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Istituto di scienze e tecnologie della cognizione

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Elenco Contributi in rivista anno 2011

Capuano, Daniele; De Monte, Maria Tagarelli; Groves, Katherine M.; Roccaforte, Maria; Tomasuolo, Elena
A Deaf-centred E-Learning Environment (DELE): Challenges and considerations

Borgo, Stefano ; Carrara, Massimiliano ; Garbacz, Pawel ; Vermaas, Pieter
A Formalization of Functions as Operations on Flows

Scorolli, Claudia; Binkofski, Ferdinand; Buccino, Giovanni; Nicoletti, Roberto; Riggio, Lucia; Borghi, Anna Maria
Abstract and concrete sentences, embodiment, and languages

Högberg G, Nardo D, Hällström T, Pagani M.
Affective psychotherapy in post-traumatic reactions guided by affective neuroscience: memory re-consolidation and play

Pagani M, Manouilenko I, Stone-Elander S, Odh R, Salmaso D, Hatherly R, Brolin F, Jacobsson H, Larsson SA, Bejerot
Alterations in cerebral blood flow as assessed by PET/CT in adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder with normal IQ

Tuci, Elio ; Ferrauto, Tomassino ; Zeschel, Arne ; Massera, Gianluca ; Nolfi, Stefano
An Experiment on Behavior Generalization and the Emergence of Linguistic Compositionality in Evolving Robots

Queiroz, L. L., Barros, R. S., Brino, A. L. F., Truppa, V.
Analysis of stimulus control resulting from manipulation of number of choices in discriminative training with capuchin monkeys (Sapajus sp.)

Sparaci, Laura
Approccio fenomenologico e scienze cognitive

De Lillo C, Spinozzi G, Palumbo M, Giustino G
Attention allocation modulates the processing of hierarchical visual patterns: A comparative analysis of capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella) and humans

Aldo Gangemi
Back to the Future: Frame Representation and Semantic Technologies

Coppola, F. ; Demuru, E. ; Palagi, Elisabetta
Birth in bonobos (Pan paniscus): a case report

Zmarich, Claudio; Dispaldro, Marco ; Rinaldi, Pasquale ; Caselli, Maria Cristina
Caratteristiche fonetiche del primo vocabolario del bambino

Addessi, E., Rossi, S., Visalberghi, E.
Cebo dai cornetti: l'uso di stimoli simbolici facilita la risoluzione di un compito di inibizione

Giovanni Pezzulo, Gianguglielmo Calvi
Computational explorations of perceptual symbol system theory

Paglieri, Fabio
Confessions of a procrastinator

Wang, Xiaofang ; Policella, Nicola ; Smith, Stephen F. ; Oddi, Angelo
Constraint-based methods for scheduling discretionary services

Serena Bucossi1, Mariacarla Ventriglia1, 2, Valentina Panetta3, Carlo Salustri4, Patrizio Pasqualetti3, Stefania Mariani1, 2, Mariacristina Siotto1, Paolo Maria Rossini2, 5, Rosanna Squitti1, 2
Copper in Alzheimer's Disease: A Meta-Analysis of Serum,Plasma, and Cerebrospinal Fluid Studies

Neuhaus, Fabian; Florescu, Elizabeth; Galton, Antony; Gruninger, Michael; Guarino, Nicola; Obrst, Leo; Sanchez, Arturo; Vizedom, Amanda; Yim, Peter; Smith, Barry
Creating the ontologists of the future

Pizzuto, Elena
Deissi, anafora e riferimento di persona nelle lingue dei segni / Deixis, Anaphora and Person Reference in Signed Languages.

De Petrillo, F.; Focaroli, V.; Macchitella, L.; Rossi, S.; Paglieri, F.; Addessi, E.
Delay Discounting for Primary and Secondary Rewards in Capuchin Monkeys

Evans, T. A.; Beran, M. J.; Paglieri, F.; Addessi, E.

Cesta, Amedeo; Cortellessa, Gabriella ; Fratini, Simone ; Oddi, Angelo ; Bernardi, Giulio
Deploying Interactive Mission Planning Tools - Experiences and Lessons Learned

Tabossi, P., Arduino, L.S., & Fanari, R.
Descriptive norms for 245 Italian idiomatic expressions.

Spagnoletti, N. ; Visalberghi, E. ; Presotto, A. ; Fragaszy, D.; Izar, P.
Do wild bearded capuchin monkeys (Cebus libidinosus) select anvils and habitat when use stone tools?

