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Istituto sull'inquinamento atmosferico

Contributi in rivista anni: 1988 1994 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Elenco Contributi in rivista anno 2011

Bigagli, L., Santoro, M., Boldrini, E., Papeschi, F.,
A Brokering Solution for Geospatial Resources Retrieval.

Mei, A., Salvatori, R., Allegrini, A.
Analisi delle superfici asfaltate tramite dati di campo e immagini iperspettrali MIVIS.

D'Amore F.; Cinnirella S.; Pirrone N.
Architecture solution for air quality management throught a dedicated SDI

Zampetti E, Pantalei S, Scalese S, Bearzotti A, De Cesare F, Spinella C, Macagnano A
Biomimetic sensing layer based on electrospun conductive polymer webs

France, J.L., King, M.D., Lee-Taylor, J., Beine, H.J., Ianniello, A., Domine, F., and MacArthur A.
Calculations of in-snow NO2 and OH radical photochemical production and photolysis rates: A field and radiative-transfer study of the optical properties of Arctic (Ny-Alesund, Svalbard) snow.

Ianniello A., Spataro F., Esposito G., Allegrini, I. Hu M.and Zhu T.
Chemical characteristics of inorganic ammonium salts in PM2.5 in the atmosphere of Beijing (China)

Perrino, C., Tiwari, S., Catrambone, M., Torre, S.D., Rantica, E., Canepari, S.
Chemical characterization of atmospheric PM in Delhi, India, during different periods of the year including Diwali festival.

Sprovieri, F., Bencardino, M., Cofone, F., and Pirrone, N.
Chemical Composition of Aerosol Size Fractions at a Coastal Site in Southwestern Italy: Seasonal Variability and Transport Influence.

Marcolla, B., Cescatti, A., Manca, G., Zorer, Cavagna, M., Fiora, A., Gianelle, D., Rodeghiero, M., Sottocornola, M., Zampedri, R.,
Climatic controls and ecosystem responses drive the inter-annual variability of the net ecosystem exchange of an alpine meadow.

Mosca, S., Torelli, G.N., Tramontana, G., Guerriero, E., Rotatori, M., Bianchini, M.,
Concentration of organic micropollutants (PCDD/Fs, PCBs, PAHs) in the atmosphere of Trieste, Italy.

Santoro, M., Mazzetti, P., Fugazza, C., Nativi, S., Craglia, M.,
Enhancing Discovery Capabilities of SDIs with Semantic Queries.

Andreoli V., Trecroci F., La Russa A., Liguori M., Spadafora P., Di Palma G., Gambardella A., Cittadella R
Familial Alzheimer's disease with amyloid precursor protein D678N mutation: a case report

Havlik, D., Schade, S., Sabeur, Z.A., Mazzetti, P., Watson, K., Berre, A.J., Lorenzo Mon, J.,
From Sensor to Observation Web with Environmental Enablers in the Future Internet.

Whitmarsh, D., and Palmieri, M.G.
Green values and consumer behaviour: A case study of Scottish salmon aquaculture.

Bassani Cristiana; Rosa Maria Cavalli; de Ceglie Sergio Ugo; Lomoro Maria
Hyperspectral at-sensor radiance for aerosol and surface reflectance retrievals

Jana Klanova, Miriam Diamond, Kevin Jones, Gerhard Lammel, Rainer Lohmann, Nicola Pirrone, Martin Scheringer, Catia Balducci, Terry Bidleman, Karel Blaha, Ludek Blaha, Kees Booij, Henk Bouwman, Knut Breivik, Sabine Eckhardt, Heidelore Fiedler, at.al
Identifying the Research and Infrastructure Needs for the Global Assessment of Hazardous Chemicals Ten Years after Establishing the Stockholm Convention.

Marino, D., Carratł, L., Gasparrini, G.,
Implementazione del sistema di certificazione dei biocarburanti e bioliquidi: analisi del modello tedesco.

Bassani Cristiana; Cavalli Rosa Maria; Antonelli Paolo
Influence of aerosol and surface reflectance variability on hyperspectral observed radiance Aerosol Optical Retrieval and Surface Reflectance from Airborne Remote Sensing Data over Land.

