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Tipo: Articolo in rivista

Titolo: Inflammation and insulin resistance according to body composition in European adolescents: the HELENA study

Anno di pubblicazione: 2017

Autori: González-Gil E, Gracia-Marco L, Santabárbara J, Molnar D, Amaro Gahete FJ, Gottrand F, Arouca A, Kafatos A, Widhalm K, Manios Y, Siani A, González-Gross M, Gómez-Martínez S, Díaz LE, Leclerq C, Dallongeville J, Marcos A, Moreno Aznar LA.

Affiliazioni autori: Growth, Exercise, Nutrition and Development (GENUD) Research Group. Faculty of Health Sciences. Universidad de Zaragoza. Zaragoza, Spain. 2 Instituto Agroalimentario de Aragón (IA2). Zaragoza, Spain. 3 Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Aragón (IIS Aragón). Zaragoza, Spain. 4 Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red de Fisiopatología de la Obesidad y Nutrición (CIBERObn). Madrid, Spain. 5 Children's Health and Exercise Research Centre. Sport and Health Sciences. University of Exeter. Exeter, United Kingdom. 6 Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health. Universidad de Zaragoza. Zaragoza, Spain. 7 Department of Pediatrics. University of Pecs. Pecs, Hungary. 8 Department of Medical Physiology. School of Medicine. Universidad de Granada. Granada, Spain. 9 Univ Lille 2. INSERM U995. CHU-Lille, France. 10Department of Public Health. Ghent University. Ghent, Belgium. 11Preventive Medicine and Nutrition Unit. School of Medicine. University of Crete. Crete, Greece. 12Department of Pediatrics. Division of Clinical Nutrition. Medical University of Vienna. Vienna, Austria. 13Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. Harokopio University. Athens, Greece. 14Unit of Epidemiology and Population Genetics. Institute of Food Sciences. National Research Council. Avellino, Italy. 15ImFine Research Group. Facultad de Ciencias de la Actividad Física y del Deporte-INEF. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Madrid, Spain. 16Immunonutrition Group. Institute of Food Science, Technology and Nutrition. (ICTAN). Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Madrid, Spain. 17CREA (Council for Agricultural Research and Economics). Research Center for Food and Nutrition. Rome, Italy. 18INSERM U1167. Institut Pasteur de Lille. Lille, France

Autori CNR:


Lingua: inglese

Abstract: Introduction: Inflammation is related to insulin resistance in adults, especially on those individuals with high levels of body composition. Objectives: The aim of this study is to assess the relationship between a set of inflammatory biomarkers and insulin resistance by levels of body composition in a sample of European adolescents. Material and methods: Nine hundred and sixty-two adolescents (442 boys and 520 girls) from nine European countries met the inclusion criteria of having measurements for the homeostasis model assessment (HOMA) and a set of inflammation-related biomarkers: C-reactive protein (CRP), tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-?), interleukin (IL-6), complement factors C3 and C4 and selected cell adhesion molecules. Body mass index (BMI), fat mass index (FMI) and waist circumference (WC) were categorized using tertiles. To assess the associations stratifying by body composition indexes, ANOVA and linear regression models were performed. Results: Mean biomarkers' concentrations differed across BMI, FMI and WC tertiles (p < 0.05) by sex. In both sexes, insulin, HOMA, CRP, C3 and C4 were significantly different between categories (p < 0.001), always showing the highest mean concentration in the upper category of BMI, FMI and WC. The most consistent finding was an association between insulin resistance and C3 concentrations (p < 0.05), in the adolescents in the highest tertile of BMI, FMI and WC, except in the case of FMI in girls. Conclusion: Inflammatory and glucose metabolism markers differed by tertiles of body composition, being usually higher in the highest tertile. C3 complement factor was associated with insulin resistance in adolescents, especially those with high total and abdominal adiposity.

Lingua abstract: inglese

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Pagine a: 1043

Pagine totali: 11


Nutrición hospitalaria Aula Médica
Paese di pubblicazione: Spagna
Lingua: multilingue
ISSN: 1699-5198

Numero volume: 34

Numero fascicolo: 5

DOI: 10.20960/nh.747

Referee: Sì: Internazionale

Stato della pubblicazione: Published version

Indicizzato da: ISI Web of Science (WOS) [000415276500004]

Parole chiave:

  • Inflammation
  • Insulin resistance
  • Body composition
  • European adolescents

URL: http://revista.nutricionhospitalaria.net/index.php/nh/article/view/747/653

Strutture CNR:


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