Norscia I., Palagi, E.
Do wild brown lemurs reconcile? Not always.

L. Macchitella (a,c); F. De Petrillo (a,b); V. Focaroli (a,b); T. Evans (d); M. Beran (d); F. Paglieri (a); E. Addessi (a)
Does Preference for a Larger Delayed Reward Necessarily Indicate Self-control? An Evaluation of the Validity of the Intertemporal Choice Task in Capuchin Monkeys

Raffaele Calabretta
Doparies. A Novel Party Deliberative and Aggregative Decision-Making Mechanism to Improve the Quality of Representative Democracy

Musatti, T., Mayer, S.
EDUCARE in the nido: how to weave a tapestry from many threads

Uno, Ryoko ; Marocco, Davide ; Nolfi, Stefano ; Ikegami, Takashi
Emergence of proto-sentences in artificial communicating systems

Campennì, M.
Emergence of Social Norms in Artificial Societies

Trianni, Vito ; Nolfi, Stefano
Engineering the Evolution of Self-Organising Behaviours in Swarm Robotics: A Case Study

Paglieri, F., Woods, J.
Enthymematic parsimony

Paglieri, F., Woods, J.
Enthymemes: From reconstruction to understanding

Gigliotta, Onofrio; Pezzulo, Giovanni ; Nolfi, Stefano
Evolution of a predictive internal model in an embodied and situated agent

Schino, Gabriele; Palumbo, Milena ; Visalberghi, Elisabetta
Factors affecting urine washing behavior in tufted capuchins (Cebus apella)

Cesta, Amedeo ; Finzi, Alberto ; Fratini, Simone ; Orlandini, Andrea ; Tronci, Enrico
Flexible Plan Verification: Feasibility Results

Miceli, Maria ; Castelfranchi, Cristiano
Forgiveness: A Cognitive-Motivational Anatomy

Norscia I., Palagi, E.
Fragment quality and distribution of the arboreal primate Propothecus verreauxi in the spiny forest of South Madagascar.

Bishop, Steven ; Helbing, Dirk ; Lukowicz, Paul ; Conte, Rosaria
FuturICT: FET Flagship Pilot Project

Schino G., Pellegrini B.
Grooming and the expectation of reciprocation in mandrills

Tiddi B., Aureli F., Polizzi di Sorrentino E., Janson C., Schino G.
Grooming for tolerance? Two mechanisms of exchange in wild tufted capuchin monkeys.

Giovanni Pezzulo
Grounding Procedural and Declarative Knowledge in Sensorimotor Anticipation

Traficante, D., Marcolini, S., Luci, A., Zoccolotti, P., & Burani, C.
How do roots and suffixes influence reading of pseudowords: A study of Italian children with and without dyslexia.

Norcia, Maurizio ; Rissotto, Antonella
How does poverty work? Representations and causal attributions for poverty and wealth

Addessi, E., Mancini, A., Crescimbene, L. & Visalberghi, E.
How social context, token value, and time course affect token exchange in capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella).

Cordoni, G ; Palagi, E
Immature chimpanzees and children: a comparison of play development pathways.

Pagani M, Salmaso D, Sidiras G, Jonsson C, Jacobsson H, Larsson SA, Lind F
Impact of hypobaric hypoxia on blood flow distribution in frontal lobes

Petitta, Giulia ; Del Vecchio, Silvia
Implicazioni linguistiche e strategie traduttive nell'interpretazione dalla LIS all'Italiano e viceversa: una prospettiva semiotica

Addessi, E
In search of human uniqueness. Review of "Mind the Gap. Tracing the Origins of Human Universals" (by Peter M.Kappeler & Joan B.Silk Eds)

Andrighetto, G., Boella, G., Sichman, J. & Verhagen, H.
Introduction to the Special Issue Special Issue: Social Networks and Multiagent Systems

Borghi, Anna M.; Pecher, Diane
Introduction to the special topic Embodied and Grounded Cognition

d'Aquin, Mathieu; Gangemi, Aldo
Is there beauty in ontologies?

Schino G., Marini C.
Know your enemy: accessibility and danger modulate the use of conciliatory patterns in mandrills.

