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Istituto di neuroscienze

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Elenco Contributi in rivista anno 2019

Kahleova, H.; Tura, A.; Klementova, M.; Thieme, L.; Haluzik, M.; Pavlovicova, R.; Hill, M.; Pelikanova, T.
A plant-based meal stimulates incretin and insulin secretion more than an energy-and macronutrient-matched standard meal in type 2 diabetes: A randomized crossover study

Pendin, D.; Norante, R.; De Nadai, A.; Gherardi, G.; Vajente, N.; Basso, E.; Kaludercic, N.; Mammucari, C.; Paradisi, C.; Pozzan, T.; Mattarei, A.
A Synthetic Fluorescent Mitochondria-Targeted Sensor for Ratiometric Imaging of Calcium in Live Cells

Testa, Giovanna; Mainardi, Marco; Olimpico, Francesco; Pancrazi, Laura; Cattaneo, Antonino; Caleo, Matteo; Costa, Mario
A triheptanoin-supplemented diet rescues hippocampal hyperexcitability and seizure susceptibility in FoxG1 +/- mice

Doherty, T. M.; Del Giudice, G.; Maggi, S.
Adult vaccination as part of a healthy lifestyle: moving from medical intervention to health promotion

Ecarnot, F.; Bernabei, R.; Gabutti, G.; Giuffrida, S.; Michel, J.-P.; Rezza, G.; Maggi, S.
Adult vaccination as the cornerstone of successful ageing: the case of herpes zoster vaccination. A European Interdisciplinary Council on Ageing (EICA) expert focus group

Kalafateli, A. L.; Vallof, D.; Colombo, G.; Lorrai, I.; Maccioni, P.; Jerlhag, E.
An amylin analogue attenuates alcohol-related behaviours in various animal models of alcohol use disorder

Veronese, N.; Stubbs, B.; Smith, L.; Maggi, S.; Jackson, S. E.; Soysal, P.; Demurtas, J.; Celotto, S.; Koyanagi, A.
Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor Use and Incident Frailty: A Longitudinal Cohort Study

Maccioni P.; Colombo G.; Lorrai I.; Fara F.; Carai M.A.M.; Gessa G.L.; Brizzi A.; Mugnaini C.; Corelli F.
Anti-addictive properties of COR659 - Additional pharmacological evidence and comparison with a series of novel analogues

Beaudart, C.; Rolland, Y.; Cruz-Jentoft, A. J.; Bauer, J. M.; Sieber, C.; Cooper, C.; Al-Daghri, N.; Araujo de Carvalho, I.; Bautmans, I.; Bernabei, R.; Bruyère, O.; Cesari, M.; Cherubini, A.; Dawson-Hughes, B.; Kanis, J. A.; Kaufman, J. M.; Landi, F.; Maggi, S.; McCloskey, E.; Petermans, J.; Rodriguez M., L.; Reginster, J. Y.; Roller-Wirnsberger, R.; Schaap, L. A.; Uebelhart, Da.; Rizzoli, R.; Fielding, R. A.
Assessment of Muscle Function and Physical Performance in Daily Clinical Practice: A position paper endorsed by the European Society for Clinical and Economic Aspects of Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases (ESCEO)

van Dijk, D.; Balkau, B.; Segrestin, B.; Gottsäter, M.; Gabriel, R.; Hatunic, M.; Mari, A.; Dekker, J. M.; Rutters, F.
Associations between sleep duration and sleep debt with insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion in the EGIR-RISC Study

Mezza, T.; Moffa, S.; Ferraro, P. M.; Quero, G.; Capece, U.; Carfì, A.; Cefalo, C. M.A.; Cinti, F.; Sorice, G. P.; Impronta, F.; Mari, A.; Pontecorvi, A.; Alfieri, S.; Holst, J. J.; Giaccari, A.
Bile Modulates Secretion of Incretins and Insulin: A Study of Human Extrahepatic Cholestasis

Nuara, A.; Papangelo, P.; Avanzini, P.; Fabbri-Destro, M.
Body representation in children with unilateral cerebral palsy

