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Istituto di ricerche sulla combustione

Contributi in rivista anni: 1979 1981 1982 1983 1984 1986 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Elenco Contributi in rivista anno 2020

Di Natale F.; Gargiulo V.; Alfe M.
Adsorption of heavy metals on silica-supported hydrophilic carbonaceous nanoparticles (SHNPs)

Sabia, Pino; Manna, Maria Virginia; Cavaliere, Antonio; Ragucci, Raffaele; de Joannon, Mara
Ammonia oxidation features in a Jet Stirred Flow Reactor. The role of NH2 chemistry.

Raganati F.; Procentese A.; Olivieri G.; Russo M.E.; Salatino P.; Marzocchella A.
Bio-butanol recovery by adsorption/desorption processes

Speciale I.; Di Lorenzo F.; Gargiulo V.; Erbs G.; Newman M.-A.; Molinaro A.; De Castro C.
Biopolymer Skeleton Produced by Rhizobium radiobacter: Stoichiometric Alternation of Glycosidic and Amidic Bonds in the Lipopolysaccharide O-Antigen

Raganati, Federica; Chirone, Riccardo; Ammendola, Paola
Calcium-looping for thermochemical energy storage in concentrating solar power applications: Evaluation of the effect of acoustic perturbation on the fluidized bed carbonation

M. Portarapillo, M. Trofa, Sanchirico R., A. Di Benedetto
CFD simulations of dust dispersion in the 1 m3 explosion vessel

Venezia V.; Califano V.; Pota G.; Costantini A.; Landi G.; Di Benedetto A.
CFD simulations of microreactors for the hydrolysis of cellobiose to glucose by ?-glucosidase enzyme

Raganati, Federica; Chirone, Riccardo; Ammendola, Paola
CO2 Capture by Temperature Swing Adsorption: Working Capacity As Affected by Temperature and CO2 Partial Pressure

Marra, Francesco Saverio; Miccio, Francesco; Solimene, Roberto; Chirone, Riccardo; Urciuolo, Massimo; Miccio, Michele
Coupling a Stirling engine with a fluidized bed combustor for biomass

Acampora, Luigi; Continillo, Gaetano; Marra, Francesco Saverio; Miccio, Francesco; Urciuolo, Massimo
Development of an experimental test rig for cogeneration based on a Stirling engine and a biofuel burner

Barbara Apicella, Ezio Mancaruso, Carmela Russo, Antonio Tregrossi, Maria Maddalena Oliano, Anna Ciajolo, Bianca Maria Vaglieco
Effect of after-treatment systems on particulate matter emissions in diesel engine exhaust

Sanchirico, Roberto; Di Sarli, Valeria; Di Benedetto, Almerinda
Effect of initial pressure on the lower explosion limit of nicotinic acid/acetone mixture

Ashraf Abdelrahim, Paola Brachi, Giovanna Ruoppolo, Simona Di Fraia, Laura Vanoli
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Biosolid Gasification: Equilibrium-Based Modeling with Emphasis on the Effects of Different Pretreatment Methods

Paola Ammendola, Federica Raganati, Riccardo Chirone, Francesco Miccio
Fixed bed adsorption as affected by thermodynamics and kinetics: Yellow tuff for CO2 capture

Ruoppolo G.; Landi G.; Di Benedetto A.
Glycerol dehydration to acrolein over supported vanadyl orthophosphates catalysts

Marta d'Amora 1, Michela Alfe 2 , Valentina Gargiulo 2 and Silvia Giordani 1,3
Graphene-Like Layers from Carbon Black: In Vivo Toxicity Assessment

Ammendola, P., Raganati, F., Miccio, F., Murri, A.N., Landi, E.
Insights into utilization of strontium carbonate for thermochemical energy storage

Migliorini F.; De Iuliis S.; Dondè R.; Commodo M., Minutolo P., D'Anna A.
Nanosecond laser irradiation of soot particles: insights on structure and optical properties

Enelio Torres-Garcia, Paola Brachi
Non-isothermal pyrolysis of grape marc :Thermal behavior, kinetics and evolved gas analysis

M. Urciuolo, R. Solimene, P. Ammendola, S. Krusch, V. Scherer, P. Salatino, R. Chirone, O. Senneca
On the agglomeration tendency of carbonaceous fuels in fluidized beds

Manfredi C.; Mozzillo R.; Volino S.; Trifuoggi M.; Giarra A.; Gargiulo V.; Alfe M.
On the modeling of heavy metals and rare earth elements adsorption on colloidal carbon-based nanoparticles

Sirignano M.; Russo C.; Ciajolo A.
One-step synthesis of carbon nanoparticles and yellow to blue fluorescent nanocarbons in flame reactors

Maria Virginia Manna, Pino Sabia, Raffaele Ragucci, Mara de Joannon
Oxidation and pyrolysis of ammonia mixtures in model reactors

Napolitano, Pierpaolo; Alfe, Michela; Guido, Chiara; Gargiulo, Valentina; Fraioli, Valentina; Beatrice, Carlo
Particle emissions from a HD SI gas engine fueled with LPG and CNG

De Falco, Gianluigi; Picca, Francesca; Commodo, Mario; Minutolo, Patrizia
Probing soot structure and electronic properties by optical spectroscopy

S. Cimino , L. Lisi, A. Erto, F.A. Deorsola, G. de Falco, F. Montagnaro, M. Balsamod
Role of H2O and O2 during the reactive adsorption of H2S on CuO-ZnO/activated carbon at low temperature

Acampora, Luigi; Marra, Francesco Saverio
Second law thermodynamic analysis of syngas premixed flames

Stefano Lettieri, Valentina Gargiulo, Michela Alfè, Matteo Amati, Patrick Zeller, Valentin-Adrian Maraloiu, Fabio Borbone, Michele Pavone, Ana B. Muñoz-García, Pasqualino Maddalena
Simple Ethanol Refluxing Method for Production of Blue-Colored Titanium Dioxide with Oxygen Vacancies and Visible Light-Driven Photocatalytic Properties

Centrella, Luigi; Portarapillo, Maria; Luciani, Giuseppina; Sanchirico, Roberto; Di Benedetto, Almerinda
Synergistic behavior of flammable dust mixtures: A novel classification

Paola Brachi
Synthesis of carbon dots (CDs) through the fluidized bed thermal treatment of residual biomass assisted by ?-alumina

Parrillo F.; Ruoppolo G.; Arena U.
The role of activated carbon size in the catalytic cracking of naphthalene

Giuseppe Ceriello a, Giancarlo Sorrentino a,?, Antonio Cavaliere a, Pino Sabia b, Mara de Joannon b, Raffaele Ragucci b
The role of dilution level and canonical configuration in the modeling of MILD combustion systems with internal recirculation

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