Pascucci Simone; Palombo Angelo; Bassani Cristiana; Cavalli Rosa Maria; Santini Federico; Pignatti Stefano
Integrated optical and thermal data analysis for a rapid surface diagnostic of transport infrastructures: the cement beam case study in Montagnole (France).

Nativi, S.; Marsh, S.; Mazzetti, P.; McCallum, I.
Major Networking - EGIDA: Sustaining the System of Systems

Fiumi, L.
Methods and techniques for territorial analysis. Case study: Province of Naples.

Cecinato, A., Balducci, C., Guerriero, E., Sprovieri, F. Cofone, F.,
Possible Social Relevance of Illicit Psychotropic Substances presence in the Atmosphere.

Cecinato, A., Balducci, C., Guerriero, E., Sprovieri, F. Cofone, F.,
PossibleSocial Relevance of Illicit Psychotropic Substances presence in the Atmosphere.

Virginia Andreoli, Francesca Trecroci, Antonella La Russa, Rita Cittadella, Maria Liguori, Patrizia Spadafora, Manuela Caracciolo, Gemma Di Palma, Carmela Colica, Antonio Gambardella, Aldo Quattrone.
Presenilin enhancer-2 gene: Identification of a novel promoter mutation in a patient with early-onset familial Alzheimer's disease

Santoro, M., Dubois, G., Skoien, J.O., Peedell, S., Fugazza, C., Nativi, S., Craglia, M.,
Progress towards the setting up of a multidisciplinary infrastructure for ecological modeling with eHabitat.

Johnson, V. R., Brownlee, C. Rickaby, R. E. M., Graziano, M. Milazzo, M., Hall-Spencer, J.M.
Responses of marine benthic microalgae to elevated CO2.

Meijide, A. , Manca, G., Goded, I., Magliulo, V., di Tommasi, P., Seufert, G. and Cescatti, A.
Seasonal trends and environmental controls of methane emissions in a rice paddy field in Northern Italy Biogeosciences Discussions

Salvatori R.; Plini P.; Giusto M.; Valt M.; Salzano R.; Montagnoli M.; Cagnati A.; Crepaz G.; Sigismondi D.
Snow cover monitoring with images from digital camera systems

Scarciglia F.; Tuccimei P.; Vacca A.; Barca D.; Pulice I.; Salzano R.; Soligo M.
Soil genesis, morphodynamic processes and chronological implications in two soil transects of SE Sardinia, Italy: traditional pedological study coupled with laser ablation ICP-MS and radionuclide analyses

Beine, H., C. Anastasio, G. Esposito, K. Patten, E. Wilkening, F. Domine, D. Voisin, M. Barret, S. Houdier, and S. Hall
Soluble, light-absorbing species in snow at Barrow, Alaska,

Gratz, L.E.; Keeler, G.J.
Sources of mercury in precipitation to Underhill, VT.

Fiumi, L.
Surveying the roofs of Rome.

Vichi, F., De Santis, F.
The measurement of the sink properties of triethanolamine (TEA) as a coating for collecting NO2 by using annular diffusion denuders.

De Cesare, Fabrizio; Di Mattia, Elena; Pantalei, Simone; Zampetti, Emiliano; Vinciguerra, Vittorio; Canganella, Francesco; Macagnano, Antonella
Use of electronic nose technology to measure soil microbial activity through biogenic volatile organic compounds and gases release

Migliavacca, M., Galvagnob, M., Cremonese, E., Rossini, M., Meroni, M., Sonnentage, O., Cogliati, S., Manca, G., Diotri, F., Busetto, L., Cescatti, A., Colombo, R., Fava, F., Morra di Cella, U., Pari, E., Siniscalco, C., Richardson, A.D.,
Using digital repeat photography and eddy covariance data to model grassland phenology and photosynthetic CO2 uptake.

Bencardino, M., Sprovieri, F. Cofone, F., and Pirrone, N.
Variability of Atmospheric Aerosol and Ozone Concentrations at Marine, Urban, and High-Altitude Monitoring Stations in Southern Italy during the 2007 Summer Saharan Dust Outbreaks and Wildfire Episodes.

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