Invernizzi, M.; Michelotti, A.; Noale, M.; Lopez, G.; Runza, L.; Giroda, M.; Despini, L. Blundo, C.; Maggi, S.; Gambini, D.; Fusco, N.
Breast Cancer Systemic Treatments and Upper Limb Lymphedema: A Risk-Assessment Platform Encompassing Tumor-Specific Pathological Features Reveals the Potential Role of Trastuzumab

Rossi, A.; Pizzo, P.; Filadi, R.
Calcium, mitochondria and cell metabolism: A functional triangle in bioenergetics

Villa, C.; Colombo, G.; Meneghini, S.; Gotti, C.; Moretti, M.; Ferini-Strambi, L.; Chisci, E.; Giovannoni, R.; Becchetti, A.; Combi, R.
CHRNA2 and nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy: Identification and characterization of a novel loss of function mutation

Heiskanen, Marja A.; Motiani, Kumail K.; Mari, Andrea; Eskelinen, Jari Joonas; Virtanen, Kirsi A.; Löyttyniemi, Eliisa; Kalliokoski, Kari K.; Hannukainen, Jarna C.
Comment on 'Exercise training decreases pancreatic fat content and improves beta cell function regardless of baseline glucose tolerance: a randomised controlled trial'. Reply to Amini P and Moharamzadeh S [letter]

Grizzi, F.; Fiorino, S.; Qehajaj, D.; Fornelli, A.; Russo, C.; De Biase, D.; Masetti, M.; Mastrangelo, L.; Zanello, M.; Lombardi, R.; Domanico, A.; Accogli, E.; Tura, A.; Mirandola, L.; Chiriva-Internati, M.; Bresalier, R. S.; Jovine, E.; Leandri, P.; Di Tommaso, L.
Computer-aided assessment of the extra-cellular matrix during pancreatic carcinogenesis: A pilot study

Minicuci, N.; Naidoo, N.; Corso, B.; Rocco, I.; Chatterji, S.; Kowal, P.
Data Resource Profile: Cross-national and cross-study sociodemographic and health-related harmonized domains from SAGE plus CHARLS, ELSA, HRS, LASI and SHARE (SAGE+ Wave 2)

Jackson, S. E.; Firth, J.; Veronese, N.; Stubbs, B.; Koyanagi, A.; Yang, L.; Smith, L.
Decline in sexuality and wellbeing in older adults: A population-based study

Cadoni, Cristina; De Luca, Maria Antonietta
Deconstructing the influence of genetic and age vulnerability to psychiatric disorders

Carrer, P.; Trevisan, C.; Franchin, A.; Volpe, E. D.; Rancan, A.; Zanforlini, B. M.; Maggi, S.; Noale, M.; Corti, M. C.; Perissinotto, E.; Manzato, E.; Sergi, G.
Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate and fall risk in older people: Sex differences in the Pro.V.A. longitudinal study

Pomè, A.; Anobile, G.; Cicchini, G. M.; Burr, D. C.
Different reaction-times for subitizing, estimation, and texture

Koivula, Robert W.; Forgie, Ian M.; Kurbasic, Azra; Vinuela, Ana; Heggie, Alison; Giordano, Giuseppe N.; Hansen, Tue H.; Hudson, Michelle; Koopman, Anitra D. M.; Rutters, Femke; Siloaho, Maritta; Allin, Kristine H.; Brage, Soren; Brorsson, Caroline A.; Dawed, Adem Y.; De Masi, Federico; Groves, Christopher J.; Kokkola, Tarja; Mahajan, Anubha; Perry, Mandy H.; Rauh, Simone P.; Ridderstrale, Martin; Teare, Harriet J. A.; Thomas, E. Louise; Tura, Andrea; Vestergaard, Henrik; White, Tom; Adamski, Jerzy; Bell, Jimmy D.; Beulens, Joline W.; Brunak, Soren; Dermitzakis, Emmanouil T.; Froguel, Philippe; Frost, Gary; Gupta, Ramneek; Hansen, Torben; Hattersley, Andrew; Jablonka, Bernd; Kaye, Jane; Laakso, Markku; McDonald, Timothy J.; Pedersen, Oluf; Schwenk, Jochen M.; Pavo, Imre; Mari, Andrea; McCarthy, Mark I.; Ruetten, Hartmut; Walker, Mark; Pearson, Ewan; Franks, Paul W.
Discovery of biomarkers for glycaemic deterioration before and after the onset of type 2 diabetes: descriptive characteristics of the epidemiological studies within the IMI DIRECT Consortium