Tummolini, L., Castelfranchi, C.
L'incorporazione della proprietà: il problema delle istituzioni tra scienze cognitive sociali e scienze sociali cognitive

Mirolli, Marco ; Parisi, Domenico
La società nella mente (attraverso il linguaggio)

Spera, M., Colì, E., Rissotto, A.
La Valutazione Partecipata dei Centri Diurni per la Salute Mentale nel Comune di Roma: un’esperienza di ricerca – intervento in contesto sociosanitario

Carlier, Michèle ; Desplanches, Aude Gérard ; Philip, Nicole ; Stefanini, Silvia ; Vicari, Stefano ; Volterra, Virginia ; Deruelle, Christine ; Fisch, Gene ; Doyen, Anne Lise ; Swillen, Anne
Laterality Preference and Cognition: Cross-Syndrome Comparison of Patients with Trisomy 21 (Down), del7q11.23 (Williams-Beuren) and del22q11.2 (DiGeorge or Velo-Cardio-Facial) Syndromes

Conte, Rosaria
Le virtù del pettegolezzo

Paizi, D., Zoccolotti, P., & Burani, C.
Lexical stress assignment in Italian developmental dyslexia.

Gangemi A, Enrico Daga, Alberto Salvati, Gianluca Troiani, Claudio Baldassarre
Linked Open Data for the Italian PA: the CNR Experience

Paizi, D., Burani, C., De Luca, M., & Zoccolotti, P.
List context manipulation reveals orthographic deficits in Italian readers with developmental dyslexia.

Cesta, Amedeo ; Cortellessa, Gabriella ; Tiberio, Lorenza
Long-term Evaluation of a Mobile Remote Presence Robot for the Elderly

Chiara Bassetti
M.C. Bureau, M. Perrenoud et R. Shapiro (éds.), L'artiste pluriel. Démultiplier l'activité pour vivre de son art, Paris: Septentrion, 2009

Da Rold, Federico ; Petrosino, Giancarlo ; Parisi, Domenico
Male and female robots

Borghi, Anna M.; Flumini, Andrea; Cimatti, Felice; Marocco, Davide; Scorolli, Claudia
Manipulating objects and telling words: a study on concrete and abstract words acquisition

Cesta, Amedeo ; Cortellessa, Gabriella; Rasconi, Riccardo; Pecora, Federico ; Scopelliti, Massimiliano ; Tiberio, Lorenza
Monitoring Older People with the RoboCare Domestic Environment: Interaction Synthesis and User Evaluation

Cesta, Amedeo ; Cortellessa, Gabriella ; Fratini, Simone ; Oddi, Angelo
MrSPOCK: Steps in Developing an End-to-End Space Application

Lei, Xu; Ostwald, Dirk; Hu, Jiehui; Qiu, Chuan; Porcaro, Camillo; Bagshaw, Andrew P.; Yao, Dezhong
Multimodal functional network connectivity: An EEG-fMRI fusion in network space

Demuru, E. ; Coppola, F. ; Dall'Olio, S. ; Bigoni, F. ; Palagi, Elisabetta
Nato con la camicia. Nascita, placentofagia e socialità in una delle specie più vicine all'uomo: il bonobo

Campennì, M.
Normative Multi Agent Systems and Normative Architectures: The Emergence of Norms in Artificial Societies

Borghi, Anna Maria; Di Ferdinando, Andrea ; Parisi, Domenico
Objects, spatial compatibility, and affordances: A connectionist study

Borgo, Stefano ; Mizoguchi, Riichiro ; Smith, Barry
On The Ontology of Functions

Cordoni, G ; Palagi, Elisabetta
Ontogenetic trajectories of chimpazee social play: similarities with humans

Celino, Irene ; Dell'Aglio, Daniele ; De Benedictis, Riccardo ; Grilli, Sara ; Cesta, Amedeo
Ontologies, rules and linked data to support Crisis Managers Training

Quattrociocchi, Walter; Conte, Rosaria; Lodi, Elena

Pettenati, Paola ; Vacchini, Daniela ; Stefanini, Silvia ; Caselli, Maria Cristina
Parole e frasi nel primo vocabolario di bambini bilingui italiano-spagnolo

Vermigli, Patrizia
Percezione ed assunzione del rischio in adolescenza: Questionario dei comportamenti a rischio nei giovani

Palagi, E. ; Mancini, G.
Play and primates: social, communicative, and cognitive aspects of one of the most puzzling behaviour

Palagi E., Mancini G.
Playing with the face: playful facial chattering and its modulation in a monkey species.

