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My cuurent research interest concerns mainly the theoretical foundation of Statistical Physics for the study of non-Gibbsian systems observed mostly in natural sciences and socio-economic disciplines. Other topics touched in the past pertain different problems in statistical and mathematical physics: 1) Soliton solutions for nonlinear Schroedinger equations and gauge symmetries of third kind; 2) Quantum deformed algebras and their applications in dynamical systems and statistical mechanics; 3) Lie symmetries of kinetic equations and anomalous diffusion equation; 4) Generalized entropic forms and non-extensive thermostatistics including the geometrical aspect of the information theory and thermodynamics. In these fields I published about 80 papers, organized a series of international conferences, editing 11 volumes of scientific journals and presiding a PhD course at the Politecnico di Torino.

Interest areas:

Nonextensive statistical mechanics; Nonlinear Fokker-Planck equations; Nonlinear Schroedinger equations; Geometry information; Quantum groups and quantum algebras


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Address: c/o Dipartimento di Scienze Applicate e Tecnologia - Politecnico di Torino Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24 I-10129, Torino

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Scopus H-Index: 19
ISI-WoS H-Index: 18


Laurea in Fisica
Università degli Studi di Torino

PhD in Theoretical Physics
Politecnico di Torino

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Curriculum Vitae

Research products

Antonio M. Scarfone(1); Hiroshi Matsuzoe(2); Tatsuaki Wada(3)

+ A study of Rényi entropy based on the information geometry formalism

(2020) in Journal of physics. A, Mathematical and theoretical (Online)
Hiroki Suyari(1); Hiroshi Matsuzoe(2); and Antonio M. Scarfone(3)

+ Advantages of q-logarithm representation over q-exponential representation from the sense of scale and shift on nonlinear systems

(2020) in The European physical journal. Special topics (Online)
R. Kovacs(1), A.M. Scarfone (2); S. Abe (3)

+ Entropy and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics

(2020) in Entropy (Basel, Online)
V.M. Ilic(1); A.M. Scarfone(2); T. Wada(3)

+ Equivalence between four versions of thermostatistics based on strongly pseudoadditive entropies

(2019) in Physical review. E (Print)
Giorgio Kaniadakis (1); Antonio M. Scarfone (2)

+ Classical Model of Quons

(2019) in Entropy (Basel, Online)
H. Matsuzoe (1); A. M. Scarfone (2); T. Wada (3)

+ Normalization Problems for Deformed Exponential Families

(2019) in Lecture notes in computer science
Piero Quarati (1); Antonio M. Scarfone (2,3); Giorgio Kaniadakis (1)

+ Energy from Negentropy of Non-Cahotic Systems

(2018) in Entropy (Basel, Online)
A.M. Scarfone (a); H. Matsuzoe (b); T. Wada (c)

+ Information Geometry of k-Exponential Families: Dually-Flat, Hessian and Legendre Structures

(2018) in Entropy (Basel, Online)
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