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Dr Domenica D'Elia is a biologist. She got a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Bari in 1996. Since 2001 she has a permanent position at the Institute for Biomedical Technologies of the Italian National Research Council. Presently, she is: -Chair of the EMBnet Executive Board - The Global Bioinformatics Network since 2016 (; -Member and Secretary of the Executive Board of GOBLET - the Global Organization for Bioinformatics Learning, Education & Training from 2019 (; -Management Committee Member of the COST Action "Harmonizing standardization strategies to increase efficiency and competitiveness of European life-science research" (CHARME: CA15110) from 2016 (-|Name:overview ); -Leader of WP4 (Dissemination) of the COST Action CHARME from 2016; -Science Communication Manager of COST Action CHARME (CA15110); -Member of the Editorial Board of the journal: Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics (IF 6.615) since 2016; -Management Committee Member of the COST Action "Statistical and machine learning techniques in human microbiome studies" (ml4microbiome: CA181319) from 2019 (|Name:overview); -Member of the "Short Term Scientific Mission" Committee of the COST Action CA18131 from 2019; - Working Group Leader of WG4 - Dissemination of the COST Action CA18131; -Node Manager of the Italian National EMBnet Node, The Global Bioinformatics Network, since 2006; -Member of the Executive Editorial Board and Section Editor of the EMBnet.journal (former since 2006; -Member of the Italian Bioinformatics Society since 2001; -Member of the Interdepartmental Project of the CNR Foresight ( from 2019; -Member of Nutrheff - Nutraceutical Health Enhancing Functional Food Network:

Research activity Since 1996 her activity is the Bioinformatics research field for the development of biological databases and tools for integration and analysis of omics data. This activity led to the production of the following products: MitBASE, Human MitBase, KeyNet, MitoDrome, MitoRes, UTRminer, the LIBI Grid platform, Molecular Biodiversity Laboratory DB, HOCCLUS2, ComiRNet, NonCode aReNA DB. Since 2008 his research activity has been focused on the development of bioinformatics tools based on the use of machine learning and data mining technologies in collaboration with the Computer Science Department of the University of Bari. She also collaborates with the CREA and University of Bari, at a study on the effects of table grapes on the expression of genes involved in the immune response and chronic inflammation. At CNR-ITB, she collaborates in a study on the effects of plant miRNAs on human gene expression (InterOmics Flagship Project).

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Domenica D'Elia

Other publication name:

D'Elia, D.

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Bioinformatics, Functional Genomics & Transcriptomics, Regulatory Network Reconstruction, Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Gene Expression, non-coding RNAs, micro RNAs


Phone: +39 080 5929674
Fax: +39 080 5929690
Skype: domenicadelia
Address: CNR - Istituto di Tecnologie Biomediche, Via Amendola 122/D, 70126 Bari

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Scientific & Technical Coordinator for the developement of the EU GMO Register at European Commission
Company: CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Via Amendola, Bari (IT)
Time period: 01/2000 - 12/2002

Scientific & Technical coordination of activities related to the development of the European GMO Register, consisting of a database and accompanying bioinformatics tools designed for detection and monitoring purposes in support to the activities of the European network of GMO laboratories (European Commission 7356-2000-12 F2SC ISP IT)

Teacher at Secondary Schools
Company: Ministero dell'Istruzione, Istituto Statale Professionale per l'Industria e l'Artigianato "Luigi Santarella" - Via Gentile, Bari (IT)
Time period: 12/2000 - 06/2001

Science Teacher

Fellowship for studies on "Acethyl L carnitine action on aged rat"
Company: sigma-tau

Freelance Consultant
Company: CNR

Three years contract as researcher
Company: CNR, Area della Ricerca di Bari, Istituto Mitocondri e Metabolismo Energetico


Scientific projects

Modulo SV.P18.004.006 / Valorizzazione di applicazioni bioinformatiche e biotecnologiche per la genomica strutturale e funzionale
Role: Coordinator
Participation time period: 01/2009 - today

Coordination activity. Promotion and organization of dissemination events; organization of conferences, workshop and tutorial at regional, national and international level; production of advertising material and publication of technical reports relating to the activities, skills and infrastructure resources of the Institute; activities of community building and networking at the international level to promote scientific cooperation and partnerships.

