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Istituto di linguistica computazionale "Antonio Zampolli"

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Contributo in atti di convegno

Tipo: Contributo in atti di convegno

Titolo: KYOTO: A System for Mining, Structuring, and Distributing Knowledge Across Languages and Cultures

Anno di pubblicazione: 2008

Formato: Elettronico Cartaceo

Autori: [1] Marchetti A., [1] Tesconi M., [2] Vossen P., [3] Agirre E., [3] Rigau G., [4] Calzolari N., [4] Monachini M., [5] Fellbaum C., [6] Hsieh S., [7] Isahara H., [7] Kanzaki K., [8] Neri F., [8] Raffaelli R., [9] Vangent J.

Affiliazioni autori: [1] CNR-IIT, Pisa, Italy; [2] Faculteit der Letteren, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands; [3] IXA NLP group, University of the Basque Country, Spain; [4] CNR-ILC, Pisa, Italy; [5] Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, Berlin, Germany; [6] National Taiwan Normal University, Republic of China; [7] NICT, Kyoto, Japan; [8] Synthema, Pisa, Italy; [9] Irion technologies, Netherlands

Autori CNR:


Lingua: inglese

Abstract: We outline work to be carried out within the framework of an impending EC project. The goal is to construct a language-independent information system for a specific domain (environment/ecology) anchored in a language-independent ontology that is linked to WordNets in several languages. For each language, information extraction and identification of lexicalized concepts with ontological entries will be done by text miners ("Kybots"). The mapping of language-specific lexemes to the ontology allows for crosslinguistic identification and translation of equivalent terms. The infrastructure developed within this project will enable long-range knowledge sharing and transfer to many languages and cultures, addressing the need for global and uniform transition of knowledge beyond the domain of ecology and environment addressed here.

Lingua abstract: inglese

Pagine da: 474

Pagine a: 484

Pagine totali: 11

Curatore/i del volume: Attila Tanács, Dóra Csendes, Veronika Vincze, Christiane Fellbaum, Piek Vossen

ISBN: 978-963-482-854-9

Referee: Sě: Internazionale

Indicizzato da: ISI Web of Science (WOS) [000272081100041]

Parole chiave:

  • Global WordNet Grid
  • Ontologies and WordNets
  • Multilinguality
  • Semantic indexing and search
  • Text mining

Congresso nome: GWC2008 - The Fourth Global WordNet Conference

Congresso luogo: Szeged, Hungary

Congresso data: 22-25 Gennaio 2008

Congresso rilevanza: Internazionale

Congresso relazione: Contributo

Strutture CNR:


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