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Zampetti E.; Papa P.; Di Flaviano F.; Paciucci L.; Petracchini F.; Pirrone N.; Bearzotti A.; Macagnano A.

Remotely controlled terrestrial vehicle integrated sensory system for environmental monitoring

(2018) 3rd National Conference on Sensors, 2016, 23-25/2/2016
Sprovieri Francesca (1), Pirrone Nicola (2), Bencardino Mariantonia (1), D'Amore Francesco (1), Carbone Francesco (1), Cinnirella Sergio (1), Landis Matthew (3), Ebinghaus Ralf (4), Martin Lynwill (5), Munthe John (6), Wangberg Ingvar (6), Artaxo Paulo (7), Barbante Carlo (8), Cairns Warren (9), Vardè Massimiliano (10), Diéguez María (11), Garcia Patricia (11), Dommergue Aurélien (12), Angot Hélène (12), Magand Olivier (12), Skov Henrik (13), Horvat Milena (14), Kotnik Joze (14), Read Katie (15), Neves Luis (16), Sena Fabrizio (17), Mashyanov Nikolay (18), Wip Dennis (19), Feng Xin (20), Zhang Hui (20), Fu Xuewu (20), Ramachandran Ramesh (21), Knoery Joël (22), Gawlik Bernd (23), Obolkin Vladimir (24), Labuschagne Casper (25), Morais Fernando (7), Barbose Henrique (7), Brito Joel (7), Cossa Daniel (26), Weigelt Andreas (27)

Five-Year Records of Mercury Concentrations Observed at Ground-Based Monitoring Sites in the Framework of the GMOS Global Network

(2017) ICMGP2017 - The 13th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant, Providence, Rhode Island, USA, 16-21/07/2017
Carbone F., Landis M., Gencarelli C., Naccarato A., De Simone F., Sprovieri F., Hedgecock I., Pirrone N.

Sea Surface Temperature variation linked to elemental mercury concentrations measured on Mauna Loa

(2017) 13th International Conference of Mercury as a Global Pollutant, ICMGP2017, Providence, Rhode Island, USA, July 16-21, 2017
Castagna, J. and D'Amore, F. and Naccarato, A. and Moretti, S. and Mannarino, V. and Bencardino, M. and Sprovieri, F. and Pirrone, N.

Particulate Matter over the Western Mediterranean sea: new insights gained from data collected during the 2011, 2012 and 2015 CNR research cruise campaigns

(2017) European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017, Vienna, 23-28/04/2017
Bieser, J. and Slemr, F. and Ambrose, J. and Brenninkmeijer, C. and Brooks, S. and Dastoor, A. and DeSimone, F. and Ebinghaus, R. and Gencarelli, C. N. and Geyer, B. and Gratz, L. E. and Hedgecock, I. M. and Jaffe, D. and Kelley, P. and Lin, C.-J. and Jaegle, L. and Matthias, V. and Ryjkov, A. and Selin, N. E. and Song, S. and Travnikov, O. and Weigelt, A. and Luke, W. and Ren, X. and Zahn, A. and Yang, X. and Zhu, Y. and Pirrone, N.

Multi-model study of mercury dispersion in the atmosphere: vertical and interhemispheric distribution of mercury species

(2017) in Atmospheric chemistry and physics (Online)
Tsinganos K.; Gerasopoulos E.; Keramitsoglou I.; Pirrone N.; ERA-PLANET Team

ERA-PLANET, a European network for observing our changing planet

(2017) in Sustainability (Basel)
Zampetti E.; Macagnano A.; Papa P.; Bearzotti A.; Petracchini F.; Paciucci L.; Pirrone N.

Exploitation of an integrated microheater on QCM sensor in particulate matter measurements

(2017) in Sensors and actuators. A, Physical (Print)
Jessica Castagna, Mariantonia Bencardino, Francesco D'Amore, Giulio Esposito, Nicola Pirrone, Francesca Sprovieri

Atmospheric mercury species measurements across the Western Mediterranean region: Behaviour and variability during a 2015 research cruise campaign

Jessica Castagna, Mariantonia Bencardino, Francesco D'Amore, Giulio Esposito, (2017) in Atmospheric environment
De Simone, F. and Artaxo, P. and Bencardino, M. and Cinnirella, S. and Carbone, F. and D'Amore, F. and Dommergue, A. and Feng, X. B. and Gencarelli, C. N. and Hedgecock, I. M. and Landis, M. S. and Sprovieri, F. and Suzuki, N. and Wangberg, I. and Pirrone, N.

Particulate-phase mercury emissions from biomass burning and impact on resulting deposition: a modelling assessment

(2017) in Atmospheric chemistry and physics (Online)
Kyrre Sundseth, Jozef M Pacyna, Elisabeth G Pacyna, Nicola Pirrone, Rebecca J Thorne

Global Sources and Pathways of Mercury in the Context of Human Health

(2017) in International journal of environmental research and public health (Online)
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