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Istituto di scienza dell'alimentazione

Contributi in rivista anni: 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Elenco Contributi in rivista anno 2016

Fabio Lauria, Alfonso Siani, Catalina Picó, Wolfgang Ahrens, Karin Bammann, Stefaan De Henauw, Ronja Foraita, Licia Iacoviello, Yiannis Kourides, Staffan Marild, Denes Molnar, Luis A. Moreno, Yannis Pitsiladis, Juana Sánchez, Toomas Veidebaum, Guan Wang, and Paola Russo, and on behalf of the IDEFICS consortium - See more at: http://press.endocrine.org/doi/pdf/10.1210/jc.2016-1992#sthash.3MtPAEtn.dpuf
A common variant and the transcript levels of MC4R gene are associated with adiposity in children: the IDEFICS Study.

Pennacchio A.; Varriale A.; Scala A.; Marzullo V.M.; Staiano M.; D'Auria S.
A novel fluorescence polarization assay for determination of penicillin G in milk

Spagnuolo, Carmela; Flores, Gema; Russo, Gian Luigi; Luisa Ruiz del Castillo, Maria
A Phenolic Extract Obtained from Methyl Jasmonate-Treated Strawberries Enhances Apoptosis in a Human Cervical Cancer Cell Line

Di Pietrantonio F.; Benetti M.; Cannata D.; Verona E.; Girasole M.; Fosca M.; Dinarelli S.; Staiano M.; Marzullo V.M.; Capo A.; Varriale A.; D'Auria S.
A Shear horizontal surface acoustic wave biosensor for a rapid and specific detection of d-serine

Scafuri, Bernardina; Scafuri, Bernardina; Marabotti, Anna; Marabotti, Anna; Carbone, Virginia; Minasi, Paola; Dotolo, Serena; Facchiano, Angelo
A theoretical study on predicted protein targets of apple polyphenols and possible mechanisms of chemoprevention in colorectal cancer

Bergamo, Paolo; Palmieri, Gianna; Cocca, Ennio; Ferrandino, Ida; Gogliettino, Marta; Monaco, Antonio; Maurano, Francesco; Rossi, Mauro
Adaptive response activated by dietary cis9, trans11 conjugated linoleic acid prevents distinct signs of gliadin-induced enteropathy in mice

Rosaria Cozzolino, Bernardo Pace, Maria Cefola, Antonella Martignetti, Matteo Stocchero, Florinda Fratianni, Filomena Nazzaro, Beatrice De Giulio
Assessment of volatile profile as potential marker of chilling injury of basil leaves during postharvest storage

Iguacel I.; Fernandez-Alvira J.M.; Bammann K.; De Clercq B.; Eiben G.; Gwozdz W.; Molnar D.; Pala V.; Papoutsou S.; Russo P.; Veidebaum T.; Wolters M.; Bornhorst C.; Moreno L.A.
Associations between social vulnerabilities and dietary patterns in European children: the Identification and prevention of Dietary- and lifestyle-induced health EFfects In Children and infantS (IDEFICS) study

Maike Wolters1*, Valeria Pala2, Paola Russo3, Patrizia Risé4, Luis A. Moreno5, Stefaan De Henauw6, Kirsten Mehlig7, Toomas Veidebaum8, DeneÂs Molna r9, Michael Tornaritis10, Claudio Galli4, Wolfgang Ahrens1,11, Claudia Bornhorst1, on behalf of the IDEFICS and I. Family consortia
Associations of Whole Blood n-3 and n-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids with Blood Pressure in Children and Adolescents - Results from the IDEFICS/I.Family Cohort.

Monica Hunsberger1*, Susanna Lehtinen-Jacks2, Kirsten Mehlig1, Wencke Gwozdz3, Paola Russo4, Nathalie Michels5, Karin Bammann6, Iris Pigeot7,9, Juan Miguel Fernández-Alvira8, Barbara Franziska Thumann9, Dénes Molnar10, Toomas Veidebaum11, Charalambos Hadjigeorgiou12, Lauren Lissner1 and on behalf of the IDEFICS Consortium
Bidirectional associations between psychosocial well-being and body mass index in European children: longitudinal findings from the IDEFICS study