Lia A.; Zonta M.; Requie L.M.; Carmignoto G.
Dynamic interactions between GABAergic and astrocytic networks

Del Grosso, Ambra; Angella, Lucia; Tonazzini, Ilaria; Moscardini, Aldo; Giordano, Nadia; Caleo, Matteo; Rocchiccioli, Silvia; Cecchini, Marco
Dysregulated autophagy as a new aspect of the molecular pathogenesis of Krabbe disease

Fattore, L.; Weinstein, A. M.
Editorial: Novel psychoactive drugs

Veronese, N.; Stubbs, B.; Punzi, L.; Soysal, P.; Incalzi, R. A.; Saller, A.; Maggi, S.
Effect of nutritional supplementations on physical performance and muscle strength parameters in older people: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Schwaiger E.; Burghart L.; Signorini L.; Ristl R.; Kopecky C.; Tura A.; Pacini G.; Wrba T.; Antlanger M.; Schmaldienst S.; Werzowa J.; Saemann M.D.; Hecking M.
Empagliflozin in posttransplantation diabetes mellitus: A prospective, interventional pilot study on glucose metabolism, fluid volume, and patient safety

Chini, Bice
Expanding neuropeptide signalling by multiplying receptor functional states and sub-cellular locations

Galla, L.; Pizzo, P.; Greotti, E.
Exploiting cameleon probes to investigate organelles Ca2+ handling

Elia, C. A.; Losurdo, M.; Malosio, M. L.; Coco, S.
Extracellular vesicles from mesenchymal stem cells exert pleiotropic effects on amyloid-beta, inflammation, and regeneration: a Spark of Hope for Alzheimer's Disease from Tiny Structures?

Koyanagi, A.; Stubbs, B.; Oh, H.; Veronese, N.; Smith, L.; Haro, J. M.; Vancampfort, D.
Food insecurity (hunger) and suicide attempts among 179,771 adolescents attending school from 9 high-income, 31 middle-income, and 4 low-income countries: A cross-sectional study

Schernthaner-Reiter, M. H.; Itariu, B. K.; Krebs, M.; Promintzer-Schifferl, M.; Stulnig, T. M.; Tura, A.; Anderwald, C. H.; Clodi, M.; Ludvik, B.; Pacini, G.; Luger, A.; Vila, G.
GDF15 reflects beta cell function in obese patients independently of the grade of impairment of glucose metabolism

