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Istituto di scienza e tecnologie dell'informazione "Alessandro Faedo"

Contributi in rivista anni: 1968 1985 1986 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

Elenco Contributi in rivista anno 2019

Di Noia T.; Mongiello M.; Nocera F.; Straccia U.
A fuzzy ontology-based approach for tool-supported decision making in architectural design

Grifoni E.; Campanella B.; Legnaioli S.; Lorenzetti G.; Marras L.; Pagnotta S.; Palleschi V.; Poggialini F.; Salerno E.; Tonazzini A.
A new infrared true-color approach for visible-infrared multispectral image analysis

Manca M.; Parvin P.; Paternò F.; Santoro C.; Zedda E.
A Personalisation Platform for Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairments

Casini G.; Straccia U.; Meyer T.
A Polynomial Time Subsumption Algorithm for Nominal Safe $\mathcal{ELO}_\bot$ under Rational Closure

Bertolino A.; De Angelis G.; Gallego M.; García B.; Gortázar F.; Lonetti F.; Marchetti E.
A systematic review on cloud testing

Metilli D.; Bartalesi V.; Meghini C.
A Wikidata-based tool for building and visualising narratives

Falchi F.
About deep learning, intuition and thinking

Sirbu A.; Pedreschi D.; Giannotti F.; Kertesz J.
Algorithmic bias amplifies opinion fragmentation and polarization: a bounded confidence model

Tonazzini A.; Salerno E.; Abdel-Salam Z. A.; Harith M. A.; Marras L.; Botto A.; Campanella B.; Legnaioli S.; Pagnotta S.; Poggialini F.; Palleschi V.
Analytical and mathematical methods for revealing hidden details in ancient manuscripts and paintings: A review

Magrini M.; Curzio O.; Carboni A.; Moroni D.; Salvetti O.; Melani A.
Augmented Interaction Systems for Supporting Autistic Children. Evolution of a Multichannel Expressive Tool: The SEMI Project Feasibility Study

Laccone F.; Malomo L.; Froli M.; Cignoni P.; Pietroni N.
Automatic Design of Cable-Tensioned Glass Shells

Esuli A.; Moreo Fernandez A.D.; Sebastiani F.
Building automated survey coders via interactive machine learning

Paternò F.
Concepts and Design Space for a Better Understanding of Multi-Device User Interfaces

Capece N.; Banterle F.; Cignoni P.; Ganovelli F.; Scopigno R.; Erra U.
DeepFlash: turning a flash selfie into a studio portrait

Palma G.; Pingi P.; Siotto E.; Bellucci R.; Guidi G.; Scopigno R.
Deformation analysis of Leonardo da Vinci's "Adorazione dei Magi" through temporal unrelated 3D digitization

Froli M.; Giresini L.; Laccone F.
Dynamics of a new seismic isolation device based on tribological smooth rocking (TROCKSISD)

Corcella L.; Manca M.; Nordvik J.E.; Paternò F.; Sanders A.M.; Santoro C.
Enabling personalisation of remote elderly assistance

Assante M.; Candela L.; Castelli D.; Cirillo R.; Coro G.; Frosini L.; Lelii L.; Mangiacrapa F.; Pagano P.; Panichi G.; Sinibaldi F.
Enacting open science by D4Science

Paternò F.; Santoro C.
End-User Development for Personalizing Applications, Things, and Robots

Moroni D.; Pieri G.; Tampucci M.
Environmental decision support systems for monitoring small scale oil spills: existing solutions, best practices and current challenges

Caudai C.; Salerno E.; Zoppe M.; Tonazzini A.
Estimation of the spatial chromatin structure based on a multiresolution bead-chain model

Jalil B.; Leone G.R. ; Martinelli M.; Moroni M.; Pascali M.A.; Berton A.
Fault detection in power equipment via an unmanned aerial system using multi modal data