Fratianni, Florinda; Riccardi, Riccardo; Spigno, Patrizia; Ombra, Maria Neve; Cozzolino, Autilia; Tremonte, Patrizio; Coppola, Raffaele; Nazzaro, Filomena
Biochemical Characterization and Antimicrobial and Antifungal Activity of Two Endemic Varieties of Garlic (Allium sativum L.) of the Campania Region, Southern Italy

Gaetano Iaquinto1, Vera Rotondi Aufiero2, Giuseppe Iacomino2, Giuseppe Mazzarella2, Michele Schettino3 and Armando Masucci3
Celiac disease: role of intestinal compartments in the mucosal immune response

Iacomino G.; Marano A.; Stillitano I.; Aufiero V.R.; Iaquinto G.; Schettino M.; Masucci A.; Troncone R.; Auricchio S.; Mazzarella G.
Celiac disease: role of intestinal compartments in the mucosal immune response

Aliberti, Luigi; Caputo, Lucia; De Feo, Vincenzo; De Martino, Laura; Nazzaro, Filomena; Souza, Luceia Fatima
Chemical Composition and in Vitro Antimicrobial, Cytotoxic, and Central Nervous System Activities of the Essential Oils of Citrus medica L. cv. 'Liscia' and C. medica cv. 'Rugosa' Cultivated in Southern Italy.

Apostolico, Ida; Aliberti, Luigi; Caputo, Lucia; De Feo, Vincenzo; Fratianni, Florinda; Nazzaro, Filomena; Souza, Luceia Fatima; Khadhr, Maroua
Chemical Composition, Antibacterial and Phytotoxic Activities of Peganum harmala Seed Essential Oils from Five Different Localities in Northern Africa.

Giuseppe Iacomino, Paola Russo, Ilaria Stillitano, Fabio Lauria, Pasquale Marena, Wolfgang Ahrens, Pasquale De Luca and Alfonso Siani
Circulating microRNAs are deregulated in overweight/obese children: preliminary results of the I.Family study

Ortega-Ramirez, Luis A; Silva-Espinoza, Brenda A; Vargas-Arispuro, Irasema; Gonzalez-Aguilar, Gustavo A; Cruz-Valenzuela, M Reynaldo; Nazzaro, Filomena; Ayala-Zavala, J Fernando
Combination of Cymbopogon citratus and Allium cepa essential oils increased antibacterial activity in leafy vegetables.

Pane, Catello; Fratianni, Florinda; Parisi, Mario; Nazzaro, Filomena; Zaccardelli, Massimo
Control of Alternaria post-harvest infections on cherry tomato fruits by wild pepper phenolic-rich extracts

Zaqout M.; Vyncke K.; Moreno L.A.; de Miguel-Etayo P.; Lauria F.; Molnar D.; Lissner L.; Hunsberger M.; Veidebaum T.; Tornaritis M.; Reisch L.A.; Bammann K.; Sprengeler O.; Ahrens W.; Michels N.
Determinant factors of physical fitness in European children

Angela Sorice, Eliana Guerriero, Maria Grazia Volpe, Francesca Capone, Francesco La Cara, Gennaro Ciliberto, Giovanni Colonna, and Susan Costantini
Differential Response of Two Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines to the Phenolic Extract from Flaxseed Oil

Giuseppe Iacomino a, Gianluca Picariello a, Francesca Sbrana b, Roberto Raiteri b, c, Luciano D'Agostino a
DNA-HMGB1 interaction: The nuclear aggregates of polyamine mediation

La Torre A.; Bassi D.; Zotta T.; Orru L.; Lamontanara A.; Cocconcelli P.S.
Draft genome sequence of Clostridium sporogenes strain UC9000 isolated from raw milk

Zotta T.; Ricciardi A.; Parente E.; Reale A.; Ianniello R.G.; Bassi D.
Draft genome sequence of the respiration-competent strain Lactobacillus casei N87

Boernhorst, Claudia; Siani, Alfonso; Russo, Paola; Kourides, Yannis; Sion, Isabelle; Molnar, Denes; Moreno, Luis A.; Rodriguez, Gerardo; Ben-Shlomo, Yoav; Howe, Laura; Lissner, Lauren; Mehlig, Kirsten; Regber, Susann; Bammann, Karin; Foraita, Ronja; Ahrens, Wolfgang; Tilling, Kate
Early Life Factors and Inter-Country Heterogeneity in BMI Growth Trajectories of European Children: The IDEFICS Study