AllBio Project - Broadening the Bioinformatics Infrastructure to unicellular, animal, and plant science (KBBE.2011.3.6-02)
Role: member
Participation time period: 2012 - 2015

The completion of the human genome sequence has triggered worldwide bioinformatics efforts to unravel its information content. Many projects have been successfully completed in areas such as gene hunting, functional annotation, post-translational modification prediction, protein-protein interactions, transcriptomics, or systems biology. These projects have produced large numbers of novel analytic and predictive computer programs. The majority of these developments, though, have focused on harvesting the human genome, transcriptome, proteome, epigenome, etcetera, and considerably less effort has been invested in the thousands of other genomes in life science research fields related to unicellular organisms, plants, or animals. The AllBio partners have selected these three fields as focus for their coordination actions because: 1) all AllBio partners already have extensive experience in collaborating with life scientists in at least one of these fields, and 2) these three fields cover a large number of the activities in the FP7 work programme KBBE-2011, "FOOD, AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES, AND BIOTECHNOLOGY".

Teamworks, commissions or organisms

EMBnet Project Committee "Publicity & Public Relations"
Role: Chair of the Committee
Participation time period: 06/2010 - 06/2015
Involved organizations: STICHTING EMBNET;

The main mission of the P&PR PC is to nurture and promote EMBnet's image at large. The P&PR PC is responsible for promoting any type of EMBnet activities, for the advertisement of products and services provided by the EMBnet community, as well as for proposing and developing new strategies aiming to enhance EMBnet's visibility, and to take care of public relationships with EMBnet communities and related networks/societies. Activities include the EMBnet web site development, management and content moderation; production of dissemination & publicity material (e.g., brochures, leaflet, posters, presentations); production of the monthly EMBnet.digests; sponsorship management.

Scientific Advisory Committee of Knowledge Transfer Programme for Bioinformatics (CPGR, South Africa)
Role: Scientific peer advisory and project reviewer

The Advisory Committee serves to safeguard project integrity and ensure the quality of the expert matchmaking process on a voluntary basis.

KTP is a match-making platform that brings together seekers of expertise with providers of knowledge who are willing to share it in a project-based fashion. KTP is a first of its kind initiative, organised by the CPGR, to assist with identification and pairing of experts with individuals or organisations in need of filling/addressing knowledge gaps. More specifically, KTP has been devised to assist with building capacity in computational biology and Bioinformatics on the African continent, areas of expertise that are critical to effectively driving research and innovation in the data-heavy scientific domains of Genomics and Proteomics. The KTP initiative brings together experts and principal investigators in an effort to transfer knowledge in a project-based fashion.

Editorial Boards

Role: Member and Secretary of the Executive Editorial Board; Section Editor; Copy Editor
Participation time period: 06/2006 - today
Involved organizations: STICHTING EMBNET;

Scientific peer advisory and reviewer; coordination & managment of the Executive Editorial Board activities; manuscript copyediting.

EMBnet.journal is an international, open access, peer-reviewed journal, bringing the latest developments in bioinformatics research, education and training, together with practical user-guides, news, views, reportage and commentary, to the community. The Journal is the successor of magazine, published by EMBnet between 1994 and 2009. Available online, and with printable Supplements, EMBnet.journal is a valuable reference for scientists and students needing practical information for tackling the bioinformatics challenges of modern, data-driven life science research.

Specific tasks

Manager del Nodo Nazionale Italiano di EMBnet
Role: Coordinator & Group Leader
Participation time period: 06/2006 - today
Involved organizations: STICHTING EMBNET;

EMBnet - The Global Bioinformatics Network ( is a world-wide organisation that brings bioinformatics professionals together to serve, support and sustain the growing field of bioinformatics in the biological and biomedical research domains. EMBnet's goal is to provide bioinformatics support to global scientific communities, spear-headed by its Operational and Executive Boards, by offering specialised expertise, and access to biodatabases, software and especially training. EMBnet achieves its goals by, among other activities: a)harnessing the knowledge, expertise and technologies of its members; b)responding strategically to matters of joint importance, whether technological, financial or political; c)functioning as a dissemination network for bioinformatics tools and resources; d)organising regular meetings and workshops to provide training in the use of bioinformatics tools and resources; e)acting as a focus for attracting financial support and administering its accrued funds for activities agreed by its Boards. EMBnet Nodes represent the operating units of the network at national level. Each Node is committed to transfer bioinformatics knowledge, tools and technologies to the local scientific community through a range of services including access to common resources of the network, support for their use and training in bioinformatics.


