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Istituto sull'inquinamento atmosferico

Contributi in rivista anni: 1988 1994 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Elenco Contributi in rivista anno 2010

Putaud , J-P., Van Dingenen, R., Alastuey, A., Bauer, H., Birmili, W., Cyrys, J., Flentje, H., Fuzzi, S., Gehrig, R., Hansson, H.C., Harrison, R.M., Herrmann, H., Hitzenberger, R., Hüglin, C., Jones, A.M., Kasper-Giebl, A., Kiss, Perrino, et al.,
A European aerosol phenomenology - 3: Physical and chemical characteristics of particulate matter from 60 rural, urban, and kerbside sites across Europe.

Sprovieri, F. (1), Pirrone, N. (1), Ebinghaus, R. (2), Kock, H. (2), Dommergue, A (3)
A review of worldwide atmospheric mercury measurements

Santini, F. (a); Alberotanza, L. (b); Cavalli, R.M. (a); Pignatti, S. (c)
A two-step optimization procedure for assessing water constituent concentrations by hyperspectral remote sensing techniques: an application to the highly turbid Venice lagoon waters.

Bassani C; Cavalli R M; Pignatti S
Aerosol Optical Retrieval and Surface Reflectance from Airborne Remote Sensing Data over Land

C. Perrino, R. Ferrero (a), M. Rotatori, M. Catrambone
Air quality and particulate emissions from the cement production cycle

Villanueva, F., Notario, A., Albaladejo, J., Millán, M.C. and Mabilia, R.
Ambient Air Quality in an Urban Area (ciudad real) in central-Southern Spain

Sprovieri, F., Hedgecock, I.M. and Pirrone, N.
An investigation of the origins of reactive gaseous mercury in the Mediterranean marine boundary layer

F. Sprovieri, I. M. Hedgecock, and N. Pirrone.
An investigation of the origins of reactive gaseous mercury in the Mediterranean marine boundary layer

Perrino, C.,
Atmospheric particulate matter.

Pasini, A. (1); Langone, R (2)
Attribution of precipitation changes on a regional scale by neural network modeling: A case study

V. Vitale, R. Udisti, S. Argentini, C. Lanconelli, M. Mazzola, T. Georgiadis, R. Salvatori, A. Ianniello, C. Turetta, C. Barbante, F. Spataro, M. Valt, F. Cairo, L. Diliberto, S. Beccagli, R. Sparapani, R. Casacchia
Climate Change Tower Integrated Project (CCT-IP): A scientific platform to investigate processes at the surface and in the low troposphere

Pasini, A. (1); Langone, R (2);, Maimone, F. (3); Pelino, V. (3)
Energy-based predictions in Lorenz system by a unified formalism and neural network modelling

Mosca S., Torelli G.N., Guerriero E., Tramontana G., Pomponio S., Rossetti G., Rotatori M.,
Evaluation of a simultaneous sampling method of PAHs, PCDD/Fs and dl-PCBs in ambient air

Zhen Liu (a); Yuhang Wang (a); Dasa Gu (a); Chun Zhao (a)(b); L. Gregory Huey (a); Robert Stickel (a); Jin Liao (a); Min Shao (c); Tong Zhu (c); Limin Zeng (c); Shaw-Chen Liu (d); Chih-Chung Chang (d); Antonio Amoroso (e); Francesca Costabile (e)
Evidence of Reactive Aromatics As a Major Source of Peroxy Acetyl Nitrate over China

F. Spataro, A. Ianniello, G. Esposito e M. Montagnoli
Flussi dei composti azotati in fase gassosa e particellare tra l’atmosfera e la neve nelle regioni polari.

Mabilia, R. (a), Scipioni, C. (a), Vegliò, F. (b), Tomasi Scianò, M.C. (a)
Fractional factorial experiments using a test atmosphere to assess the accuracy and precision of a new passive sampler for the determination of formaldehyde in the atmosphere.

Pirrone N.; Cinnirella S.; Feng X.; Finkelman R.; Friedli H.R.; Leaner J.; Mason R.; Mukherjee A.B.; Stracher G.; Streets D.G.; Telmer K.
Global mercury emissions to the atmosphere from anthropogenic and natural sources

Cecinato, A.; Balducci, C.; Budetta, V.; Pasini, A.
Illicit Psichotropic substance contents in the air of Italy

Spinetti, R., Trotta, N.V., Gasparrini, G
La nuova di Direttiva sulle emissioni degli impianti industriali

Wang, S., Zhang, L., Wu, G., Li, Y., Hao, J., Pirrone, N., Sprovieri, F., and Ancora, M.P.
Mercury emission and speciation of coal-fired power plants in China.

