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Maccato C.; Carraro G.; Peddis D.; Varvaro G.; Barreca D.

Magnetic properties of epsilon iron(III) oxide nanorod arrays functionalized with gold and copper(II) oxide

(2018) in Applied surface science
C. Belviso(a,d), A. Kharchenko(b), E. Agostinelli(c), F. Cavalcante(a), D. Peddis(c), G. Varvaro(c), N. Yaacoub (e), S. Mintova (b)

Red mud as aluminium source for the synthesis of magnetic zeolite.

(2018) in Microporous and mesoporous materials (Print)
G. Giannopoulos, R. Salikhov, G. Varvaro, V. Psycharis, A.M. Testa, M. Farle, and D. Niarchos

Coherently strained [Fe-Co(C)/Au-Cu]n multilayers: a path to induce magnetic anisotropy in Fe-Co films over large thicknesses

(2018) in Journal of physics. D, Applied physics (Online)
Giannopoulos, G.; Barucca, G.; Kaidatzis, A.; Psycharis, V.; Salikhov, R.; Farle, M.; Koutsouflakis, E.; Niarchos, D.; Mehta, A.; Scuderi, M.; Nicotra, G.; Spinella, C.; Laureti, S.; Varvaro, G.

L1(0)-FeNi films on Au-Cu-Ni buffer-layer: a high-throughput combinatorial study

(2018) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Tsai, Jai Lin; Pi, Chen; Chang, Yuan Shuo; Wu, Yu Ting; Chen, Yu Ren; Chang, Ching Wei; Varvaro, Gaspare

Effect of Pd Buffer and Interlayer on the Magnetic Properties of CoCrPt-Oxide Granular Thin Films

(2018) in IEEE transactions on magnetics
G. Varvaro, A. Di Trolio, A. Polimeni, A. Gabbani, F. Pineider, C. de Julián Fernández, G. Barucca, P. Mengucci, A. Amore Bonapasta and A.M.Testa

Giant magneto-optical response in H+ irradiated Zn1-xCoxO thin films

Tsai, J. L.; Chen, Y. R.; Pi, C.; Wu, Y. T.; Varvaro, G.; Chang, C. W.

Magnetic and Microstructural Properties of [FePt-Mg(Ti, Ta, Zr, Nb, B)O] Granular Films

(2018) in IEEE transactions on magnetics
A. diTrolio, G. Varvaro, A. M. Testa, A. Polimeni, F. Pineider, C. Fernandez, G. Barucca, P. Mengucci,

Effect of H+ irradiation on magneto-optical properties of Co-doped ZnO thin films

(2018) 25th International Symposium on Metastable, Amorphous and Nanostructured Materials, Roma, 2-8/07/2018
Francesca Casoli, Simone Fabbrici, Milad Takhsha Ghahfarokhi, Lucia Nasi, Riccardo Cabassi, Federica Celegato, Paola Tiberto, Gaspare Varvaro, Franca Albertini

Magnetization process and martensitic microstructure of Ni-Mn-Ga epitaxial films

(2018) International Conference on Magnetism, San Francisco, CA, USA, 15-20/7/2018
Francesca Casoli, Simone Fabbrici, Milad Takhsha Ghahfarokhi, Lucia Nasi, Riccardo Cabassi, Gaspare Varvaro, Franca Albertini

Investigating the magnetization process of Ni-Mn-Ga films with different types of microstructure

(2018) IEEE Advances in Magnetics 2018 (IEEE AIM 2018), La Thuile, Italy, 4-7/2/2018
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