Diagnostica Oncologica: Principi e Metodi di Applicazione delle Tecniche morfometriche ed immunoistochimiche
Università degli Studi di Bari, Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia, Area di Formazione Post Laurea, Corsi di Perfezionamento - P.zza Giulio Cesare nr.11 - 70124 Bari - Italia
Graduation date: 1998-12-04
Attendance time period: 01/1997 - 12/1998

Scienze Biologiche
Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro - Piazza Umberto I, 1, 70121 Bari
Grade: 110/110 cum Laude
Graduation date: 1991-02-15
Attendance time period: 10/1984 - 12/1989
Thesis: Curvatura del DNA come sito d'interazione con proteine all'Ori-L del DNA mitocondriale di ratto

Dottorato di Ricerca in Biochimica e Biologia Molecolare
Università degli studi di Bari Aldo Moro - Piazza Umberto I, 1, 70121 Bari
Thesis: Purificazione di due fattori proteici che interagiscono con regioni curve del DNA mitocondriale di ratto


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Curriculum Vitae

CV Domenica D'Elia 2019 (eng)

Molecular Biologist and Bioinformaticians

Research products

Milella, Rosa Anna; Gasparro, Marica; Alagna, Fiammetta; Cardone, Maria Francesca; Rotunno, Silvia; Ammollo, Concetta Tiziana; Semeraro, Fabrizio; Tullo, Apollonia; Marzano, Flaviana; Catalano, Domenico; Antonacci, Donato; Colucci, Mario; D'Elia, Domenica

+ Gene expression signature induced by grape intake in healthy subjects reveals wide-spread beneficial effects on peripheral blood mononuclear cells

(2020) in Journal of Functional Foods
Emanuele Pio Barracchia1 , Gianvito Pio1* , Domenica D'Elia3 and Michelangelo Ceci1,2,4

+ Prediction of new associations between ncRNAs and diseases exploiting multi-type hierarchical clustering

(2020) in BMC bioinformatics
Rosa Anna Milella a, **, Marica Gasparro a, Fiammetta Alagna a, 1, Maria Francesca Cardone a, Silvia Rotunno a, 2, Concetta Tiziana Ammollo b, Fabrizio Semeraro b, Apollonia Tullo c, Flaviana Marzano c, Domenico Catalano d, Donato Antonacci a, Mario Colucci b, Domenica D'Elia d, *

+ Microarray data and pathway analyses of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from healthy subjects after a three weeks grape-rich diet

(2020) in Data in brief
Flaviana Marzano, Mariano Francesco Caratozzolo, Arianna Consiglio, Flavio Licciulli, Sabino Liuni, Elisabetta Sbisa', Domenica D'Elia* , Apollonia Tullo* and Domenico Catalano

+ Plant miRNAs reduce cancer cell proliferation by targeting MALAT1 and NEAT1: a beneficial cross-kingdom interaction

(2020) in Frontiers in genetics
Hollmann, Susanne(1); Frohme, Marcus(2); Endrullat, Christoph(3); Kremer, Andreas(4); D'Elia, Domenica(5); Regierer, Babette(6); Nechyporenko, Alina(6)

+ Ten simple rules on how to write a standard operating procedure

(2020) in PLoS computational biology
Domenica D'Elia1, Chris Evelo2,3, Babette Regierer 4,5, Susanne Hollmann 4,6

+ Standards Make The World Go Round

(2020) in EMBnet journal
Barracchia E.P.; Pio G.; D'Elia D.; Ceci M.

+ Prediction of New Associations between ncRNAs and Diseases Exploiting Multi-Type Hierarchical Clustering

(2020) SEBD 2020 -28th SYMPOSIUM ON ADVANCED DATABASE SYSTEMS, Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy, 21/06/2020, 21-24/06/2020
Javier De Las Rivas (1), Domenica D'Elia (2), Eija Korpelainen (3), Annette McGrath (4), Asif M. Khan (5), Michelle D. Brazas (6), Teresa K. Attwood (7), Celia Van Gelder (8)

+ GOBLET: fostering international collaboration for advanced Learning, Education and Training in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

(2020) ISMB 2020 - 28th Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, Virtual - Montreal (Canada), 13-16 July, 2020
Domenica D'Elia

+ GOBLET- The Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education & Training

(2020) ISCB 2020 - 28th Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, Virtual - Montreal (Canada), 13/07/2020, 16/07/2020
Paolo Mignone1,3, Gianvito Pio1,3, Domenica D'Elia2, Donato Malerba1,3, Michelangelo Ceci1,3

+ Exploiting Transfer Learning for the Reconstruction of the Human Gene Regulatory Network

(2019) in Bioinformatics (Oxf., Online)
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