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Istituto sull'inquinamento atmosferico

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Elenco Contributi in rivista anno 2017

Mei A.; Manzo C.; Zampetti E.; Petracchini F.; Paciucci L.
A multi-source approach for Environmental Point of Interest detection in landfills

Amendola, Stefano; Maimone, Filippo; Pasini, Antonello; Ciciulla, Fabrizio; Pelino, Vinicio
A neural network ensemble downscaling system (SIBILLA) for seasonal forecasts over Italy: winter case studies

F. Petracchini, F. Liotta, V. Paolini1, M. Perilli, D. Cerioni, F. Gallucci, M. Carnevale, A. Bencini
A novel pilot scale multistage semidry anaerobic digestion reactor to treat food waste and cow manure

Antonella Macagnano, Viviana Perri, Emiliano Zampetti, Andrea Bearzotti, Fabrizio De Cesare, Francesca Sprovieri, and Nicola Pirrone
A smart nanofibrous material for adsorbing and detecting elemental mercury in air

Bearzotti A.; Macagnano A.; Papa P.; Venditti I.; Zampetti E.
A study of a QCM sensor based on pentacene for the detection of BTX vapors in air

Bertolaccini, Luca; Solli, Piergiorgio; Pardolesi, Alessandro; Pasini, Antonello
An overview of the use of artificial neural networks in lung cancer research

Giglio, Anita; Ammendola, Anna; Battistella, Silvia; Naccarato, Attilio; Pallavicini, Alberto; Simeon, Enrico; Tagarelli, Antonio; Giulianini, Piero Giulio
Apis mellifera ligustica, Spinola 1806 as bioindicator for detecting environmental contamination: a preliminary study of heavy metal pollution in Trieste, Italy

Rosamaria Trizzino , Mauro Caprioli , Francesco Mazzone , Mario Scarano
Applications of UAV Photogrammetric Surveys to Natural Hazard Detection and Cultural Heritage Documentation

Jessica Castagna, Mariantonia Bencardino, Francesco D'Amore, Giulio Esposito, Nicola Pirrone, Francesca Sprovieri
Atmospheric mercury species measurements across the Western Mediterranean region: Behaviour and variability during a 2015 research cruise campaign

Gregory Giuliani, Pierre Lacroix, Yaniss Guigoz, Roberto Roncella, Lorenzo Bigagli, Mattia Santoro, Paolo Mazzetti, Stefano Nativi, Nicolas Ray and Anthony Lehmann
Bringing GEOSS Services into Practice: A Capacity Building Resource on Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI)

Mazzocchi F, Pasini A.
Climate model pluralism beyond dynamical ensembles

Madhura Niphadkar (1), Harini Nagendra (2), Cristina Tarantino (3), Maria Adamo(4), Palma Blonda (3)
Comparing pixel and object based approaches to map an understorey invasive shrub in tropical mixed forests

Wang F.; Chambers S.D.; Zhang Z.; Williams A.G.; Deng X.; Zhang H.; Lonati G.; Crawford J.; Griffiths A.D.; Ianniello A.; Allegrini I.
Corrigendum to "Quantifying stability influences on air pollution in Lanzhou, China, using a radon-based "stability monitor": Seasonality and extreme events" (Atmospheric Environment (2016) 145 (376-391) (S1352231016307142) (10.1016/j.atmosenv.2016.09.014))

F. Cardone; G. Albertini, D. Bassani, G. Cheribini, E. Guerriero, R. Mignani, M. Monti, A. Petrucci, F. Ridolfi, A. Rosada, F. Rosetto, V. Sala, E. Santoro, G. Spera
Deformed space-time transformations in Mercury

Kotnik, J., Horvat, M., Begu, E., Shlyapnikov, Y., Sprovieri, F., Pirrone, N.
Dissolved gaseous mercury (DGM) in the Mediterranean Sea: Temporal and spatial trends.

Miglietta, Mario Marcello; Mazon, Jordi; Motola, Vincenzo; Pasini, Antonello
Effect of a positive Sea Surface Temperature anomaly on a Mediterranean tornadic supercell

Antonella Macagnano, Viviana Perri , Emiliano Zampetti, Anna Marie Ferretti, Francesca Sprovieri, Nicola Pirrone, Andrea Bearzotti, Giulio Esposito, Fabrizio De Cesare
Elemental mercury vapor chemoresistors employing TIO2 nanofibers photocatalytically decorated with Au-nanoparticles

Tsinganos K.; Gerasopoulos E.; Keramitsoglou I.; Pirrone N.; ERA-PLANET Team
ERA-PLANET, a European network for observing our changing planet

Pasini, Antonello; Triacca, Umberto; Attanasio, Alessandro
Evidence for the role of the Atlantic multidecadal oscillation and the ocean heat uptake in hiatus prediction

Zampetti E.; Macagnano A.; Papa P.; Bearzotti A.; Petracchini F.; Paciucci L.; Pirrone N.
Exploitation of an integrated microheater on QCM sensor in particulate matter measurements

Bruno, Antonia; Sandionigi, Anna; Rizzi, Ermanno; Bernasconi, Marzia; Vicario, Saverio; Galimberti, Andrea; Cocuzza, Clementina; Labra, Massimo; Casiraghi, Maurizio
Exploring the under-investigated "microbial dark matter" of drinking water treatment plants

