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Google Scholar H-Index: 28
Scopus H-Index: 26


Dottorato in Scienze Chimiche
Università degli Studi della Basilicata
Graduation date: 2003-03-06

MPhil in Chemistry
The University of Sheffield - Sheffield - UK
Graduation date: 1997-10-31

Laurea in Chimica
Università degli Studi della Basilicata
Grade: 110/110 cum Laude
Graduation date: 1994-07-20
Thesis: Ablazione e deposizione laser di SnSe


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Research products

Toffoli, D.; Guarnaccio, A.; Grazioli, C.; Zhang, T.; Johansson, F.; de Simone, M.; Coreno, M.; Santagata, A.; D'Auria, M.; Puglia, C.; Bernes, E.; Stener, M.; Fronzoni, G.

+ Electronic Structure Characterization of a Thiophene Benzo-Annulated Series of Common Building Blocks for Donor and Acceptor Compounds Studied by Gas Phase Photoelectron and Photoabsorption Synchrotron Spectroscopies

(2018) in The journal of physical chemistry. A
Zhang, T.; Brumboiu, I. E.; Grazioli, C.; Guarnaccio, A.; Coreno, M.; de Simone, M.; Santagata, A.; Rensmo, H.; Brena, B.; Lanzilotto, V.; Puglia, C.

+ Lone-Pair Delocalization Effects within Electron Donor Molecules: The Case of Triphenylamine and Its Thiophene-Analog

(2018) in Journal of physical chemistry. C
M. Curcio, A. De Bonis, M. Fosca, S. Laureti, A. Galasso, A. Santagata, R. Teghil, and J.V. Rau.

+ Laser synthesis in liquid of iron oxide nanoparticles and their potential application in composite film coatings for bone-related implants.

(2017) EMRS 2017 (European Materials Research Society), Strasbourg, France, May 22-26, 2017.
Kohsakowski S.; Santagata A.; Dell'Aglio M.; de Giacomo A.; Barcikowski S.; Wagener P.; Gokce B.

+ High productive and continuous nanoparticle fabrication by laser ablation of a wire-target in a liquid jet

(2017) in Applied surface science
Curcio M.; de Bonis A.; Fosca M.; Santagata A.; Teghil R.; Rau J.V.

+ Pulsed laser-deposited composite carbon-glass-ceramic films with improved hardness

(2017) in Journal of materials science (Dordr., Online)
Lopez-Claros M.; Dell Aglio M.; Gaudiuso R.; Santagata A.; De Giacomo A.; Fortes F.J.; Laserna J.J.

+ Double pulse laser induced breakdown spectroscopy of a solid in water: Effect of hydrostatic pressure on laser induced plasma, cavitation bubble and emission spectra

(2017) in Spectrochimica acta. Part B, Atomic spectroscopy
Pace, M.L.a, Guarnaccio, A.a, Dolce, P.a, Mollica, D.a, Parisi, G.P.a, Lettino, A.b, Medici, L.b, Summa, V.b, Ciancio, R.c, Santagata, A.

+ 3D additive manufactured 316L components microstructural features and changes induced by working life cycles

(2017) in Applied surface science
Grazioli, C.; Baseggio, O.; Stener, M.; Fronzoni, G.; de Simone, M.; Coreno, M.; Guarnaccio, A.; Santagata, A.; D'Auria, M.

+ Study of the electronic structure of short chain oligothiophenes

(2017) in The Journal of chemical physics
De Bonis A.; D'Orsi R.; Funicello M.; Lupattelli P.; Santagata A.; Teghil R.; Chiummiento L.

+ First application of homogeneous Pd nanoparticles prepared by pulsed laser ablation in liquid to a Suzuki-type reaction

(2017) in Catalysis communications (Print)
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