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Prodotti della ricerca

F. Sayed (a,b); N. Yaacoub (a); Y. Labaye (a); R. Sayed Hassan (a,b); G. Singh (c); P. Anil Kumar (d); J. M. Greneche (a); R. Mathieu (e); G. C. Hadjipanayis (f); E. Agostinelli (g); and D. Peddis (g)

Surface Effects in Ultra Thin Iron Oxide Hollow Nanoparticles: Exploring Magnetic Disorder at the Nanoscale

(2018) in Journal of physical chemistry. C
C. Belviso(a,d), A. Kharchenko(b), E. Agostinelli(c), F. Cavalcante(a), D. Peddis(c), G. Varvaro(c), N. Yaacoub (e), S. Mintova (b)

Red mud as aluminium source for the synthesis of magnetic zeolite.

(2018) in Microporous and mesoporous materials (Print)
Agostinelli Elisabetta; Picone Nicoletta; De Carolis Roberta

Report Finale Progetto PCRec

Barucca, G.; Speliotis, Th.; Giannopoulos, G.; Niarchos, D.; Rutkowski, B.; Czyrska-Filemonowicz, A.; Agostinelli, E.; Laureti, S.; Testa, A. M.; Varvaro, G.

Magnetic anisotropy phase-graded A1/L1(0)-FePt films on amorphous glass substrates

(2017) in Materials & design
G. Margaris and M. Vasilakaki and Davide Peddis and K. N. Trohidou and Sara Laureti and C. Binns and Elisabetta Agostinelli and D. Rinaldi and R. Mathieu and Dino Fiorani

Superspin glass state in a diluted nanoparticle system stabilized by interparticle interactions mediated by an antiferromagnetic matrix

(2017) in Nanotechnology (Bristol. Print)
S. Fabbrici1,2, A. Gabay3, R. Cabassi2, F. Albertini2, E. Agostinelli1 and G. Hadjipanayis3

Effects of doping on the magnetic properties of La-Ce misch-metal based (La,Ce)2Fe14B melt spun ribbons: 2:14:B phases for cost effective permanent magnets.

(2016) 61ST ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS, New Orleans - Louisiana (USA), 31/10- 4/11/2016
Bagher Aslibeiki, Parviz Kameli, Mohammad Hossein Ehsani, Hadi Salamani, Giuseppe Muscas, Elisabetta Agostinelli, Vittorio Foglietti, Stefano Casciardi, Davide Peddis

Solvothermal synthesis of MnFe2O4 nanoparticles: The role of polymer coating on morphology and magnetic properties

(2016) in Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials
Lavorato, Gabriel and Winkler, Elin and Ghirri, Alberto and Lima, Enio and Peddis, Davide and Troiani, Horacio E. and Fiorani, Dino and Agostinelli, Elisabetta and Rinaldi, Daniele and Zysler, Roberto D.

Exchange bias and surface effects in bimagnetic CoO/Co0.5Ni0.5Fe2O4-shell nanoparticles

(2016) in Physical review. B, Condensed matter and materials physics
Th. Speliotis,G. Giannopoulos, D. Niarchos, W. F. Li, G. Hadjipanayis, G. Barucca, E. Agostinelli, S. Laureti, D. Peddis, A. M. Testa, G. Varvaro

Ledge-type Co/L10-FePt exchange-coupled composites

(2016) in Journal of applied physics
G. Varvaro, A.M. Testa, E. Agostinelli, D. Peddis, S. Laureti

Magnetic Characterization of Perpendicular Recording Media

(2016) Pan Stanford Publishing, Singapore (Singapore) in Ultra-High-Density Magnetic Recording: Storage Materials and Media Designs, 2016
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