Pagani M, Di Lorenzo G, Verardo AR, Nicolais G, Monaco L, Lauretti G, Cogolo P, Niolu C, Ammaniti M, Siracusano A and Fernandez I.
Pre- intra- and post-treatment EEG imaging of EMDR – Methodology and preliminary results from a single case

Sansavini, Alessandra; Guarini, Annalisa; Caselli, Maria Cristina

Pittaccio S.; Zappasodi F.; Viscuso S.; Mastrolilli F.; Ercolani M.; Passarelli F.; Molteni F.; Besseghini S.; Rossini P.M.; Tecchio F.
Primary sensory and motor cortex activities during voluntary and passive ankle mobilisation by the SHADE ortosis.

Pittaccio S.; Zappasodi F.; Viscuso S.; Mastrolilli F.;, Ercolani M.; Passarelli F.; Molteni F.; Besseghini S.; Rossini P.M.; Tecchio F.
Primary sensory and motor cortex activities during voluntary and passive ankle mobilisation by the SHADE ortosis.

D'Amico Rita, Vermigli Patrizia, Canetto Silvia Sara
Publication Productivity and Career Advancement by Female and Male Psychology Faculty: The Case of Italy. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, vol. 4, 3175-184. ISSN 1938-8934, IF 0.538, JCR 122 nella posizione Education and educational research; SCOPUS, social science 20, 10 citazioni

Vermigli, Patrizia
Rearing styles, parents' attachment mental states and children's social abilities: The link to peer acceptance

Hommel, Bernhard; Colzato, Lorenza S.; Scorolli, Claudia; Borghi, Anna M.; van den Wildenberg, Wery P. M.
Religion and action control: Faith-specific modulation of the Simon effect but not Stop-Signal performance

Pezzulo, Giovanni ; Baldassarre, Gianluca ; Cesta, Amedeo ; Nolfi, Stefano
Research on Cognitive Robotics at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, National Research Council of Italy

M. Ventricelli (a,b); V. Focaroli (a,b); F. De Petrillo (a,b) ; L. Macchitella (a,c); F. Paglieri (a); E. Addessi (a)
Response Latency and Self-Directed Behaviours by Capuchin Monkeys in an Intertemporal Choice Task

Truppa, Valentina ; Piano Mortari, E ; Garofoli, D ; Privitera, S ; Visalberghi, Elisabetta
Same/Different Concept Learning by Capuchin Monkeys in Matching-to-Sample Tasks

Pagani C.; Robustelli F.; Martinelli C.
School, cultural diversity, multiculturalism, and contact

Palagi E., Norscia I.
Scratching around stress: hierarchy and reconciliation make the difference in prosimians.

Sperati, Valerio ; Trianni, Vito ; Nolfi, Stefano
Self-organised path formation in a swarm of robots

Nardo D, Högberg G, Flumeri F, Jacobsson H, Larsson SA, Hällström T, Pagani M
Self-rating scales assessing subjective well-being and distress correlate with rCBF in PTSD-sensitive regions

Vetere, Guido Oltramari, Alessandro Chiari, Isabella Jezek, Elisabetta Vieu, Laure Zanzotto, Fabio Massimo
Senso Comune, an Open Knowledge Base for Italian

Pezzulo, Giovanni
Shared representations as coordination tools for interactions

Musatti, T., Mayer, S.
Sharing attention and activities among toddlers: The spatial dimension of the setting and the educator's role

Andrighetto, Giulia ; Villatoro, Daniel ; Cecconi, Federico ; Conte, Rosaria
Simulazione ad agenti e teoria della cooperazione. Il ruolo della sanzione

Tiddi B., Aureli F., Schino G., Voelkl B.
Social relationships between adult females and the alpha male in wild tufted capuchin monkeys.

Oddi, Angelo ; Rasconi, Riccardo ; Cesta, Amedeo ; Smith, Stephen F.
Solving Job Shop Scheduling with Setup Times through Constraint-based Iterative Sampling: an Experimental Analysis

Trianni V.; Tuci E.; Passino K.M.
Special issue on Swarm Cognition

Spagnoletti, N., Visalberghi, E., Ottoni, E.B., Izar, P., Fragaszy, D.
Stone tool use by adult wild bearded capuchin monkeys (Cebus libidinosus). Frequency, efficiency and tool selectivity.

Antonacci, D.; Norscia, I.; Palagi, Elisabetta
Stress and play in wild Lemur catta

Trianni V.; Tuci E.; Passino K.M.; Marshall J.A.R.
Swarm Cognition: An interdisciplinary approach to the study of self-organising biological collectives

Paglieri, Fabio
The breeding of researchers

Vermaas, Pieter E. ; Carrara, Massimiliano ; Borgo, Stefano ; Garbacz, Pawel
The design stance and its artefacts

Addessi, E., Paglieri, F. & Focaroli, V.
The ecological rationality of delay tolerance: insights from capuchin monkeys.

