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Prodotti della ricerca

T. De Cola, M. Mongelli

Adaptive Time Window Linear Regression for Outage Prediction in Q/V Band Satellite Systems

(2018) in Wireless Communications Letters
E. Ferrari. A. Fermi, M. Mongelli, M. Muselli

Identification of Safety Regions in Vehicle Platooning via Machine Learning

(2018) WFCS 2018, Imperia, 13-15/06/2018
Boero, L. and Cello, M. and Garibotto, C. and Marchese, M. and Mongelli, M.

BeaQoS: Quality of Service and Load Balancing Support in OpenFlow Environment

(2016) in Computer networks (1999)
Cambiaso E.; Aiello M.; Mongelli M.; Papaleo G.

Feature transformation and Mutual Information for DNS tunneling analysis

(2016) Eighth International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN 2016), Vienna, Austria, 6-8/7/2016
Mongelli, Maurizio; De Cola, Tomaso; Cello, Marco; Marchese, Mario; Davoli, Franco

Feeder-link outage prediction algorithms for SDN-based high-throughput satellite systems

(2016) 2016 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), London, UK, 8-12 June 2015
Maurizio Mongelli

Novelty detection: principles, Rulex approach and a case study in cyber security

(2016) Meeting at Bell Labs Nokia, Dublin, Ireland, 26/10/2016
Marco Cello, Mario Marchese, Maurizio Mongelli

On the QoS Estimation in an OpenFlow Network: the Packet Loss Case

(2016) in IEEE communications letters (Print)
Maurizio Aiello, Maurizio Mongelli, Enrico Cambiaso, Gianluca Papaleo

Profiling DNS tunneling attacks with PCA and mutual information

(2016) in Logic journal of the IGPL (Print)
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