Wilman, Henry R.; Parisinos, Constantinos A.; Atabaki-Pasdar, Naeimeh; Kelly, Matt; Thomas, E. Louise; Neubauer, Stefan; Jennison, Christopher; Ehrhardt, Beate; Baum, Patrick; Schoelsch, Corinna; Freijer, Jan; Grempler, Rolf; Graefe-Mody, Ulrike; Hennige, Anita; Dings, Christiane; Lehr, Thorsten; Scherer, Nina; Sihinecich, Iryna; Pattou, Francois; Raverdi, Violeta; Caiazzo, Robert; Torres, Fanelly; Verkindt, Helene; Mari, Andrea; Tura, Andrea; Giorgino, Toni; Bizzotto, null; Froguel, Philippe; Bonneford, Amelie; Canouil, Mickael; Dhennin, Veronique; Brorsson, Caroline; Brunak, Soren; De Masi, Federico; Gudmundsdóttir, Valborg; Pedersen, Helle; Banasik, Karina; Thomas, Cecilia; Sackett, Peter; Staerfeldt, Hans Henrik; Lundgaard, Agnete; Nilsson, Birgitte; Nielsen, Agnes; Mazzoni, Gianluca; Karaderi, Tugce; Rasmussen, Simon; Johansen, Joachim; Allesøe, Rosa; Fritsche, Andreas; Thorand, Barbara; Adamski, Jurek; Grallert, Harald; Haid, Mark; Sharma, Sapna; Troll, Martina; Adam, Jonathan; Ferrer, Jorge; Eriksen, Heather; Frost, Gary; Haussler, Ragna; Hong, Mun gwan; Schwenk, Jochen; Uhlen, Mathias; Nicolay, Claudia; Pavo, Imre; Steckel-Hamann, Birgit; Thomas, Melissa; Adragni, Kofi; Wu, Han; Hart, Leen't; Roderick, Slieker; van Leeuwen, Nienke; Dekkers, Koen; Frau, Francesca; Gassenhuber, Johann; Jablonka, Bernd; Musholt, Petra; Ruetten, Hartmut; Tillner, Joachim; Baltauss, Tania; Bernard Poenaru, Oana; de Preville, Nathalie; Rodriquez, Marianne; Arumugam, Manimozhiyan; Allin, Kristine; Engelbrechtsen, Line; Hansen, Torben; Hansen, Tue; Forman, Annemette; Jonsson, Anna; Pedersen, Oluf; Dutta, Avirup; Vogt, Josef; Vestergaard, Henrik; Laakso, Markku; Kokkola, Tarja; Kuulasmaa, Teemu; Franks, Paul; Giordano, Nick; Pomares-Millan, Hugo
Genetic studies of abdominal MRI data identify genes regulating hepcidin as major determinants of liver iron concentration

Tura, A.; Pacini, G.; Yamada, Y.; Seino, Y.; Ahrén, B.
Glucagon and insulin secretion, insulin clearance, and fasting glucose in GIP receptor and GLP-1 receptor knockout mice

Leutner, Michael; Klimek, Peter; Göbl, Christian; Bozkurt, Latife; Harreiter, Jürgen; Husslein, Peter; Eppel, Wolfgang; Baumgartner-Parzer, Sabina; Pacini, Giovanni; Thurner, Stefan; Kautzky-Willer, Alexandra
Glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1) drives postprandial hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia in pregnant women with a history of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass operation

Morettini, M.; Di Nardo, F.; Ingrillini, L.; Fioretti, S.; Göbl, C.; Kautzky-Willer, A.; Tura, A.; Pacini, G.; Burattini, L.
Glucose effectiveness and its components in relation to body mass index

Nuti, R.; Brandi, M. L.; Checchia, G.; Di Munno, O.; Dominguez, L.; Falaschi, P.; Fiore, C. E.; Iolascon, G.; Maggi, S.; Michieli, R.; Migliaccio, S.; Minisola, Sa.; Rossini, M.; Sessa, G.; Tarantino, U.; Toselli, A.; Isaia, G. C.
Guidelines for the management of osteoporosis and fragility fractures

Ashdown-Franks, G.; Stubbs, B.; Koyanagi, A.i; Schuch, F.; Firth, J.; Veronese, N.; Vancampfort, D.
Handgrip strength and depression among 34,129 adults aged 50 years and older in six low- and middle-income countries

Antonelli, A.; Palumbo, C.; Noale, M.; Porreca, A.; Maggi, S.; Simeone, C.; Bassi, P.; Bertoni, F.; Bracarda, S.; Buglione, M.; Conti, G. N.; Corvo, R.; Gacci, M.; Mirone, V.; Montironi, R.; Triggiani, L.; Tubaro, A.; Artibani, W.
Impact of Surgical Approach on Patient-Reported Outcomes after Radical Prostatectomy: A Propensity Score-Weighted Analysis from a Multicenter, Prospective, Observational Study (The Pros-IT CNR Study)

Leonzino, Marianna; Ponzoni, L.; Braida, Daniela; Gigliucci, Valentina; Busnelli, M.; Ceresini, Ilaria; Duque-Wilckens, Natalia; Nishimori, Katsuhiko; Trainor, Brian C.; Sala, Mariaelvina; Chini, Bice
Impaired approach to novelty and striatal alterations in the oxytocin receptor deficient mouse model of autism

