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Contributo in atti di convegno

Tipo: Presentazione

Titolo: Indoor and outdoor gaseous PAHs in the hospital and university of Ouargla city, Algeria

Anno di pubblicazione: 2016

Formato: Cartaceo

Autori: A. Boudehane1, A. Cecinato ,C. Balducci, A. Lounas

Affiliazioni autori: Università Kasdi Merbah (Ouargla, Algeeria); CNR-IIA

Autori CNR:


Lingua: inglese

Abstract: The air of our living places is affected by organic compounds, which can exist as vapors (VOCs, e.g. benzene group) or aggregated to airborne particulates and dusts (e.g., polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs and very polar substances). The occurrence of organic contaminants was investigated in the hospital and university of Ouargla city, Algeria, by applying the diffusive sampling technique. For our purposes, Analyst-2 type sampling devices (produced by Marbaglass, Rome, Italy) were deployed both inside and outside, in the autumn 2015. Analyst-2 has been developed for semi-volatile organics at low virtual flow rates, and allows to collect gaseous PAHs in the 128-202 molecular weight range, namely from naphthalene up to pyrene). Therefore, the air contaminants are determined by solvent extraction (toluene) and gas chromatographic - mass spectrometric analysis (GC/MS). In our case, total PAHs ranged between 1.8 and 8.6 µg/m3 in interiors and from 0.6 to 0.8 µg/m3 in the open air, with an in/out concentration ratio exceeding 3 at both sites. This means that internal sources affected the location investigated; meanwhile, PAH pollution was more important at the university than at hospital. Abatement measures must be implemented in both sites, to mitigate the exposure of population to these toxicants.

Lingua abstract: inglese

Referee: Sì: Internazionale

Stato della pubblicazione: Published version

Parole chiave:

  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • indoor pollution
  • air toxicants
  • house dust
  • Ouargla (Algeria)

Congresso nome: The 2nd ICIEM 2016, International Conference on Integrated Environmental Management for Sustainable Development

Congresso luogo: Hammameth (Tunisia)

Congresso data: 27-30/102016.

Congresso rilevanza: Internazionale

Congresso relazione: Contributo

Strutture CNR:

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