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Istituto di scienza dell'alimentazione

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Elenco Contributi in rivista anno 2005

Di Luccia A, Lamacchia C, Fares C, Padalino L, Mamone G, La Gatta B, Gambacorta G, Faccia M, Di Fonzo N, La Notte E.
A proteomic approach to study protein variation in GM durum wheat in relation to technological properties of semolina.

Gianfrani C; Auricchio S; Troncone R.
Adaptive and innate immune responses in Coeliac Disease

Tedesco Idolo; Nappo Annunziata; Petitto Fabio; Iacomino Giuseppe; Nazzaro Filomena; Palumbo Rosanna; Russo Gian Luigi
Antioxidant and cytotoxic properties of lyophilized beer extracts on HL-60 cell line.

Barbato A, D'Elia L, Barba G, Versiero M, Galletti F, Siani A, Iacone R, Russo O, Cappuccio FP, Strazzullo P
Association between an inflammatory pattern and metabolic syndrome: Results from the Olivetti Prospective Heart Study

Coronato A.; d'Acierno A.; De Pietro G.
Automatic Implementation of Constraints in Component Based Applications

D'Auria S., Scirč A., Varriale A., Scognamiglio V., Staiano M., Ausili A., Marabotti A., Rossi M., Tanfani F.
Binding of glutamine to glutamine-binding protein from Escherichia coli induces changes in protein structure and increases protein stability.

M. Avella, Jan J. De Vlieger, M. E. Errico, S. Fischer, P. Vacca, M. G. Volpe
Biodegradable starch/clay nanocomposite films for food packaging applications

Barba G, Loguercio M, Caggiano R, Lauria F, Russo O, Russo P, Galletti F, Strazzullo P, Siani A
Blood pressure across body mass index or waist circumference percentiles in children: The ARCA Project

Barba G, Troiano E, Russo P, Caggiano R, Loguercio M, D'Elia L, Galletti F, Strazzullo P, Siani A on behalf of the ARCA study group.
Blood pressure by waist circumference or body mass index percentiles in children: the ARCA Project.

Bergamo P.; Luongo D.; Maurano F.; Rossi M.
Butterfat fatty acids differentially regulate growth and differentiation in Jurkat T-cells.

Russo P, Venezia A, Lauria F, Loguercio M, Caggiano R, Barba G, Iacoviello L, Cappuccio FP, Arnout J, Siani A on behalf of the European Collaborative Group of the IMMIDIET Project.
C allele of CYP11b2-344 C/T polymorphism is associated with high blood pressure in younger Caucasian males.

Mikkelsen TL, Frokiaer H, Topp C, Bonomi F, Iametti S, Picariello G, Ferranti P, Barkholt V.
Caseinomacropeptide self-association is dependent on whether the peptide is free or restricted in kappa-casein.

Sblattero D., Maurano F., Mazzarella G., Rossi M., Auricchio S., Florian F., Ziberna F., Tommasini A., Not T., Ventura A., Bradbury A., Marzari R., Troncone R.
Characterization of the anti-tissue transglutaminase antibody response in nonobese diabetic mice.

Mamone G, Addeo F, Chianese L, Di Luccia A, De Martino A, Nappo A, Formisano A, De Vivo P, Ferranti P.
Characterization of wheat gliadin proteins by combined two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and tandem mass spectrometry.

Raucci G, Gabrielli M, Novelli S, Picariello G, Collins SH.
CHASE, a charge-assisted sequencing algorithm for automated homology-based protein identifications with matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight post-source decay fragmentation data.

Galletti F, Barbato A, Barba G, Iacone R, Russo O, D'Elia L, Versiero M, Siani A, Cappuccio FP, Strazzullo P
Circulating leptin levels predict the development of metabolic syndrome: 8-year follow-up of the Olivetti Prospective Heart Study

Malorni Antonio; Pocsfalvi Gabriella; Schlosser Gitta; Vékey Károly
Combination of solid-phase affinity capture on magnetic beads and mass spectrometry to study non-covalent interactions: example of minor groove binding drugs

Barba G., Brancati C., Baccelliere M., Siani A.
Consumo di acque minerali in Campania: i risultati del Progetto Calciopiů.

Tosco A; Siciliano RA; Cacace G; Mazzeo MF; Caponea R; Malorni A; Leone A; Marzullo L.
Dietary effects of copper and iron deficiency on rat intestine: a differential display proteome analysis.

Russo, M and Tedesco, I and Iacomino, G and Palumbo, R and Galano, G and Russo, GL
Dietary phytochemicals in chemoprevention of cancer

Russo, M.; Tedesco, I.; Iacomino, G.; Palumbo, R.; Galano, G.; Russo, G. L.
Dietary phytochemicals in chemoprevention of cancer.

