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Hogan, Conor

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Hogan, Conor D

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Hogan, C

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Research products

Holtgrewe K.; Mahatha S.K.; Sheverdyaeva P.M.; Moras P.; Flammini R.; Colonna S.; Ronci F.; Papagno M.; Barla A.; Petaccia L.; Aliev Z.S.; Babanly M.B.; Chulkov E.V.; Sanna S.; Hogan C.; Carbone C.

+ Topologization of beta-antimonene on Bi2Se3 via proximity effects

(2020) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Conor Hogan, Maurizia Palummo, Olivia Pulci, Carlo Maria Bertoni

+ Ab Initio Theory of Interband Transitions

(2020) in Springer Handbook of Surface Science, 2020
Hogan, Conor and Suchkova, Svetlana and Bechstedt, Friedhelm and Speiser, Eugen and Chandola, Sandhya and Esser, Norbert

+ Organic Molecule Adsorption on Stepped Si-Au Surfaces: Role of Functional Group on Geometry and Electronic Structure

(2019) in Physica status solidi. B, Basic research (Internet)
J. Honolka, C. Hogan, M. Vondrá?cek, Y. Polyak, F. Arciprete, E. Placidi

+ Electronic properties of GaAsBi(001) alloys at low Bi content

(2019) in Physical review materials (Online)
Hogan, Conor and Holtgrewe, Kris and Ronci, Fabio and Colonna, Stefano and Sanna, Simone and Moras, Paolo and Sheverdyaeva, Polina M. and Mahatha, Sanjoy and Papagno, Marco and Aliev, Ziya S. and Babanly, Mahammad and Chulkov, Evgueni V. and Carbone, Carlo and Flammini, Roberto

+ Temperature Driven Phase Transition at the Antimonene/Bi2Se3 van der Waals Heterostructure

(2019) in ACS nano (Online)
Davide Sangalli , Andrea Ferretti, Henrique Miranda, Claudio Attaccalite, Ivan Marri, Elena Cannuccia, Pedro Miguel Melo, Margherita Marsili, Fulvio Paleari, Antimo Marrazzo, Gianluca Prandini, Pietro Bonf?, Michael O Atambo, Fabio Affinito, Maurizia Palummo, Alejandro Molina Sanchez,Conor Hogan, Myrta Gr?ning, Daniele Varsano, Andrea Marini

+ Many-body perturbation theory calculations using the yambo code

(2019) in Journal of physics. Condensed matter (Online)
Sheverdyaeva, P. M.; Hogan, C.; Sgarlata, A.; Fazi, L.; Fanfoni, M.; Persichetti, L.; Moras, P.; Balzarotti, A.

+ Electronic structure of the Ge/Si(105) hetero-interface: an ARPES and DFT study

(2018) in Journal of physics. Condensed matter (Print)
Suchkova S.; Hogan C.; Bechstedt F.; Speiser E.; Esser N.

+ Selective adsorption of toluene-3,4-dithiol on Si(553)-Au surfaces

(2018) in Physical Review B
R. Flammini,1, S. Colonna,1, C. Hogan,1, S. K. Mahatha,2, M. Papagno,3, A. Barla,2, P. M. Sheverdyaeva,2, P. Moras,2, Z. S. Aliev,4, 5, M.B Babanly,6, E. V. Chulkov,7, 8, C. Carbone,2, and F. Ronci,1

+ Evidence of beta-antimonene at the Sb/Bi2Se3 interface

R. Flammini,1, S. Colonna,1, C. Hogan,1, S. K. Mahatha,2, M. Papagno,3, A. Barla,2, P. M. (2018) in Nanotechnology (Bristol, Online)
Hogan, C.; Pulci, O.; Gori, P.; Bechstedt, F.; Martin, D. S.; Barritt, E. E.; Curcella, A.; Prevot, G.; Borensztein, Y.

+ Optical properties of silicene, Si/Ag(111), and Si/Ag(110)

(2018) in Physical Review B
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