Tummolini, Luca; Castelfranchi, Cristiano
The embodiment of property: The problem of institutions between social cognitive sciences and cognitive social sciences

Halpin H.; Presutti V.
The identity of resources on the Web: An ontology for Web architecture

Giovanni Pezzulo, Lawrence W. Barsalou, Angelo Cangelosi, Martin H. Fischer, Ken McRae, Michael J. Spivey
The mechanics of embodiment: A dialogue on embodiment and computational modeling

Barca, Laura ; Cornelissen, Piers ; Simpson, Michael ; Urooj, Uzma ; Ellis, Andrew W.
The neural basis of the right visual field advantage in reading: An MEG analysis using virtual electrodes

Parisi, Domenico
The other half of the embodied mind

Porcaro, Camillo ; Ostwald, Dirk ; Hadjipapas, Avgis ; Barnes, Gareth R ; Bagshaw, Andrew P
The relationship between the visual evoked potential and the gamma band investigated by blind and semi-blind methods

Mirolli, Marco; Parisi, Domenico
The society in the mind (through language) | La società nella mente (attraverso il linguaggio)

Giovanni Pezzulo, Francesco Rigoli
The value of foresight: how prospection affects decision-making

Fabian Chersi, Marcello Ferro, Giovanni Pezzulo, Vito Pirrelli
Time, Language and Action - A Unified Long-Term Memory Model for Sensory-Motor Chains and Word Schemata

Addessi, E. & Rossi, S.
Tokens improve capuchin performance in the reverse –reward contingency task.

Manrique, H. M., Sabbatini, G., Call, J., Visalberghi, E.
Tool choice on the basis of rigidity in capuchin monkeys

Mirolli M., Parisi D.
Towards a Vygotskyan Cognitive Robotics: The Role of Language as a Cognitive Tool

Pagani M
Towards new horizons in brain PET

Cesta, Amedeo ; Cortellessa, Gabriella ; De Benedictis, Riccardo ; Strickland, Keith
Training Crisis Managers in Strategic Decision-Making

Falcone, Rino; Castelfranchi, Cristiano
Trust and relational capital

Martelli ML; Arduino LS; Daini R
Two different mechanisms for omission and substitution errors in neglect dyslexia

Garbacz, Pawel ; Borgo, Stefano ; Carrara, Massimiliano ; Vermaas, Pieter E.
Two ontology-driven formalisations of functions and their comparison

Norscia I., Lambotsimihampy J., Palagi E.
Verreaux’s sifaka fur condition in the spiny forest of southern Androy.

Pagani, Camilla
Violence in Cross-cultural Relations as the Outcome of Specific Cognitive and Emotional Processes

Ostwald, Dirk; Porcaro, Camillo; Bagshaw, Andrew P.
Voxel-wise information theoretic EEG-fMRI feature integration

Giovanni Pezzulo; Haris Dindo
What should I do next? Using shared representations to solve interaction problems

Norscia I., Palagi E.
When play is a family business: adult play, hierarchy, and possible stress reduction in common marmosets.

V. Focaroli (a,b); F. De Petrillo (a,b); F. Paglieri (a); E. Addessi (a)
Why Capuchins Monkeys (Cebus apella) Have the Patience of a Saint? A Comparative Analysis of Five Primate Species' Performance in the Intertemporal Choice Task

Liu, Q. ; Fragaszy, D. ; Wright, B. ; Wright, K. ; Izar, P. ; Visalberghi, Elisabetta
Wild bearded capuchin monkeys (Cebus libidinosus) place nuts in anvils selectively.

Ranzini, M., Borghi, A.M., Nicoletti, R.
With hands I do not centre! Action- and object-related effects of hand-cueing in the line bisection

Ranzini, Mariagrazia ; Borghi, Anna M. ; Nicoletti, Roberto
With hands I don't centre! Action- and object-related effects of hand-cueing in the line bisection.

Marcolini, S., Traficante, D., Zoccolotti, C., & Burani, C
Word frequency modulates morpheme-based reading in poor and skilled Italian readers.

Barca, Laura ; Frascarelli, Flaminia ; Pezzulo, Giovanni
Working memory and Mental Imagery in Cerebral Palsy: A single case investigation

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