domenico bf; Merucci, Luca c; Stelitano, Dario c.

+ Multisatellite Multisensor Observations of a Sub-Plinian Volcanic Eruption: The 2015 Calbuco Explosive Event in Chile

(2018) in IEEE transactions on geoscience and remote sensing
Di Paola F.; Ricciardelli E.; Cimini D.; Cersosimo A.; Di Paola A.; Gallucci D.; Gentile S.; Geraldi E.; Larosa S.; Nilo S.T.; Ripepi E.; Romano F.; Sano P.; Viggiano M.

+ MiRTaW: An algorithm for atmospheric temperature and water vapor profile estimation from ATMS measurements using a random forests technique

(2018) in Remote sensing (Basel)
Filomena Romano 1; Domenico Cimini 1,2; Angela Cersosimo 1; Francesco Di Paola 1; Donatello Gallucci 1; Sabrina Gentile 1,2; Edoardo Geraldi 1,3; Salvatore Larosa 1; Saverio T. Nilo 1; Elisabetta Ricciardelli; Ermann Ripepi 1 and Mariassunta Viggiano 1

+ Improvement in Surface Solar Irradiance Estimation Using HRV/MSG Data

Filomena Romano 1; Domenico Cimini 1,2; Angela Cersosimo 1; Francesco Di Paola 1; Donatello Gallucci 1; Sabrina Gentile 1,2; Edoardo Geraldi 1,3; Salvatore Larosa 1; (2018) in Remote sensing (Basel)
Gallucci, Donatello 1; Romano, Filomena 1; Cersosimo, Angela 2; Cimini, Domenico 1,3; Di Paola, Francesco 1; Gentile, Sabrina 1,3; Geraldi, Edoardo 1,4; Larosa, Salvatore 1; Nilo, Saverio T. 1; Ricciardelli, Elisabetta 1; Viggiano, Mariassunta 1

+ Nowcasting Surface Solar Irradiance with AMESIS via Motion Vector Fields of MSG-SEVIRI Data

(2018) in Remote sensing (Basel)
Saverio Teodosio Nilo 1, Filomena Romano 1, Jan Cermak 2,3, Domenico Cimini 1,4, Elisabetta Ricciardelli 1, Angela Cersosimo 5, Francesco Di Paola 1, Donatello Gallucci 1, Sabrina Gentile 1,4, Edoardo Geraldi 6, Salvatore Larosa 1, Ermann Ripepi 1 and Mariassunta Viggiano 1

+ Fog Detection Based on Meteosat Second Generation-Spinning Enhanced Visible and InfraRed Imager High Resolution Visible Channel

(2018) in Remote sensing (Basel)
Rosenkranz, Philip a; Cimini, Domenico b; Koshelev, Maxim A. c; Tretyakov, Mikhail c

+ Covariances of Spectroscopic Parameter Uncertainties in Microwave Forward Models and Consequences for Remote Sensing

(2018) 15th Specialist Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of the Environment, MicroRad 2018, Cambridge; United States, 27 March 2018 through 30 March 2018
Pauline Martinet 1, Domenico Cimini 2, Francesco De Angelis 3, Guylaine Canut 1, Vinciane Unger 1, Remi Guillot 1, Diane Tzanos 1, and Alexandre Paci 1

+ Combining ground-based microwave radiometer and the AROME convective scale model through 1DVAR retrievals in complex terrain: an Alpine valley case study

(2017) in Atmospheric measurement techniques (Print)
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