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Wu, Jinbin; Reca, Ida-Barbara; Spinelli, Francesco; Lironi, Damiano; De Lorenzo, Giulia; Poltronieri, Palmiro; Cervone, Felice; Joosten, Matthiew HAI; Ferrari, Simone; Brutus, Alexandre.

An EFR-Cf-9 chimera confers enhanced resistance to bacterial pathogens by SOBIR1- and BAK1-dependent recognition of elf18

(2019) in Molecular plant pathology
Poltronieri, Palmiro; Di Girolamo, Maria; Reca, Ida Barbara; Santino, Angelo

Analogies between plant and animal immune systems, and hijacking of ADP-ribosylation signaling by pathogen effectors.

(2019) New avenues in basic and translational PARP research, Budapest, 20-23/05/2019
Poltronieri, Palmiro; Hong, Yiguo;

Applied plant biotechnology for improving resistance to biotic stress

(2019) Elsevier, Oxford (Regno Unito), 2019
Poltronieri P, Primiceri E, Radhakrishnan R

EIS-based biosensors in foodborne pathogen detection with a special focus on Listeria monocytogenes

(2019) Springer, New York (Stati Uniti d'America) in Foodborne bacterial pathogens. Methods and protocols, 2019
Farooqi, Ammad; Fuentes-Mattei, Enrique; Fayyaz, Sundas; Goblirsch, Matthiew; Raj, Priyank; Poltronieri, Palmiro; Calin, George

Interplay between epigenetic abnormalities and deregulated expression of microRNAs in cancer

(2019) in Seminars in cancer biology
De Domenico, Stefania; Taurino, Marco; Gallo, Antonia; Poltronieri, Palmiro; Pastor, Victoria; Flors, Victor; Santino, Angelo

Oxylipin dynamics in Medicago truncatula in response to salt and wounding stresses.

(2019) in Physiologia plantarum (Online)
Ammad Ahmad Farooqi; Muhammad Zahid Qureshi; Sumbul Khalid; Rukset Attar; Chiara Martinelli; Uteuliyev Yerzhan Sabitaliyevich; Sadykov Bolat Nurmurzayevich; Simona Taverna; Palmiro Poltronieri; Baojun Xu

Regulation of Cell Signaling Pathways by Berberine in Different Cancers: Searching for Missing Pieces of an Incomplete Jig-saw Puzzle for an Effective Cancer Therapy

(2019) in Cancers (Basel)
Natasa Cerekovic, Nadia Fatnassi, Angelo Santino, Palmiro Poltronieri

Variability in Physiological, Biochemical, and Molecular Mechanisms of Water Stress Tolerance in Chickpea Varieties

(2019) CRC press, Boca Raton (Stati Uniti d'America) in Approaches in enhancing abiotic stress tolerance to plants, 2019
Nadia Fatnassi, Ralph Horres, Natasa Cerekovic, Angelo Santino, Palmiro Poltronieri

Differences in adaptation to water stress in stress sensitive and resistant varieties of Kabuli and Desi type chickpea.

(2018) CRC press, Boca Raton (Stati Uniti d'America) in METABOLIC ADAPTATIONS IN PLANTS DURING ABIOTIC STRESS, 2018
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