Russo P; Barba G; Venezia A; Siani A.
Dietary Potassium in Cardiovascular Prevention: Nutritional and Clinical Implications.

Russo P, Loguercio M, Caggiano R, Lauria F, Barba G, Iacoviello L, Cappuccio FP, Arnout J, Siani A
Differential sex- and age-related effect of the-344C/T polymorphism of CYP11B2 on blood pressure and prevalence of hypertension

Piraino, Paolo; Zotta, Teresa; Ricciardi, Annamaria; Parente, Eugenio
Discrimination of commercial Caciocavallo cheeses on the basis of the diversity of lactic microflora and primary proteolysis

Pellicano M.P., Cammarota G., Cipriano L., Tarantino K., Piciocchi N., Graziani M.P.
Evaluation of the sensory qualities of Buffalo meat and identification of choice factors.

Mercorio F., Mercorio A., Votino C., Di Spezio Sardo A., Barba G., Nappi C.
Fetal febronectin as predictor of successful induction of mid-trimester abortion.

Montoro P.; Carbone V.; Pizza C.
Flavonoids from the leaves of Cyclanthera pedata: two new malonil derivatives

Imre T.; Schlosser G.; Pocsfalvi G.; Siciliano R.; Moln-Szllosi E.; Kremmer T.; Malorni A.; Vekey K.
Glycosylation site analysis of human alpha-1-acid glycoprotein (AGP) by capillary liquid chromatography electrospray mass spectrometry

Russo P, Lauria F, Caggiano R, Loguercio M, Strazzullo P, Cappuccio FP, Iacoviello L, Barba G, Siani A.
HINDIII(+/-) polymorphism of the Y chromosome and cardiovascular risk factors in three European populations.

Marabotti A., Facchiano A.M.
Homology modelling studies on human galactose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase and on its galactosemia-related mutant Q188R provide an explanation of molecular effects of the mutation on homo- and heterodimers.

Pizzano Rosa; Nicolai Maria Adalgisa; Manzo Carla; Giannattasio Matteo; Addeo Francesco
Human IgE Binding to the Glycosidic Moiety of Bovine K-Casein

Senger S.; Maurano F.; Mazzeo M.F.; Gaita M.; Fierro O.; David C.S.; Troncone R.; Auricchio S.; Siciliano R.A.; Rossi M.
Identification of immunodominant epitopes of alpha-gliadin in HLA-DQ8 transgenic mice following oral immunization.

M.Rossi; F. Maurano; D. Luongo
Immunomodulatory strategies for celiac disease

Barba G; Troiano E; Russo P; Venezia A; and Siani A.
Inverse association between body mass and frequency of milk consumption in children.

Russo P, Lauria F, Caggiano R, Loguercio M, Strazzullo P, Cappuccio FP, Iacoviello L, Barba G, Siani A
Is the centromeric HindIII(+/-) site of Y chromosome associated with cardiovascular risk factors in Caucasians?

P.Russo, A. Venezia, R.Caggiano, M.Loguercio, G.Barba, L.Iacoviello, F.P.Cappuccio, J. Arnout, A.Siani per l’European Collaborative Group of the IMMIDIET Project
L’allele C del polimorfismo C(-344)T di CYP11B2 e’ associato con insorgenza precoce di ipertensione arteriosa nei maschi

Schlosser Gitta, Pocsfalvi Gabriella, Huszar Emoke, Malorni Antonio, Hudecz Ferenc
MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry of a combinatorial peptide library: effect of matrix composition on signal suppression

Mazzuca P, Ferranti P, Picariello G, Chianese L, Addeo F.
Mass spectrometry in the study of anthocyanins and their derivatives: differentiation of Vitis vinifera and hybrid grapes by liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and tandem mass spectrometry.

Costantini S., Rossi M., Colonna G., Facchiano A.M.
Modelling of HLA-DQ2 and its interaction with gluten peptides to explain molecular recognition in celiac disease.

Plaza A.; Perrone A.; Balestrieri C.; Balestrieri M. L.; Bifulco G.; Carbone V.; Hamed A.; Pizza C.; Piacente S.;
New antiproliferative 14,15-secopregnane glycosides from Solenostemma argel

Grgurina I.; Bensaci M.; Pocsfalvi G.; Mannina L.; Cruciali O.; Fiore A.; Fogliano V.; Sorensen K. N.; Takemoto J. Y.
Novel cyclic lipodepsipeptide from pseudomonas syringae pv. Lachrymans Strani 508 and syringopeptin antimicrobal activities

G. Bruno, A. Sorrentino, M.G. Volpe, N. Piciocchi, P. Laurienzo, M. Malinconico
Nuovi sistemi di imballaggio relativi alla conservazione della mozzarella

Donini LM, Marsili D, Graziani MP, Imbriale M, Cannella C.
Orthorexia nervosa: validation of a diagnosis questionnaire.