Angelo Sisto1,*, Diomira Luongo2, Lucia Treppiccione 2, Palmira De Bellis1, Donato Di Venere1, Paola Lavermicocca1 and Mauro Rossi2
Effect of Lactobacillus paracasei Culture Filtrates and Artichoke Polyphenols on Cytokine Production by Dendritic Cells

Reale, Anna; Ianniello, Rocco G.; Ciocia, Felicia; Di Renzo, Tiziana; Boscaino, Floriana; Ricciardi, Annamaria; Coppola, Raffaele; Parente, Eugenio; Zotta, Teresa; McSweeney, Paul L. H.
Effect of respirative and catalase-positive Lactobacillus casei adjuncts on the production and quality of Cheddar-type cheese

Reale, Anna; Di Renzo, Tiziana; Zotta, Teresa; Preziuso, Marco; Boscaino, Floriana; Ianniello, Rocco; Storti, Livia Vanessa; Tremonte, Patrizio; Coppola, Raffaele
Effect of respirative cultures of Lactobacillus casei on model sourdough fermentation

Formisano A.; Bammann K.; Fraterman A.; Hadjigeorgiou C.; Herrmann D.; Iacoviello L.; Marild S.; Moreno L.A.; Nagy P.; Van Den Bussche K.; Veidebaum T.; Lauria F.; Siani A.
Efficacy of neck circumference to identify metabolic syndrome in 3-10 year-old European children: Results from IDEFICS study

Di Maro S.; Trotta A.M.; Brancaccio D.; Di Leva F.S.; La Pietra V.; Ierano C.; Napolitano M.; Portella L.; D'Alterio C.; Siciliano R.A.; Sementa D.; Tomassi S.; Carotenuto A.; Novellino E.; Scala S.; Marinelli L.
Exploring the N-Terminal Region of C-X-C Motif Chemokine 12 (CXCL12): Identification of Plasma-Stable Cyclic Peptides As Novel, Potent C-X-C Chemokine Receptor Type 4 (CXCR4) Antagonists

Aitoro R, Simeoli R, Amoroso A, Paparo L, Nocerino R, Pirozzi C, Di Costanzo M, Meli R, De Caro C, Picariello G, Mamone G, Calignano A, Nagler CR, Berni Canani R
Extensively hydrolyzed casein formula alone or with L. rhamnosus GG reduces ?-lactoglobulin sensitization in mice

González-Gil EM, Santabárbara J, Russo P, Ahrens W, Claessens M, Lissner L, Börnhorst C, Krogh V, Iacoviello L, Molnar D, Siani A, Tornaritis M, Veidebaum T, Moreno LA.
Food intake and inflammation in European children: the IDEFICS study.

Parente E.; Cocolin L.; De Filippis F.; Zotta T.; Ferrocino I.; O'Sullivan O.; Neviani E.; De Angelis M.; Cotter P.D.; Ercolini D.
FoodMicrobionet: A database for the visualisation and exploration of food bacterial communities based on network analysis

Paolo Romano, Aldo Profumo, Mattia Rocco, Rosa Mangerini, Fabio Ferri and Angelo Facchiano
Geena 2, improved automated analysis of MALDI/TOF mass spectra.

Tremonte, Patrizio; Succi, Mariantonietta; Coppola, Raffaele; Sorrentino, Elena; Tipaldi, Luca; Picariello, Gianluca; Pannella, Gianfranco; Fraternali, Franca
Homology-Based Modeling of Universal Stress Protein from Listeria innocua Up-Regulated under Acid Stress Conditions

Dubey A.; Facchiano A.; Ramteke P.W.; Marabotti A.
In silico approach to find chymase inhibitors among biogenic compounds

Zaqout M, Michels N, Bammann K, Ahrens W, Sprengeler O, Molnar D, Hadjigeorgiou C, Eiben G, Konstabel K, Russo P, Jimenez-Pavon D, Moreno L, De Henauw S.
Influence of physical fitness on cardio-metabolic risk factors in European children. The IDEFICS study.

