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Istituto sull'inquinamento atmosferico

Contributi in rivista anni: 1988 1994 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Elenco Contributi in rivista anno 2014

Bieser J.; De Simone F.; Gencarelli C.; Geyer B.; Hedgecock I.; Matthias V.; Travnikov O.; Weigelt A.
A diagnostic evaluation of modeled mercury wet depositions in Europe using atmospheric speciated high-resolution observations

Albanese D.; Malvano F.; Sannini A.; Pilloton R.; Di Matteo M.
A doped polyaniline modified electrode amperometric biosensor for gluconic acid determination in grapes

Fiumi L., Tocci S, Meoni C.,
A methodology applied to Rimini site, Italy, for the land use characterization in relation to the landscape change

Bencardino M., Pirrone N. Sprovieri F.
Aerosol and ozone observations during six cruise campaigns across the Mediterranean basin: Temporal, spatial, and seasonal variability

Mulder M.D.; Heil A.; Kukucka P.; Klanova J.; Kuta J.; Prokes R.; Sprovieri F.; Lammel G.
Air-sea exchange and gas-particle partitioning of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the Mediterranean

Biocca, M., Fanigliulo, R., Gallo, P. Pulcini, P., Perrino, C. and Pochi, D.
Assessing dust drift from dressed seeds by air sampling.

Mosca, Silvia; Benedetti, Paolo; Guerriero, Ettore; Rotatori, Mauro
Assessment of nitrous oxide emission from cement plants: Real data measured with both Fourier transform infrared and nondispersive infrared techniques

Cecinato A.; Balducci C.; Romagnoli P.; Perilli M.
Behaviours of psychotropic substances in indoor and outdoor environments of Rome, Italy

Balducci C.; Ladji R.; Muto V.; Romagnoli P.; Yassaa N.; Cecinato A.
Biogenic and anthropogenic organic components of Saharan sands

Mei A., Manzo C., Bassani C., Salvatori R., Allegrini A
Bitumen removal determination on asphalt pavement using digital imaging processing and spectral analysis

Antonello Pasini (1); Fulvio Mazzocchi (2)
Can a Multi-Approach Investigation of the Climate System Lead to More Robust Results in Attribution Studies?

Triacca U.; Pasini A.; Attanasio A.; Giovannelli A.; Lippi M.
Clarifying the roles of greenhouse gases and ENSO in recent global warming through their prediction performance

Fiumi L., Congedo L.,Meoni C
Developing Expeditious Methodology for Mapping Asbestos-Cement (AC) Roof Coverings over the Territory of Lazio Region

R. Albertoni, M. De Martino, S. Di Franco, V. De Santis, and P. Plini
EARTh: an Environmental Application Reference Thesaurus in the Linked Open Data Cloud

M. Rotatori, S. Mosca, E. Guerriero, A. Febo, M. Giusto, M. Montagnoli, M. Bianchini, R. Ferrero
Emission of Submicron Aerosol Particles in Cement Kilns: Total Concentration and Size Distribution

Pelino V.; Maimone F.; Pasini A.
Energy cycle for the Lorenz attractor

De Simone F.; Gencarelli C.N.; Hedgecock I.M.; Pirrone N.
Global atmospheric cycle of mercury: A model study on the impact of oxidation mechanisms

Cinnirella, S., & Hedgecock, I.M., & Sprovieri, F.
Heavy metals in the environment: sources, interactions and human health.

Ruggieri S1, Drago G1, Perrino C2, Canepari S2, Balzan M3, Cuttitta G1, Piva G4, Minardi R4, Longo V1, La Grutta S1, Viegi G1, Cibella F1
Higher indoor PM2.5 concentration of cadmium (Cd) and thallium (Tl) is related to domestic smoking

Quattrone G.
Il protagonismo di bambini e adolescenti nella pianificazione sostenibile della cittÓ

Gencarelli, C.N.; Hedgecock, I.M.; Sprovieri, F.; SchŘrmann, G.J.; Pirrone, N.
Importance of Ship Emissions to Local Summertime Ozone Production in the Mediterranean Marine Boundary Layer: A Modeling Study

