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Contributo in atti di convegno

Tipo: Contributo in atti di convegno

Titolo: UFRA: a UIMA-based Approach to Federated Language Resource Architecture

Anno di pubblicazione: 2008

Formato: Elettronico

Autori: Del Gratta R.; Bartolini R.; Caselli T.; Monachini M.; Soria C.; Calzolari N.

Affiliazioni autori: CNR-ILC

Autori CNR:


Abstract: In this paper we address the issue of developing an interoperable infrastructure for language resources and technologies. In our approach, called UFRA, we extend the Federate Database Architecture System adding typical functionalities caming from UIMA. In this way, we capitalize the advantages of a federated architecture, such as autonomy, heterogeneity and distribution of components, monitored by a central authority responsible for checking both the integration of components and user rights on performing different tasks. We use the UIMA approach to manage and define one common front-end, enabling users and clients to query, retrieve and use language resources and technologies. The purpose of this paper is to show how UIMA leads from a Federated Database Architecture to a Federated Resource Architecture, adding to a registry of available components both static resources such as lexicons and corpora and dynamic ones such as tools and general purpose language technologies. At the end of the paper, we present a case-study that adopts this framework to integrate the SIMPLE lexicon and TIMEML annotation guidelines to tag natural language texts.

Lingua abstract: inglese

Pagine da: 2634

Pagine a: 2639

Pagine totali: 6

ISBN: 2-9517408-4-0

Editore: European Language Resources Association ELRA, Paris (FRA)

Referee: Sė: Internazionale

Indicizzato da: ISI Web of Science (WOS) [000324028902121]

Parole chiave:

  • LR Infrastructures and Architectures
  • LR web services
  • Lexicon
  • Lexical database

URL: http://www.lrec-conf.org/proceedings/lrec2008/pdf/656_paper.pdf

Congresso nome: LREC 2008, Sixth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation

Congresso luogo: Marrakech, Marocco

Congresso data: 26 May - 1 June 2008

Congresso rilevanza: Internazionale

Congresso relazione: Contributo

Strutture CNR:


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