Dubey A.; Marabotti A.; Ramteke P.W.; Facchiano A.
Interaction of human chymase with ginkgolides, terpene trilactones of Ginkgo biloba investigated by molecular docking simulations

Ianniello R.G.; Zotta T.; Matera A.; Genovese F.; Parente E.; Ricciardi A.
Investigation of factors affecting aerobic and respiratory growth in the oxygen-tolerant strain Lactobacillus casei N87

Jenny Peplies1,2, Claudia Börnhorst1, Kathrin Günther1, Arno Fraterman3, Paola Russo4, Toomas Veidebaum5, Michael Tornaritis6, Stefaan De Henauw7, Staffan Marild8, Dénes Molnar9, Luis A. Moreno10, Wolfgang Ahrens1,2,11* and on behalf of the IDEFICS consortium
Longitudinal associations of lifestyle factors and weight status with insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) in preadolescent children: the large prospective cohort study IDEFICS

Giacco, Rosalba; Costabile, Giuseppina; Riccardi, Gabriele
Metabolic effects of dietary carbohydrates: The importance of food digestion

Guidone A.; Ricciardi A.; Romaniello A.; Bonomo M.G.; Morone G.; Zotta T.; Parente E.
Microbial changes of natural milk cultures for mozzarella cheese during repeated propagation cycles

C. Spagnuolo, M. Napolitano, I. Tedesco, S. Moccia, A. Milito, G.L. Russo.
Neuroprotective role of natural polyphenols

Palmieri, Gianna; Balestrieri, Marco; Proroga, Yolande T R; Falcigno, Lucia; Facchiano, Angelo; Riccio, Alessia; Capuano, Federico; Marrone, Raffaele; Neglia, Gianluca; Anastasio, Aniello
New antimicrobial peptides against foodborne pathogens: From in silico design to experimental evidence

Falcigno L.; Palmieri G.; Balestrieri M.; Proroga Y.T.R.; Facchiano A.; Riccio A.; Capuano F.; Marrone R.; Campanile G.; Anastasio A.
NMR and computational data of two novel antimicrobial peptides

Nabavi, Seyed Fazel; Barber, Alistair J.; Spagnuolo, Carmela; Russo, Gian Luigi; Daglia, Maria; Nabavi, Seyed Mohammad; Sobarzo-Sanchez, Eduardo
Nrf2 as molecular target for polyphenols: A novel therapeutic strategy in diabetic retinopathy

Siano, Francesco; Addeo, Francesco; Volpe, Maria Grazia; Paolucci, Marina; Picariello, Gianluca
Oxidative Stability of Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) Seed Oil to Simulated Gastric Conditions and Thermal Stress

Barbara Nicolaus, Annarita Poli, Paola Di Donato, Ida Romano, Giusi Laezza, Alessia Gioiello, Sergio Ulgiati, Florinda Fratianni, Filomena Nazzaro, Pierangelo Orlando, Stefano Dumontet
Pb2+ Effects on Growth, Lipids, and Protein and DNA Profiles of the Thermophilic Bacterium Thermus thermophilus

D'Arcangelo, Daniela; Facchiano, Francesco; Nassa, Giovanni; Stancato, Andrea; Antonini, Annalisa; Rossi, Stefania; Senatore, Cinzia; Cordella, Martina; Tabolacci, Claudio; Salvati, Annamaria; Tarallo, Roberta; Weisz, Alessandro; Facchiano, Angelo M; Facchiano, Antonio
PDGFR-alpha inhibits melanoma growth via CXCL10/IP-10: a multi-omics approach.

Souza, Luceia Fatima; Caputo, Lucia; Inchausti De Barros, Ingrid Bergman; Fratianni, Florinda; Nazzaro, Filomena; De Feo, Vincenzo
Pereskia aculeata Muller (Cactaceae) Leaves: Chemical Composition and Biological Activities

Huang, Christina Y.; Reisch, Lucia A.; Gwozdz, Wencke; Molnar, Denes; Konstabel, Kenn; Michels, Nathalie; Tornaritis, Michalis; Eiben, Gabriele; Siani, Alfonso; Fernandez-Alvira, Juan M.; Ahrens, Wolfgang; Pigeot, Iris; Lissner, Lauren
Pester power and its consequences: do European children's food purchasing requests relate to diet and weight outcomes?

Fratianni, Florinda; Ombra, Maria Neve; Cozzolino, Autilia; Riccardi, Riccardo; Spigno, Patrizia; Tremonte, Patrizio; Coppola, Raffaele; Nazzaro, Filomena
Phenolic constituents, antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-proliferative activities of different endemic Italian varieties of garlic (Allium sativum L.)