Carotenuto R., De Marco N., Biffo S., Wilding M., Vaccaro M.C., Marchisio P.C., Capriglione T., Russo G.L., Campanella C.
Phosphorylation of p27(BBP)/eIF6 and its association with the cytoskeleton are developmentally regulated in Xenopus oogenesis.

Galletti F, D'Elia L, Barbato A, Barba G, Iacone R, Russo O, Versiero M, Siani A, Cappuccio FP, Strazzullo P
Predictors of metabolic syndrome: Findings of the Olivetti Prospective Heart Study

Barbato A, D'Elia L, Barba G, Iacone R, Russo O, Versiero M, Siani A, Cappuccio FP, Galletti F, Strazzullo P
Predictors of microalbuminuria in the Olivetti prospective heart study (8-year follow-up)

G. Barba, E. Troiano, P. Russo, R. Caggiano, M. Loguercio, L. D'Elia, F. Galletti, P. Strazzullo, A. Siani per conto del gruppo di studio ARCA.
Pressione arteriosa in base ai percentili di circonferenza addominale o di indice di massa corporea in bambini: il progetto ARCA

Barba G, Galletti F, Casullo C, Donatiello A, Lauria F, Russo P, Strazzullo P, Siani A on behalf of the ARCA study group.
Prevalence of paediatric hypertension in a sample of school-age childrenin the Campania region: the ARCA Project.

Barba G, Caggiano R, Loguercio M, Lauria F, Russo P, Russo O, Galletti F, Strazzullo P, Siani A
Prevalence of paediatric hypertension in school children in Italy: The ARCA Project

G. Barba, F. Galletti, C. Casullo, A. Donatiello, F. Lauria, P. Russo, P. Strazzullo, A. Siani per conto del gruppo di studio ARCA.
Prevalenza di ipertensione pediatrica in un campione di bambini in etŕ scolare in Campania: Il Progetto ARCA

Di Luccia A.; Picariello G.; Cacace G.; Scaloni A.; Faccia M.; Liuzzi V.; Alviti G.; Spagna Musso S.
Proteomic study of sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar proteins of dry cured hams

Alberghina G; Cozzolino R; Fisichella S; Garozzo D; Savarino A
Proteomics of gluten: mapping of the 1Bx7 glutenin subunit in Chinese Spring cultivar by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization

Giacco R. e Parillo M.
Raccomandazioni nutrizionali basate sull’evidenza per la terapia e la prevenzione del diabete mellito

Salvati V.M.; Mazzarella G.; Gianfrani C.; Levings M.K.; Stefanile R; De Giulio B.; Iaquinto G; Giardullo ; Auricchio S.; Roncarolo M.G.; Troncone R.
Recombinant human interleukin 10 suppresses gliadin dependent T cell activation in ex vivo cultured coeliac intestinal mucosa.

Maurano F., Mazzarella G., Luongo D., Stefanile R., D'Arienzo R., Rossi M., Auricchio S., Troncone R.
Small intestinal enteropathy in non-obese diabetic mice fed a diet containing wheat.

Baccigalupi L., Di Donato A., Parlato M., Luongo D., Carbone V., Rossi M., Ricca E., De Felice M.
Small surface-associated factors mediate adhesion of a food-isolated strain of Lactobacillus fermentum to Caco-2 cells.

Milic D., Kop T., Juranic Z., Gasic M. J., Tinant B., Pocsfalvi G., Solaja B. A.
Synthesis and antiproliferative activity of A-ring aromatised and conduritol-like steroidal compounds.

Dean SC, Harper CE, Cappuccio FP, Rink E, Dirckx C, Arnout J, Zito F and Iacoviello L on behalf of the European Collaborative Group of the IMMIDIET Project.
The challenges of cross-national research in primary health care across Europe.

Facchiano F., Facchiano A.
Transglutaminases and their substrates.

De Giulio B; Orlando P; Barba G; Coppola R; De Rosa M; Sada A; De Prisco PP; Nazzaro F.
Use of alginate and cryo-protective sugars to improve the viability of lactic acid bacteria after freezing and freeze-drying

Riccardi G., Giacco R.
Validation of health claims for foods in relation to body weight control: the PASSACLAIM experience.

Pellicano M.P.; Cammarota G.; Laurino C.; Cipriano L.; Tarantino K.; Graziani M.P.
Valutazione sensoriale da parte del consumatore di campioni di castagne conservate in sciroppo.

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