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Prodotti della ricerca

Bernardo Pace, Imperatrice Capotorto, Maria Gonnella, Federico Baruzzi, Maria Cefola

Influence of soil and soilless agricultural growing system on postharvest quality of three ready-to-use multi-leaf lettuce cultivars

(2018) in Advances in horticultural science (Online)
Cefola M., Renna M., Baruzzi F., Achille V., Pace B.

Modified Atmosphere Affected Marketability of Peeled Cactus Pear.

(2018) II International Conference on Quality Management of Fresh Cut Produce “Convenience food for a tasteful life”., Torino, 17-21/07/2011
Palumbo, Fabio; Treglia, Annalisa; Lo Porto, Chiara; Fracassi, Francesco; Fracassi, Francesco; Baruzzi, Federico; Frache, Gilles; El Assad, Dana; Pistillo, Bianca Rita; Favia, Pietro; Favia, Pietro

Plasma-Deposited Nanocapsules Containing Coatings for Drug Delivery Applications

(2018) in ACS applied materials & interfaces (Print)
Stefania Cometa, Silvia de Candia, Giuseppe Iannaccone, Carmela Gerardi, Federico Baruzzi

Antimicrobial activity of hydrogels embedded with green tea and propolis extracts against food pathogens

(2017) 3rd International Conference on Natural Products Utilization: from Plants to Pharmacy Shelf, Bansko (Bulgaria), 18-21 ottobre 2017
Loris Pinto 1, Thaer Yaseen 2, Leonardo Caputo 1, Cristiana Furiani 3, Cristian Carboni 4, Federico Baruzzi 1

Application of passive refrigeration and gaseous ozone to reduce postharvest losses on red chicory

(2017) Postharvest Unlimited 2017, Madrid, Spain, 17/10/2017, 20/10/2017
Loris Pinto 1, Leonardo Caputo 1, Laura Quintieri 1, Silvia de Candia 1, Thaer Yaseen 2, Federico Baruzzi 1

Control of postharvest table grape sour rot development during shelf-life after cold ozonation treatment

(2017) Postharvest Unlimited 2017, Madrid, Spain, 17/10/2017, 20/10/2017
Federico Baruzzi1, Silvia de Candia1, Laura Quintieri1, Leonardo Caputo1 and Francesca De Leo2

Developmentof a synbiotic beverage enriched with bifidobacteria strains andfortified with whey proteins

(2017) in Frontiers in microbiology
Fanelli F., Liuzzi V. C., Quintieri L., Mulè G., Baruzzi F., Logrieco A. F. , Caputo L.

Draft genome sequence of Pseudomonas fluorescens strain ITEM 17298 associated with cheese spoilage

(2017) in genome announcements
Renna, Massimiliano; Gonnella, Maria; de Candia, Silvia; Serio, Francesco; Baruzzi, Federico

Efficacy of Combined Sous Vide-Microwave Cooking for Foodborne Pathogen Inactivation in Ready-to-Eat Chicory Stems

(2017) in Journal of food science
Pinto, Loris; Caputo, Leonardo; Quintieri, Laura; de Candia, Silvia; Baruzzi, Federico

Efficacy of gaseous ozone to counteract postharvest table grape sour rot

(2017) in Food microbiology (Print)
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