Amoroso A. (1); Domine F. (2,3); Esposito G. (1); Morin S.(2,3,4); Savarino J. (2,3); Nardino M. (5); Montagnoli M. (1); Bonneville J.M.(3,6); Clement J.C. (3,6); Ianniello A. (1); Beine H.J (1,7);
Microorganisms in Dry Polar Snow Are Involved in the Exchanges of Reactive Nitrogen Species with the Atmosphere

Mabilia, R. (1), Scipioni, C. (1), Villanueva Garcia, F. (2)
New Analyst® passive sampler for the monitoring of formaldehyde in indoor and outdoor ambient air.

Ianniello, A. (1); Spataro, F. (1); Esposito, G.(1); Allegrini, I. (1); Rantica, E.(1); Ancora, M.P. (1); Hu, M. (2); Zhu, T. (2);
Occurrence of gas phase ammonia in the area of Beijing (China)

Pirrone N.; Hedgecock I.M.; Cinnirella S.; Sprovieri F.
Overview of major processes and mechanisms affecting the mercury cycle on different spatial and temporal scales

Dommergue, A. (1), Sprovieri, F. (2), Pirrone, N. (2), Ebinghaus, R. (3), Brooks, S. (4), Courteaud, J. (1) Ferrari, C.P. (1)
Overview of mercury measurements in the Antarctic troposphere

Balducci, C. Cecinato, A.
Particulate organic acids in the atmosphere of Italian cities: are they environmentally relevant?

Sobolev A.P. (1); Testone G. (2); Santoro F. (1); Nicolodi C. (2); Iannelli M.A. (2); Amato M.E. (3); Ianniello A. (5); Brosio E. (6); Giannino D. (2); Mannina L. (4,1);
Quality traits of conventional and transgenic lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) at harvesting by NMR metabolic profiling.

Perrino, C., Rotatori, M. Catrambone, M., Ferrero, R.,
Qualità dell’aria nella produzione del cemento

S. Canepari (1); E. Marconi (1); M.L. Astolfi (1); C. Perrino (2)
Relevance of Sb(III), Sb(V) and Sb-containing nano-particles in urban atmospheric particulate matter

Busetto, L.(1,2); Colombo, R.(1) ; Migliavacca, M.(1) ; Cremonese, E.(3); Meroni, M.(1); Galvagno, M.(3); Rossini, M.(1); Siniscalco, C.(4); Di Cella, U. Morra(3); Pari, E.(4)
Remote sensing of larch phenological cycle and analysis of relationships with climate in the Alpine region

Carbone, C.; Decesari, S; Mircea, M.; Giulianelli, L.; Finessi, E.; Rinaldi, M.; Fuzzi, S.; Marinoni, A.; Duchi, R.; Perrino, C.; Sargolini T.; Vardè, M.; Sprovieri, F.; Gobbi, G. P.; Angelini, F.; Facchini, M. C
Size-resolved aerosol chemical composition over the Italian Peninsula during typical summer and winter conditions

Costabile, F., Bertoni , G., De Santis, F., Bellagotti, R., Ciuchini, C., Vichi, F., Allegrini, I.
Spatial distribution of urban air pollution in Lanzhou, China

Brown, R.J.C., Pirrone, N., van Hoek, C., Horvat, M., Kotnik, J., Wangberg, I., Corns, W. T., Bieber, E. Sprovieri, F.
Standardisation of a European measurement method for the determination of mercury in deposition: results of the field trial campaign and determination of a measurement uncertainty and working range.

Brown, R.J.C., Pirrone, N. van Hoek, C. Sprovieri, F., Fernandez, R. and Tote, K.
Standardization of a European measurement method for the determination of total gaseous mercury: results of the field trial campaign and determination of a measurement uncertainty and working range

Costabile F. (a)(b); Amoroso A (b); Wang F. (c);
Sub-mm particle size distributions in a suburban Mediterranean area. Aerosol populations and their possible relationship with HONO mixing ratios

Pascucci, S.; Cavalli, R.M.; Palombo, A.; Pignatti, S
Suitability of CASI and ATM airborne remote sensing data for archaeological subsurface structure detection under different land cover: the Arpi case study (Italy)

C. Perrino (a); S. Canepari (b); S. Pappalardo (b); E. Marconi (b)
Time-resolved measurements of water-soluble ions and elements in atmospheric particulate matter for the characterization of local and long-range transport event

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