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Prodotti della ricerca

A. Fuoco; B. Satilmis; T. Uyar; M. Monteleone; E. Esposito; C. Muzzi; E. Tocci; M. Longo; M.P. De Santo; M. Lanc; K. Friess; O. Vopicka; P. Izák; J.C. Jansen

Comparison of pure and mixed gas permeation of the highly fluorinated polymer of intrinsic microporosity PIM-2 under dry and humid conditions: Experiment and modelling

(2020) in Journal of membrane science (Print)
Perrotta M.L., Macedonio F., Giorno L., Jin W., Drioli E., Gugliuzza A. and Tocci E.

Molecular insights on NaCl crystal formation approaching PVDF membranes functionalized with graphene

(2020) in Physical chemistry chemical physics (Online)
E. Tocci ; C. Rizzuto; F. Macedonio; E. Drioli

Effect of Green Solvents in the Production of PVDF-Specific Polymorphs

(2020) in Industrial & engineering chemistry research
M.L. Perrotta; F. Macedonio, E. Tocci; L. Giorno; E. Drioli; A. Gugliuzza

Graphene stimulates the nucleation and growth rate of NaCl crystals from hypersaline solution via membrane crystallization

(2020) in European environmental science synopses. Part A, Water pollution
A. Fuoco; G. De Luca; E. Tocci; J.C. Jansen

Computational approaches in membrane science and engineering

(2020) in Computation (Basel)
TOCCI, E.; Perrotta, M.L.; Macedonio, F.; Gugliuzza, A.; Giorno, L.; Drioli, E

Graphene Driven Membrane Crystallization by using an Integrated in Silico-Experimental Approach

(2019) 2019 EU-China Cooperation Conference on Membrane Technology Innovation, Weihai, China, July 09-10, 2019
Cairo, P.; De Luca, G.; Tocci*, E.; Drioli*, E.

Selective Recognition of 5-Fluorouracil with Molecular Imprinting Membranes: Molecular Details

(2019) in Industrial & engineering chemistry research (Online)
Macedonio F.; Drioli E.; Tocci E.

Membrane Science and Membrane Engineering: a Successful Story

De Luca G*.; Kharitonov A.; Tocci E.; Drioli E.

Experimental and computational study on direct fluorination of PEEKWC membranes

(2019) in Separation and purification technology (Print)
Hossain I.; Nam S. Y.; Rizzuto C.; Barbieri G.; Tocci E.; Kim T.-H.

PIM-polyimide multiblock copolymer-based membranes with enhanced CO2 separation performances

(2019) in Journal of membrane science (Print)
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