Jeong, G. H.; Lee, K. H.; Lee, I. Re; O., Ji H.; Kim, D. W.; Shin, J. W.; Kronbichler, A.; Eisenhut, M.; van der Vliet, H. J.; Abdel-Rahman, .; Stubbs, B.; Solmi, M.; Veronese, N.; Dragioti, E.; Koyanagi, A.; Radua, J.; Shin, J.
Incidence of Capillary Leak Syndrome as an Adverse Effect of Drugs in Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Ponzoni, L.; Moretti, M.; Braida, D.; Zoli, M.; Clementi, F.; Viani, P.; Sala, M.; Gotti, C.
Increased sensitivity to Delta(9)-THC-induced rewarding effects after seven-week exposure to electronic and tobacco cigarettes in mice

Trico, D.; Mengozzi, A.; Frascerra, S.; Scozzaro, M. T.; Mari, A.; Natali, A.
Intestinal glucose absorption is a key determinant of 1-hour postload plasma glucose levels in nondiabetic subjects

Sansevero, G.; Baroncelli, L.; Scali, M.; Sale, A.
Intranasal BDNF administration promotes visual function recovery in adult amblyopic rats

Veronese, N.; Demurtas, J.; Celotto, S.; Caruso, M. G.; Maggi, S.; Bolzetta, .; Firth, J.; Smith, L.; Schofield, P.; Koyanagi, A.; Yang, L.; Solmi, M.; Stubbs, B.
Is chocolate consumption associated with health outcomes? An umbrella review of systematic reviews and meta-analyses

Winhofer, Y.; Wolf, P.; Fellinger, P.; Tura, A.; Hillebrand, P.; Staufer, K.; Trauner, M.; Jaksch, P.; Muraközy, G.; Kautzky-Willer, A.; Pacini, G.; Krebs, M.; Luger, A.; Kazemi-Shirazi, L.
Markedly delayed insulin secretion and a high rate of undetected overt diabetes characterize glucose metabolism in adult patients with cystic fibrosis after lung transplantation

Greotti, E.; Fortunati, I.; Pendin, D.; Ferrante, C.; Galla, L.; Zentilin, L.; Giacca, M.; Kaludercic, N.; Di Sante, M.; Mariotti, L.; Lia, A.; Gómez-Gonzalo, M.; Sessolo, M.; Carmignoto, G.; Bozio, R.; Pozzan, T.
mCerulean3-Based Cameleon Sensor to Explore Mitochondrial Ca2+ Dynamics In Vivo

Alfonso Mastropietro 1, Giovanna Rizzo 2, Lucia Fontana 3, Matteo Figini 4, Bruno Bernardini 5, Laura Straffi 6, Simona Marcheselli 6, Sara Ghirmai 5, Nunzio Paolo Nuzzi 3, Maria Luisa Malosio 7,8, Marco Grimaldi 3
Microstructural characterization of corticospinal tract in subacute and chronic stroke patients with distal lesions by means of advanced diffusion MRI.

Siviero, P.; Limongi, F.; Gesmundo, A.; Zambon, S.; Cooper, C.; Dennison, E. M.; Edwards, M. H.; Timmermans, E. J.; Van Der Pas, S.; Schaap, L. A.; Van Schoor, N. M.; Denkinger, M. D.; Herbolsheimer, F.; Peter, R.; Castell, M. V.; Otero, Á.; Queipo, R.; Pedersen, N.L.; Deeg, D. J.H.; Maggi, S.; Nikolaus, T.; Noale, M.; Sanchez-Martinez, M.; Quieipo, R.; Broumandi, R.; Parsons, C.
Minimal clinically important decline in physical function over one year: EPOSA study

Veronese, N.; Stubbs, B.; Koyanagi, A.; Vaona, A.; Demurtas, J.; Schofield, P.; Maggi, S.
Mitochondrial genetic haplogroups and cardiovascular diseases: Data from the osteoarthritis initiative