Sandrini, S.a , Giulianelli, L.a, Decesari, S.a, Fuzzi, S.a, Cristofanelli, P.a, Marinoni, A.a, Bonasoni, P.a, Chiari, M.b, Calzolai, G.b, Canepari, S.c, Perrino, C.d, Facchini, M.C.a
In situ physical and chemical characterisation of the Eyjafjallaj÷kull aerosol plume in the free troposphere over Italy

Romagnoli P.; Balducci C.; Perilli M.; Gherardi M.; Gordiani A.; Gariazzo C.; Gatto M.P.; Cecinato A.
Indoor PAHs at schools, homes and offices in Rome, Italy

Martina Albini, Simone Dinarelli, Francesco Pennella, Stefania Romeo, Emiliano Zampetti, Marco Girasole, Umberto Morbiducci, Rita Massa, Alfonsina Ramundo-Orlando
Induced movements of giant vesicles by millimeter wave radiation

Mei, A.; Salvatori, R.; Fiore, N.; Allegrini, A.; D'Andrea, A.
Integration of Field and Laboratory Spectral Data with Multi-Resolution Remote Sensed Imagery for Asphalt Surface Differentiation

Mei, Alessandro; Salvatori, Rosamaria; Fiore, Nicola; Allegrini, Alessia; D'Andrea, Antonio
Integration of Field and Laboratory Spectral Data with Multi-Resolution Remote Sensed Imagery for Asphalt Surface Differentiation

Bridgette Wessels, Rachel L. Finn, Peter Linde, Paolo Mazzetti, Stefano Nativi, Susan Riley, Rod Smallwood, Mark J. Taylor, Victoria Tsoukala, Kush Wadhwa & Sally Wyatt
Issues in the development of open access to research data

Sh. Asmaryan (a), A. Saghatelyan (a), H.Astsatryan (b), L. Bigagli (c), P. Mazzetti (c), S. Nativi (c), Y. Guigoz (d,e), P. Lacroix (d,e), G. Giuliani (d,e), N. Ray (d,e)
Leading the way toward an environmental National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Armenia

Triacca U.; Pasini A.; Attanasio A.
Measuring persistence in time series of temperature anomalies

Kotnik J.; Sprovieri F.; Ogrinc N.; Horvat M.; Pirrone N.
Mercury in the Mediterranean, part I: Spatial and temporal trends

Zagar, D., Sirnik, N., Cetina, M., Horvat, M., Kotnik, J., Ogrinc, N., Hedgecock, I.M., Cinnirella, S., De. Simone, F., Gencarelli, C.N., Pirrone,N.
Mercury in the Mediterranean. Part 2: Processes and mass balance

Bjorkman, M.P., Carmen P. Vega, Kuhnel, R., Spataro, F., Ianniello, A., Esposito, G., Kaiser, J., Marca, A., Hodson, A., Isaksson, E., and Tjarda J.R.
Nitrate postdepositional processes in Svalbard surface snow

Lorianna Annunziata, Giulia MAgnavita, Franco Del MAnso
Nuovi obblighi di riduzione del tenore di zolfo dei combustibili marittimi -meno emissioni in atmosfera dalle navi

B. Domenico; S. Nativi
OGC netCDF-CF: a powerful tool for Earth Sciences

Ben Domenico; Stefano Nativi
OGC netCDF: Powerful Tool for Science

Albanese D.; Sannini A.; Malvano F.; Pilloton R.; Di Matteo M.
Optimisation of Glucose Biosensors Based on Sol-Gel Entrapment and Prussian Blue-Modified Screen-Printed Electrodes for Real Food Analysis

Gariazzo C., Silibello C., Finardi S., Radice P., D'Allura A., Gherardi M., Cecinato A.
PAHs modelling over Rome urban area: integration of models results with experimental data

Ladji R.; Yassaa N.; Balducci C.; Cecinato A.
Particle size distribution of n-alkanes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS) in urban and industrial aerosol of Algiers, Algeria

Karanasiou, Angeliki; Querol, Xavier; Alastuey, Andres; Perez, Noemi; Pey, Jorge; Perrino, Cinzia; Berti, Giovanna; Gandini, Martina; Poluzzi, Vanes; Ferrari, Silvia; de la Rosa, Jesus; Pascal, Mathilde; Samoli, Evangelia; Kelessis, Apostolos; Sunyer, Jordi; Alessandrini, Ester; Stafoggia, Massimo; Forastiere, Francesco
Particulate matter and gaseous pollutants in the Mediterranean Basin: Results from the MED-PARTICLES project

