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Istituto di linguistica computazionale "Antonio Zampolli"

Torna all'elenco Curatele anno 2010


Tipo: Curatela di monografia/trattato scientifico

Titolo: Ontology and the Lexicon: A Natural Language Processing Perspective

Anno di pubblicazione: 2010

Formato: Elettronico Cartaceo

Autori: Huang, Chu-Ren, Nicoletta Calzolari, Aldo Gangemi, Alessandro Lenci, Alessandro Oltramari and Laurent Prévot

Affiliazioni autori: o Editors: o Chu-ren Huang, Academia Sinica and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University o Nicoletta Calzolari, Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale del CNR o Aldo Gangemi, Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology o Alessandro Lenci, Universitŕ degli Studi, Pisa o Alessandro Oltramari, Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology o Laurent Prevot, Université de Provence

Autori CNR:


Lingua: inglese

Sintesi: The relation between ontologies and language is at the forefront of both natural language processing (NLP) and knowledge engineering. Ontologies, as widely used models in semantic technologies, have much in common with the lexicon. A lexicon organizes words as a conventional inventory of concepts, while an ontology formalizes concepts and their logical relations. A shared lexicon is the prerequisite for knowledge-sharing through language, and a shared ontology is the prerequisite for knowledge-sharing through information technology. In building models of language, computational linguists must be able to map accurately the relations between words and the concepts that they can be linked to. This book focuses on the integration of lexical resources and semantic technologies. It will be of interest to researchers and graduate students in NLP, computational linguistics and knowledge engineering, as well as in semantics, psycholinguistics, lexicology and morphology/syntax. CHU-REN HUANG is Chair Professor in the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Research Fellow at the Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica in Taiwan. NICOLETTA CALZOLARI is Director of Research in Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale at the CNR in Italy. ALDO GANGEMI is senior researcher at the Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology of CNR (Italy), and coordinator of the Semantic Technology Lab. ALESSANDRO LENCI is a researcher in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Pisa. ALESSANDRO OLTRAMARI is a Research Fellow in the Laboratory for Applied Ontology, Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology at the Italian National Research Council. LAURENT PRÉVOT is an Associate Professor at the Université de Provence.

Lingua sintesi: eng

Pagine da: 1

Pagine a: 335

Pagine totali: 335

ISBN: 978-0-521-88659-8

Editore: Cambridge university press, Cambridge (GBR)

Parole chiave:

  • Knowledge engineering
  • Natural Language Processing. Ontology

Altre informazioni: Studies in Natural Language Processing Series Editor: Steven Bird, University of Melbourne

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