Bramanti E.; Onor M.; Colombaioni L.
Neurotoxicity Induced by Low Thallium Doses in Living Hippocampal Neurons: Evidence of Early Onset Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Correlation with Ethanol Production

Murineddu, G.; Gotti, C.; Asproni, B.; Corona, P.; Martinello, K.; Plutino, S.; Fucile, S.; Temml, V.; Moretti, M.; Viani, P.; Schuster, D.; Piras, S.; Deligia, F.; Pinna, G. A.
Novel N-aryl nicotinamide derivatives: Taking stock on 3,6-diazabicyclo[3.1.1]heptanes as ligands for neuronal acetylcholine receptors

Trevisan, Caterina; Crippa, Alessio; Ek, Stina; Welmer, Anna Karin; Sergi, Giuseppe; Maggi, Stefania; Manzato, Enzo; Bea, Jennifer W.; Cauley, Jane A.; Decullier, Evelyne; Hirani, Vasant; LaMonte, Michael J.; Lewis, Cora E.; Schott, Anne Marie; Orsini, Nicola; Rizzuto, Debora
Nutritional Status, Body Mass Index, and the Risk of Falls in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Veronese, N.; Siri, G.; Cella, A.; Daragjati, J.; Cruz-Jentoft, A. J.; Polidori, M. C.; Mattace-Raso, F.; Paccalin, M.; Topinkova, E.; Greco, A.; Mangoni, A. A.; Maggi, S.; Ferrucci, L.; Pilotto, A.
Older women are frailer, but less often die then men: a prospective study of older hospitalized people

Manco, M.; Mari, A.; Petrie, J.; Mingrone, G.; Balkau, B.
One hour post-load plasma glucose and 3 year risk of worsening fasting and 2 hour glucose tolerance in the RISC cohort (vol 62, pg 544, 2019)

Tricò, D.; Galderisi, A.; Mari, A.; Santoro, N.; Caprio, S.
One-hour post-load plasma glucose predicts progression to prediabetes in a multi-ethnic cohort of obese youths

Lorrai, I.; Contini, A.; Gessa, G. L.; Mugnaini, C.; Corelli, F.; Colombo, G.; Maccioni, .
Operant, oral alcohol self-administration: Sex differences in Sardinian alcohol-preferring rats

Ferretti, Valentina; Maltese, Federica; Contarini, Gabriella; Nigro, Marco; Bonavia, Alessandra; Huang, Huiping; Gigliucci, Valentina; Morelli, Giovanni; Scheggia, Diego; Managò, Francesca; Castellani, Giulia; Lefevre, Arthur; Cancedda, Laura; Chini, Bice; Grinevich, Valery; Papaleo, Francesco
Oxytocin Signaling in the Central Amygdala Modulates Emotion Discrimination in Mice

Russo, I.; Gavello, D.; Menna, E.; Vandael, D.; Veglia, C.; Morello, N.; Corradini, I.; Focchi, E.; Alfieri, A.; Angelini, C.; Bianchi, F. T.; Morellato, A.; Marcantoni, A.; Sassoè-Pognetto, M.; Ottaviani, M. M.; Yekhlef, L.; Giustetto, M.; Taverna, S.; Carabelli, V.; Matteoli, M.a; Carbone, E.; Turco, E.; Defilippi, P.
p140Cap Regulates GABAergic Synaptogenesis and Development of Hippocampal Inhibitory Circuits

Trevisan, C.; Piovesan, F.; Lucato, P.; Zanforlini, B. M.; De Rui, M.; Maggi, S.; Noale, M.; Corti, M. C.; Perissinotto, E.; Manzato, E.; Sergi, G.
Parathormone, vitamin D and the risk of atrial fibrillation in older adults: a prospective study

Smith, L.; Grabovac, I.; Yang, L.; Veronese, N.; Koyanagi, A.; Jackson, S. E.
Participation in Physical Activity is Associated with Sexual Activity in Older English Adults