Maria Cefola, Virginia Carbone, Paola Minasi, Bernardo Pace
Phenolic profiles and postharvest quality changes of fresh-cut radicchio (Cichorium intybus L.): nutrient value in fresh vs. stored leaves

Mallardo, Salvatore; De Vito, Valentina; Malinconico, Mario; Volpe, Maria Grazia; Santagata, Gabriella; Di Lorenzo, Maria Laura
Poly(butylene succinate)-based composites containing beta-cyclodextrin/D-limonene inclusion complex

Annamaria Ricciardi, Francesca De Filippis, Teresa Zotta, Angelo Facchiano, Danilo Ercolini, Eugenio Parente
Polymorphism of the phosphoserine phosphatase gene in Streptococcus thermophilus and its potential use for typing and monitoring of population diversity.

Smaldone, Giovanni; Vigorita, Marilisa; Ruggiero, Alessia; Balasco, Nicole; Dattelbaum, Jonathan D.; D'Auria, Sabato; Del Vecchio, Pompea; Graziano, Giuseppe; Vitagliano, Luigi
Proline 235 plays a key role in the regulation of the oligomeric states of Thermotoga maritima Arginine Binding Protein

Giuseppe Iacomino a, Luigia Di Stasio a,b, Olga Fierro a, Gianluca Picariello a, Antonella Venezia a, Laura Gazza c, Pasquale Ferranti a,b, Gianfranco Mamone a
Protective effects of ID331 Triticum monococcum gliadin on in vitro models of the intestinal epithelium

Mazzeo M.F.; Siciliano R.A.
Proteomics for the authentication of fish species

Russo, M.; Messano, F.; Basile, M.; Carmela, S.; Tedesco, I.; Moccia, S.; Russo, G. L.
Radio-sensitizing effects of all trans retinoic acid (ATRA) on human chronic lymphocytic leukemia and osteosarcoma cell lines

Varriale A.; Bonnot K.; Peransi S.; Scala A.; D'Auria S.
Self-oriented monolayer immobilization of ovalbumin and B. cereus antibody molecules on a chemically modified surface of silicon nitride fosters the enhancement of capture of bio-agents

Cappuccio, Francesco P.; Buchanan, Laura A.; Ji, Chen; Siani, Alfonso; Miller, Michelle A.
Systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials on the effects of potassium supplements on serum potassium and creatinine

Guidone A.; Zotta T.; Matera A.; Ricciardi A.; De Filippis F.; Ercolini D.; Parente E.
The microbiota of high-moisture mozzarella cheese produced with different acidification methods

Rossi, Franca; Zotta, Teresa; Iacumin, Lucilla; Reale, Anna
Theoretical insight into the heat shock response (HSR) regulation in Lactobacillus casei and L. rhamnosus

Gogliettino M.; Balestrieri M.; Riccio A.; Facchiano A.; Fusco C.; Palazzo V.C.; Rossi M.; Cocca E.; Palmieri G.
Uncommon functional properties of the first piscine 26S proteasome from the Antarctic notothenioid Trematomus bernacchii

Russo, Maria; Russo, Gian Luigi; Daglia, Maria; Kasi, Pandima Devi; Ravi, Sakthivel; Nabavi, Seyed Fazel; Nabavi, Seyed Mohammad
Understanding genistein in cancer: The "good" and the "bad" effects: A review

Van Den Bussche K.; Herrmann D.; De Henauw S.; Kourides Y.A.; Lauria F.; Marild S.; Molnar D.; Moreno L.A.; Veidebaum T.; Ahrens W.; Sioen I.
Urinary mineral concentrations in European pre-adolescent children and their association with calcaneal bone quantitative ultrasound measurements

Maria Neve Ombra, Panagiotis Paliogiannis, Valentina Doneddu, Maria Cristina Sini, Maria Colombino, Carla Rozzo, Ignazio Stanganelli, Francesco Tanda, Antonio Cossu, Giuseppe Palmieri
Vitamin D status and risk for malignant cutaneous melanoma: recent advances

Gonzalez-Gil E.M.; Santabarbara J.; Siani A.; Ahrens W.; Sioen I.; Eiben G.; Gunther K.; Iacoviello L.; Molnar D.; Rise P.; Russo P.; Tornaritis M.; Veidebaum T.; Galli C.; Moreno L.A.
Whole-blood fatty acids and inflammation in European children: the IDEFICS Study.

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