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Tipo: Articolo in rivista

Titolo: Potential selection effects when estimating associations between the infancy peak or adiposity rebound and later body mass index in children

Anno di pubblicazione: 2017

Autori: Boernhorst, C.; Siani, A.; Tornaritis, M.; Molnar, D.; Lissner, L.; Regber, S.; Reisch, L.; De Decker, A.; Moreno, L. A.; Ahrens, W.; Pigeot, I.

Affiliazioni autori: Biometry and Data Management, Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology-BIPS, Bremen, Germany. 2 Unit of Epidemiology and Population Genetics, Institute of Food Sciences, National Research Council, Avellino, Italy. 3 Research and Education Institute of Child Health, Strovolos, Cyprus. 4 Department of Pediatrics, University of Pécs, Pécs, Hungary. 5 Section for Epidemiology and Social Medicine, Institute of Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden. 6 School of Health and Welfare, Halmstad University, Halmstad, Sweden. 7 Department of Intercultural Communication and Management, Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg, Denmark. 8 Department of Public Health, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium. 9 GENUD (Growth, Exercise, Nutrition and Development) Research Group, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universidad de Zaragoza, Instituto Agroalimentario de Aragón (IA2), Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Aragón (IIS Aragón), Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red de Fisiopatología de la Obesidad y Nutrición (CIBERObn), Zaragoza, Spain. 10 Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany.

Autori CNR:


Lingua: inglese

Abstract: INTRODUCTION: This study aims to evaluate a potential selection effect caused by exclusion of children with non-identifiable infancy peak (IP) and adiposity rebound (AR) when estimating associations between age and body mass index (BMI) at IP and AR and later weight status. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: In 4744 children with at least 4 repeated measurements of height and weight in the age interval from 0 to 8 years (37 998 measurements) participating in the IDEFICS (Identification and Prevention of Dietary- and Lifestyle-Induced Health Effects in Children and Infants)/I.Family cohort study, fractional polynomial multilevel models were used to derive individual BMI trajectories. Based on these trajectories, age and BMI at IP and AR, BMI values and growth velocities at selected ages as well as the area under the BMI curve were estimated. The BMI growth measures were standardized and related to later BMI z-scores (mean age at outcome assessment: 9.2 years). RESULTS: Age and BMI at IP and AR were not identifiable in 5.4% and 7.8% of the children, respectively. These groups of children showed a significantly higher BMI growth during infancy and childhood. In the remaining sample, BMI at IP correlated almost perfectly (r?0.99) with BMI at ages 0.5, 1 and 1.5 years, whereas BMI at AR correlated perfectly with BMI at ages 4-6 years (r?0.98). In the total study group, BMI values in infancy and childhood were positively associated with later BMI z-scores where associations increased with age. Associations between BMI velocities and later BMI z-scores were largest at ages 5 and 6 years. Results differed for children with non-identifiable IP and AR, demonstrating a selection effect. CONCLUSIONS: IP and AR may not be estimable in children with higher-than-average BMI growth. Excluding these children from analyses may result in a selection bias that distorts effect estimates. BMI values at ages 1 and 5 years might be more appropriate to use as predictors for later weight status instead.

Lingua abstract: inglese

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Pagine a: 526

Pagine totali: 9


International journal of obesity Macmillan, Nature Publishing
Paese di pubblicazione: Regno Unito
Lingua: inglese
ISSN: 0307-0565

Numero volume: 41

Numero fascicolo: 4

DOI: 10.1038/ijo.2016.218

Referee: Sě: Internazionale

Stato della pubblicazione: Published version

Indicizzato da: ISI Web of Science (WOS) [000399342200007]

Parole chiave:

  • Body mass index
  • adiposity rebound
  • children

URL: https://www.nature.com/articles/ijo2016218

Strutture CNR:


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