Hiligsmann, M.; Pinto, D.; Dennison, E.; Al-Daghri, N.; Beaudart, C.; Branco, J.; Bruyère, O.; Conaghan, P. G.; Cooper, C.; Herrero-Beaumont, G.; Jiwa, F.; Lems, W.; Rizzoli, R.; Thomas, T.; Veronese, N.; Reginster, J. Y.
Patients' preferences for osteoarthritis treatment: the value of stated-preference studies

Caretta, N.; De Rocco Ponce, M.; Minicuci, N.; Palego, P.; Valente, U.; Garolla, A.; Ferlin, A.; Foresta, C.
Penile doppler ultrasound predicts cardiovascular events in men with erectile dysfunction

Fossati, G.; Pozzi, D.; Canzi, A.; Mirabella, F.; Valentino, S.; Morini, R.; Ghirardini, E.; Filipello, F.; Moretti, M.; Gotti, C.; Annis, D. S.; Mosher, D. F.; Garlanda, C.; Bottazzi, B.; Taraboletti, G.; Mantovani, Al; Matteoli, M.; Menna, E.
Pentraxin 3 regulates synaptic function by inducing AMPA receptor clustering via ECM remodeling and beta1-integrin

Savolainen, A. M.; Karmi, A.; Immonen, H.; Soinio, M.; Saunavaara, V.; Tam ,P.; Salminen, P.; Helmio, M.; Ovaska, J.; Loyttyniemi, El.; Heiskanen, M. A.; Lehtimaki, T.; Mari, A.; Nuutila, P.o; Hannukainen, J. C.
Physical Activity Associates with Muscle Insulin Sensitivity Postbariatric Surgery

Jacob, L.; Pizzol, D.; Veronese, Nicola; Stubbs, Brendon; Koyanagi, Ai
Physical injury and depression in six low- and middle-income countries: A nationally representative study

Guarino, Daniela; Moriconi, Diego; Mari, Andrea; Rebelos, Eleni; Colligiani, Daria; Baldi, Simona; Anselmino, Marco; Ferrannini, Ele; Nannipieri, Monica
Postprandial hypoglycaemia after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in individuals with type 2 diabetes

Maccioni, P.; Colombo, G.
Potential of GABA B receptor positive allosteric modulators in the treatment of alcohol use disorder

Rossetti, I.; Zambusi, L.; Maccioni, P.; Sau, R.; Provini, L.; Castelli, M. .; Gonciarz, K.; Colombo, G.; Morara, S.
Predisposition to Alcohol Drinking and Alcohol Consumption Alter Expression of Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide, Neuropeptide Y, and Microglia in Bed Nucleus of Stria Terminalis in a Subnucleus-Specific Manner

Stakenborg, N.; Labeeuw, E.; Gomez-Pinilla, P. J.; De Schepper, S.; Aerts, R.; Goverse, G.; Farro, G.; Appeltans, I.; Meroni, E.; Stakenborg, M.; Viola, M. F.; Gonzalez-Dominguez, E.; Bosmans, G.; Alpizar, Y. A.; Wolthuis, A.; D'hoore, A.; Van Beek, K.; Verheijden, S.; Verhaegen, M.; Derua, R.; Waelkens, E.; Moretti, M.; Gotti, C.; Augustijns, P.; Talavera, K.; Vanden Berghe, P.; Matteoli, G.; Boeckxstaens, G. E.
Preoperative administration of the 5-HT4 receptor agonist prucalopride reduces intestinal inflammation and shortens postoperative ileus via cholinergic enteric neurons

den Biggelaar, L. J.C.J.; Eussen, S. J.P.M.; Sep, S. J.S.; Mari, A.; Ferrannini, Ele; van Greevenbroek, M. M.; van der Kallen, C. J.; Schalkwijk, Casper G.; Arts, I. C.W.; Stehouwer, C. D.A.; Dagnelie, P. C.
Prospective associations of dietary carbohydrate, fat, and protein intake with ?-cell function in the CODAM study

La Spina, M.; Sansevero, G.; Biasutto, L.; Zoratti, M.; Peruzzo, R.; Berardi, N3.; Sale, A.; Azzolini, M.
Pterostilbene Improves Cognitive Performance in Aged Rats: An in Vivo Study

