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Research products

Pasini A., Amendola S., Miglietta M.M.

+ Recent climate change: from causes to impacts on extreme events and air quality

(2018) CNR-Institution of Atmospheric Pollution Research, annual meeting, montelibretti, 8-9 May 2018
Miglietta M. M., Mazon J., Matsangouras I., Pasini A., Rotunno R.

+ Tornadoes in Italy: an underestimated threat?

(2018) SISC annual meeting, Venezia Mestre, Italy, 17-19/10/2018
Miglietta, Mario Marcello; Mazon, Jordi; Motola, Vincenzo; Pasini, Antonello

+ Effect of a positive Sea Surface Temperature anomaly on a Mediterranean tornadic supercell

(2017) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Pasini, Antonello; Racca, Paolo; Amendola, Stefano; Cartocci, Giorgio; Cassardo, Claudio

+ Attribution of recent temperature behaviour reassessed by a neural-network method

(2017) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Roberto Salzano, Antonello Pasini, Antonietta Ianniello, Mauro Mazzola, Rita Traversi, Roberto Udisti

+ High-time resolved radon-progeny measurements in the Arctic region (Svalbard Islands, Norway): results and potentialities

(2017) in Atmospheric chemistry and physics discussion
Bertolaccini, Luca; Solli, Piergiorgio; Pardolesi, Alessandro; Pasini, Antonello

+ An overview of the use of artificial neural networks in lung cancer research

(2017) in Journal of thoracic disease (Print)
Amendola, Stefano; Maimone, Filippo; Pasini, Antonello; Ciciulla, Fabrizio; Pelino, Vinicio

+ A neural network ensemble downscaling system (SIBILLA) for seasonal forecasts over Italy: winter case studies

(2017) in Meteorological applications (Print)
Pasini, Antonello; Triacca, Umberto; Attanasio, Alessandro

+ Evidence for the role of the Atlantic multidecadal oscillation and the ocean heat uptake in hiatus prediction

(2017) in Theoretical and applied climatology
Mazzocchi F, Pasini A.

+ Climate model pluralism beyond dynamical ensembles

(2017) in Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Climate change (Online)
Grammenos Mastrojeni, Antonello Pasini

+ Effetto serra, effetto guerra. Clima, conflitti, migrazioni: l'Italia in prima linea

(2017) Chiarelettere, Milano (Italia), 2017
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