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Istituto sull'inquinamento atmosferico

Contributi in rivista anni: 1988 1994 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Elenco Contributi in rivista anno 2009

A. Cecinato; C. Balducci; G. Nervegna; G. Tagliacozzo; I. Allegrini
Ambient air quality and drug aftermaths of the Notte Bianca (White Night) holydays in Rome

Sprovieri, F., Hedgecock, I.M. and Pirrone, N.
An investigation of the origins of reactive gaseous mercury in the Mediterranean marine boundary layer.

R. Ladji, N. Yassaa, C. Balducci, A. Cecinato, B.Y. Meklati
Annual variation of particulate organic compounds in PM10 in the urban atmosphere of Algiers

Pasini A. (1); Szpunar G. (2); Amori G. (3); Langone R. (4); Cristaldi M. (2)
Assessing climatic influences on rodent density: a neural network modelling approach and a case study in Central Italy

Perrino C. (a), Catrambone M. (a), Esposito G. (a), Lahav D. (b), Mamane Y. (c)
Characterisation of gaseous and particulate atmospheric pollutants in the East Mediterranean by diffusion denuder sampling lines

S. Canepari (a); C. Perrino (b); M. L. Astolfi (a); M. Catrambone (b); D. Perret (a)
Determination of soluble ions and elements in suspended particulate matter: inter-technique comparison of XRF, IC and ICP for sample-by-sample quality control

S. Canepari (1); A. Pietrodangelo (2); C. Perrino (2); M. L. Astolfi (1); M. L. Marzo (1)
Enhancement of source traceability of atmospheric PM by elemental chemical fractionation

C. Balducci, G. Nervegna, A. Cecinato
Evaluation of principal cannabinoids in airborne particulates

Amato U; Cavalli R; Palombo A; Pignatti S; Santini F
Experimental approach to the selection of the components in the Minimum Noise Fraction

Spinetti C. (a); Mazzarini F. (b); Casacchia R. (c); Colini L. (a); Neri M. (d); Behncke B. (d); Salvatori R. (e); Buongiorno M.F. (a); Pareschi M.T. (b);
Identification of volcanic materials from their spectral properties using field and remote sensing techniques: The Mount Etna (Italy) test site.

C. Perrino (a); S. Canepari (b); M. Catrambone (a); S. Dalla Torre (a); E. Rantica (a); T. Sargolini (a)
Influence of natural events on the concentration and composition of atmospheric particulate matter

E. Guerriero, M. Bianchini, P.F. Gigliucci, A. Guarnieri, S. Mosca, G. Rossetti, M. Vardè, M. Rotatori
Influence of process changes on PCDD/Fs produced in an iron ore sintering plant

Friedli H.R.; Arellano A.F. Jr.; Cinnirella S.; Pirrone N.
Initial estimates of mercury emissions to the atmosphere from global biomass burning

Costabile, F., Birmili, W., Klose, S., Tuch, T., Wehner, B., Wiedensohler, A., Franck, U., König, K., and Sonntag, A.
Interactive comment on “Spatio-temporal variability and principal components of the particle number size distribution in an urban atmosphere”

Mazzocchi F. (1); Tiberi M. (2);
Knowledge organization in the philosophical domain: dealing with polisemy in thesaurus building

Wang, S., Zhang, L., Wu, G., Li, Y., Hao, J., Pirrone, N., Sprovieri, F., and Ancora, M. P.
Mercury emission and speciation of coal-fired power plants in China.

Fiumi L.
Observations and considerations on the permeability of soils in urban areas of Rome

A. Cecinato, C. Balducci, G. Nervegna
Occurrence of cocaine in the air of the world’s cities: an emerging problem? A new tool to investigate the social incidence of drugs?

Cavalli R.M. (1); Pascucci S. (2); Pignatti S. (2)
Optimal Spectral Domain Selection for Maximizing the Archaeological Signatures: Italy Case Studies

Dommergue, A.(1), Sprovieri, F.(2), Pirrone, N.(3), Ebinghaus, R.(4), Brooks, S.(5), Courteaud, J.(1) and Ferrari, C.(1)
Overview of mercury measurements in the Antarctic troposphere.

Ettore Guerriero; Alessandra Guarnieri; Silvia Mosca; Gianluca Rossetti; Mauro Rotatori
PCDD/Fsremoval efficiency by electrostatic precipitator and wetfine scrubber in an iron ore sintering plant

Bassani Cristiana (1); Victor Estelles (2); Campanelli Monica (3); Cavalli Rosa Maria (1); Martinez-Lozano J.A. (2)
Performance of a FieldSpec spectroradiometer for aerosol optical depth retrieval: method and preliminary results

Cavalli R.M. (a); Laneve G. (b); Fusilli L. (a); Pignatti S. (c); Santini F. (a)
Remote sensing water observation for supporting Lake Victoria weed management

Costabile F (1)(2); Birmili W (1); Klose S (1); Tuch T (1)(3); Wehner B (1); Wiedensohler A (1); Franck U (3); König K (1); Sonntag A (1);
Spatio-temporal variability and principal components of the particle number size distribution in an urban atmosphere

Bassani C; Cavalli RM; Goffredo R; Palombo A; Pascucci S; Pignatti S
Specific spectral bands for different land cover contexts to improve the efficiency of remote sensing archaeological prospection: The Arpi case study

Cossa, D. (a), B. Averty (b), N. Pirrone (c)
The origin of methylmercury in open Mediterranean waters

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