Pellegrini, Davide; Del Grosso, Ambra; Angella, Lucia; Giordano, Nadia; Dilillo, Marialaura; Tonazzini, Ilaria; Caleo, Matteo; Cecchini, Marco; McDonnell, Liam A.
Quantitative microproteomics based characterization of the central and peripheral nervous system of a mouse model of Krabbe disease

Lartey, S. T.; Magnussen, C. G.; Si, L.; Boateng, G. O.; de Graaff, B.; Biritwum, R. B.; Minicuci, N.; Kowal, P.; Blizzard, L.; Palmer, A. J.
Rapidly increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity in older Ghanaian adults from 2007-2015: Evidence from Who-sage waves 1 & 2

Diana, M.; Bolloni, C.; Antonelli, M.; Di Giuda, D.; Cocciolillo, F.; Fattore, L.; Addolorato, G.
Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation: Re-wiring the alcoholic human brain

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Selective mitochondrial superoxide generation in vivo is cardioprotective through hormesis

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Sexual Activity is Associated with Greater Enjoyment of Life in Older Adults

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Single cell analysis reveals the involvement of the long non-coding RNA Pvt1 in the modulation of muscle atrophy and mitochondrial network

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Special Issue Nutrition and Musculoskeletal Health

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Spontaneous perception of numerosity in pre-school children

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Spontaneous representation of numerosity in typical and dyscalculic development

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Statin Use and Knee Osteoarthritis Outcomes: A Longitudinal Cohort Study

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Suppressing effect of CMPPE, a new positive allosteric modulator of the GABAB receptor, on alcohol self-administration and reinstatement of alcohol seeking in rats

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Supraglottic airway devices for surfactant treatment: systematic review and meta-analysis

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Survival time and differences between dementia with Lewy bodies and Alzheimer's disease following diagnosis: A meta-analysis of longitudinal studies

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Synthesis of New GABA(A) Receptor Modulator with Pyrazolo[1,5-a]quinazoline (PQ) Scaffold

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Systems biology identifies preserved integrity but impaired metabolism of mitochondria due to a glycolytic defect in Alzheimer's disease neurons

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The association between diabetes and cataract among 42,469 community-dwelling adults in six low- and middle-income countries

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The association between dietary magnesium intake and magnetic resonance parameters for knee osteoarthritis

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The diversity of healthy diets for older persons across the world

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The emergence of loss of efficacy during antidepressant drug treatment for major depressive disorder: An integrative review of evidence, mechanisms, and clinical implications

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The European Journal of Ageing and the memorable year 2018

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The instruments used by the Italian centres for cognitive disorders and dementia to diagnose mild cognitive impairment (MCI)

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The insulinotropic effect of a high-protein nutrient preload is mediated by the increase of plasma amino acids in type 2 diabetes

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The novel hybrid agonist HyNDA-1 targets the D3R-nAChR heteromeric complex in dopaminergic neurons

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The novel psychoactive substance methoxetamine induces persistent behavioral abnormalities and neurotoxicity in rats

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The relationship between pantomime execution and recognition across typically developing and autistic children

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The relationship between polypharmacy and trajectories of cognitive decline in people with dementia: A large representative cohort study

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The role of intergenerational educational mobility and household wealth in adult obesity: Evidence from Wave 2 of the World Health Organization's Study on global AGEing and adult health

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The Ways of Tails: the GET Pathway and more

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Validity of the Mini-Nutritional Assessment Scale for Evaluating Frailty Status in Older Adults

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VAPB depletion alters neuritogenesis and phosphoinositide balance in motoneuron-like cells: relevance to VAPB-linked amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (vol 132, jcs220061, 2019)

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Ventilation inhomogeneity is associated with OGTT-derived insulin secretory defects in cystic fibrosis

Cicchini, G. M.
Vision: Filling Black Holes

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Visual cortical plasticity in retinitis pigmentosa

Maggi, S.; Michel, J.-P.
When an "active call" can be a "wake-up call"

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Within-person pain variability and physical activity in older adults with osteoarthritis from six European countries 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1103 Clinical Sciences

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