D'Acunto M.; Martinelli M.; Moroni D.
From human mesenchymal stromal cells to osteosarcoma cells classification by deep learning

Esuli A.; Moreo Fernandez A. D.; Sebastiani F.
Funnelling: A New Ensemble Method for Heterogeneous Transfer Learning and its Application to Cross-Lingual Text Classification

Karakus O.; Kuruoglu E.E.; Altinkaya M.A.
Generalized bayesian model selection for speckle on remote sensing images

Pibiri, G. E.; Venturini, R.
Handling massive n-gram datasets efficiently

Bolognesi T.
Integrated Information in Process-Algebraic Compositions

Bacco M.; Cassarà P.; Gotta A.
Integration of 5G and aerospace networks by SDN and NFV techniques

Meghini C.; Bartalesi V.; Metilli D.; Benedetti F.
Introducing narratives in Europeana: a case study

Bacco M.; Boero L.; Cassarà P.; Colucci M.; Gotta A.; Marchese M.; Patrone F.
IoT applications and services in space information networks

Mora N.; Grossi F.; Russo D.; Barsocchi P.; Hu R.; Brunschwiler T.; Michel B.; Cocchi F.; Montanari E.; Nunziata S.; Matrella G.; Ciampolini P.
IoT-Based Home Monitoring: Supporting Practitioners' Assessment by Behavioral Analysis

Oard D.W.; Sebastiani F.; Vinjumur J.K.
Jointly minimizing the expected costs of review for responsiveness and privilege in e-discovery

Kressner D.; Massei S.; Robol L.
Low-rank updates and a divide-and-conquer method for linear matrix equations

Muntoni A.; Nuvoli S.; Scalas A.; Tola A.; Malomo L.; Scateni R.
Mill and fold: shape simplification for fabrication

Girardi M.; Padovani C.; Pellegrini D.; Robol L.
Model updating procedure to enhance structural analysis in FE Code NOSA-ITACA

ter Beek M.; Damiani F.; Gnesi S.; Mazzanti F.; Paolini L.
On the expressiveness of modal transition systems with variability constraints

Filter M.; Candela L.; Guillier L.; Nauta M.; Georgiev T.; Stoev P.; Penev L.
Open Science meets Food Modelling: introducing the Food Modelling Journal (FMJ)

Reggiannini M.; Righi M.; Tampucci M.; Lo Duca A.; Bacciu C.; Bedini L.; D'Errico A.; Di Paola C.; Marchetti A.; Martinelli M.; Mercurio C.; Salerno E.; Zizi B.
Remote sensing for maritime prompt monitoring

Marais P.; Dellepiane M.; Cignoni P.; Scopigno R.
Semi-automated cleaning of laser scanning campaigns with machine learning

Connor R.; Vadicamo L.; Cardillo F.A.; Rabitti F.
Supermetric search

Manca M.; Paternò F.; Santoro C.; Corcella L.
Supporting end-user debugging of trigger-action rules for IoT applications

Bacco M.; De Cola T.; Giambene G.; Gotta A.
TCP-based M2M traffic via random-access satellite links: throughput estimation

Bacco M.; Barsocchi P.; Ferro E.; Gotta A.; Ruggeri M.
The Digitisation of Agriculture: a survey of Research Activities on Smart Farming

Basile D.; ter Beek M.H.; Legay A.
Timed service contract automata

Donati M.; Mori G.; Paternò F.
Understanding the transitions between web interfaces designed to stimulate specific emotions

Tonazzini A.; Savino P.; Salerno E.; Hanif M.; Debole F.
Virtual restoration and content analysis of ancient degraded manuscripts

Jalil B.; Pascali M.A.; Leone G.R.; Martinelli M.; Moroni D.; Salvetti O.; Berton A.
Visible and infrared imaging based inspection of power installation

Alderighi T.; Malomo L.; Giorgi D.; Bickel B.; Cignoni P., Pietroni N.
Volume-aware design of composite molds

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