Fishing bacteria with a nanonet

Sprovieri F.; Pirrone N.; Bencardino M.; D'Amore F.; Angot H.; Barbante C.; Brunke E.-G.; Arcega-Cabrera F.; Cairns W.; Comero S.; Del Carmen Dieguez M.; Dommergue A.; Ebinghaus R.; Bin Feng X.; Fu X.; Elizabeth Garcia P.; Manfred Gawlik B.; Hagestrom U.; Hansson K.; Horvat M.; Kotnik J.; Labuschagne C.; Magand O.; Martin L.; Mashyanov N.; Mkololo T.; Munthe J.; Obolkin V.; Ramirez Islas M.; Sena F.; Somerset V.; Spandow P.; Varde M.; Walters C.; Wangberg I.; Weigelt A.; Yang X.; Zhang H.
Five-year records of mercury wet deposition flux at GMOS sites in the Northern and Southern hemispheres

Maria C. Diéguez1, Patricia E. Garcia1, Mariantonia Bencardino2, Francesco D'Amore2, Jessica Castagna2, Sergio Ribeiro Guevara3, and Francesca Sprovieri2
Four years of atmospheric mercury records in Northwestern Patagonia (Argentina): potential sources, concentration patterns and influence of environmental variables observed at the GMOS EMMA station

Virginia Andreoli * and Francesca Sprovieri
Genetic Aspects of Susceptibility to Mercury Toxicity: An Overview.

Kyrre Sundseth, Jozef M Pacyna, Elisabeth G Pacyna, Nicola Pirrone, Rebecca J Thorne
Global Sources and Pathways of Mercury in the Context of Human Health

Paolo Ceci, Claudia Cafaro, Massimo Mari

Tomaselli V., Veronico G., Tarantino C., Blonda P.
Mapping and monitoring in protected natural areas: the use of the FAO LCCS as an effective tool for habitat mapping and change detection

Matthias Obst 1, Saverio Vicario 2 , Kennet Lundin 3, Matz Berggren 1, Anna Karlsson 4, Robert Haines 5, Alan Williams 5, Carole Goble 5, Cherian Mathew 6, Anton Güntsch 6,
Marine long-term biodiversity assessment suggests loss of rare species in the Skagerrak and Kattegat region

Travnikov O.; Angot H.; Artaxo P.; Bencardino M.; Bieser J.; D'Amore F.; Dastoor A.; De Simone F.; DIeguez M.C.; Dommergue A.; Ebinghaus R.; Bin Feng X.; Gencarelli C.N.; Hedgecock I.M.; Magand O.; Martin L.; Matthias V.; Mashyanov N.; Pirrone N.; Ramachandran R.; Alana Read K.; Ryjkov A.; Selin N.E.; Sena F.; Song S.; Sprovieri F.; Wip D.; Wangberg I.; Yang X.
Multi-model study of mercury dispersion in the atmosphere: Atmospheric processes and model evaluation

Bieser, J. and Slemr, F. and Ambrose, J. and Brenninkmeijer, C. and Brooks, S. and Dastoor, A. and DeSimone, F. and Ebinghaus, R. and Gencarelli, C. N. and Geyer, B. and Gratz, L. E. and Hedgecock, I. M. and Jaffe, D. and Kelley, P. and Lin, C.-J. and Jaegle, L. and Matthias, V. and Ryjkov, A. and Selin, N. E. and Song, S. and Travnikov, O. and Weigelt, A. and Luke, W. and Ren, X. and Zahn, A. and Yang, X. and Zhu, Y. and Pirrone, N.
Multi-model study of mercury dispersion in the atmosphere: vertical and interhemispheric distribution of mercury species

Nanorhizosphere: a new approach to study the interactions between plant and soil microorganisms - The effect of pollutants

Novel approaches and tools to reduce environmental impacts in agrosystems

C. Mazziotti Gomez de Teran, D. Fiore, M. Favaroni, A. Fardelli
Overview of technologies for improving energy efficiency from energy intensive industries derived from the Italian national experience in IPPC permit licensing

Mu, Qing; Lammel, Gerhard; Gencarelli, Christian N.; Hedgecock, Ian M.; Chen, Ying; Pribylova, Petra; Teich, Monique; Zhang, Yuxuan; Zheng, Guangjie; van Pinxteren, Dominik; Zhang, Qiang; Herrmann, Hartmut; Shiraiwa, Manabu; Spichtinger, Peter; Su, Hang; Poeschl, Ulrich; Cheng, Yafang
Regional modelling of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: WRF-Chem-PAH model development and East Asia case studies

Gencarelli, C. N. and Bieser, J. and Carbone, F. and De Simone, F. and Hedgecock, I. M. and Matthias, V. and Travnikov, O. and Yang, X. and Pirrone, N.
Sensitivity model study of regional mercury dispersion in the atmosphere

Spataro F.; Ianniello A.; Salvatori R.; Nardino M.; Esposito G.; Montagnoli M.
Sources of atmospheric nitrous acid (HONO) in the European High Arctic

Mazzetti P.; Puglisi G.; D'Auria L.; Roncella R.; Reitano D.; Merenda R.; Nativi S.
The MED-SUV virtual research environment for enabling the GEO Geohazard supersites in Italy

Lorenzo Bigagli, Matthes Rieke
The new OGC Publish/Subscribe Standard - applications in the Sensor Web and the Aviation domain

Milena Horvat1; Joel Knoery2; Katarina Gårdfeldt3; Francesca Sprovieri4;
The role of oceans in the global mercury cycling. Introduction to the special issue in the marine Environment.

C. Manzo (a), A. Mei (a), E. Zampetti (a), C. Bassani (a), L. Paciucci (a), P. Manetti (b)
Top-down approach from satellite to terrestrial rover application for environmental monitoring of landfills

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