Fratoddi I.; Macagnano A.; Battocchio C.; Zampetti E.; Venditti I.; Russo M.V.; Bearzotti A.
Platinum nanoparticles on electrospun titania nanofibers as hydrogen sensing materials working at room temperature

Andreoli, Virginia; De Marco, Elvira Valeria; Trecroci, Francesca; Cittadella, Rita; Di Palma, Gemma; Gambardella, Antonio
Potential involvement of GRIN2B encoding the NMDA receptor subunit NR2B in the spectrum of Alzheimer's disease

Cecinato A.; Romagnoli P.; Perilli M.; Patriarca C.; Balducci C.
Psychotropic substances in indoor environments

2014 Fiumi L., Tocci S, Meoni C
Remote sensing and GIS for land use planning: an application for mapping asbestos cement roofing in Tiburtina, Rome, Italy

Fiumi L., Tocci S, Meoni C
Remote sensing and GIS for land use planning: an application for mapping asbestos cement roofing in Tiburtina, Rome, Italy

Lehmann, A.; Giuliani, G.; Ray, N.; Rahman, K.; Abbaspour, K.C.; Nativi, S.; Craglia, M.; Cripe, D.; Quevauviller, P.; Beniston, M.;
Reviewing innovative Earth observation solutions for filling science-policy gaps in hydrology

Perrino C.; Catrambone M.; Dalla Torre S.; Rantica E.; Sargolini T.; Canepari S.
Seasonal variations in the chemical composition of particulate matter: A case study in the Po Valley. Part I: Macro-components and mass closure

Canepari S.; Astolfi M.L.; Farao C.; Maretto M.; Frasca D.; Marcoccia M.; Perrino C.
Seasonal variations in the chemical composition of particulate matter: A case study in the Po Valley. Part II: Concentration and solubility of micro- and trace-elements

Karpathiotaki M.; Dogani K.; Koubarakis M.; Valentin B.; Mazzetti P.; Santoro M.; Di Franco S.
Semantic search for earth observartion products using ontology services

Macagnano A.; Bearzotti A.; De Cesare F.; Zampetti E.
Sensing Asthma with Portable Devices Equipped with Ultrasensitive Sensors Based on Electrospun Nanomaterials

Spataro, Francesca; Ianniello, Antonietta
Sources of atmospheric nitrous acid: State of the science, current research needs, and future prospects

Farao C.; Canepari S.; Perrino C.; Harrison R.M.
Sources of PM in an industrial area: Comparison between receptor model results and semiempirical calculations of source contributions

Manzo C., Mei A., Salvatori R., Bassani C., Allegrini A.
Spectral modeling for retrieval of aggregates index of asphalted surfaces and sensitivity analysis

Cinnirella S., SardÓ R., Sußrez-de Vivero J.L., Brennan R., Barausse A., Icely J., Luisetti T., March D., Murciano C., Newton A., O'Higgins T., Palmeri L., Palmieri M.G., Raux P., Rees S., Albaiges J., Pirrone N., Turner K.
Steps towards a shared governance response for achieving Good Environmental Status in the Mediterranean Sea.

Nativi, Stefano; Mazzetti, Paolo; Craglia, Max; Pirrone, Nicola
The GEOSS solution for enabling data interoperability and integrative research

Cinnirella S., D'Amore F., Bencardino M., Sprovieri F., Pirrone N
The GMOS cyber(e)-infrastructure: advanced services for supporting science and policy

Scaccabarozzi, Diego; Saggin, Bortolino; Tarabini, Marco; Palomba, Ernesto; Longobardo, Andrea; Zampetti, Emiliano
Thermo-mechanical design and testing of a microbalance for space applications

Cecinato A.; Guerriero E.; Balducci C.; Muto V.
Use of the PAH fingerprints for identifying pollution sources

Pea M.; Maiolo L.; Pilloton R.; Rinaldi A.; Araneo R.; Giovine E.; Orsini A.; Notargiacomo A.
ZnO nanowires strips growth: Template reliability and morphology study

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